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Greenlight's "activism" on Apple is cited by Goldman this morning, which reiterates its...

Greenlight's "activism" on Apple is cited by Goldman this morning, which reiterates its Conviction Buy and $660 price target on the stock. AAPL +0.6% premarket.
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  • Personally I think Apple will soar past $660 this year. With 20% - 25% annual growth, now paying a dividend of 2.3%, generating over $1bn of new cash a week, and talking about putting more cash back, this is the most obvious stock to buy in the US. Period.
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  • I tend to agree - even without the 'next big thing' I think AAPL is undervalued.


    Not everyone agrees of course - 'analysts' are now offering the possibility of AAPL going to $200:



    Anything to get on CNBC, I guess...
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  • Goldman is probably giving the $660 target to be on the conservative side. They can always raise their target later and look better for being conservative and right.
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  • What analysts is suggesting Apple is going to $200?
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  • I wonder why CNBC will even allow some idiot to say that apple is only WORTH 200$ .This is no more a source of honest reporting. They have been bashing APPLE every single day . Are they jealous of not having the right to buy apple when it was soaring .
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  • They are a bunch of talking heads that probably bought @ $700 or have shorted the stock. I bought @ $440 and now will sit back and watch, for awhile.
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  • Perhaps CNBC's new owner is scared what Apple's future may do to their current business model.


    Bloomberg is not as biased against Apple.
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  • and here is now CRAMER arguing that they should keep the money and suggesting they should buy FIOS. At least the other anchor is telling him this against any logic.
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  • Cramer is a whore;for lack of a better term.Check his success record.Why else would he quit running a hedge fund to become a carnival barker?
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  • Buy, Buy, Buy! Unless there is an economic collapse, this stock will continue to flourish and make you mucho dinero by 2014!
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  • CNBC's credibility is at an all time low in my book. I will no longer view the show or read their articles. The key to success is to be armed with informative information, something that CNBC is not providing.
    True journalism in it's purest form is to be unbiased, not constantly slanted.
    Shame on CNBC ... !
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  • Keep watching.They are a fantastic contrarian indicator.
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  • Analysts are a bunch of whack jobs who are too dumb to trade with real money. Out of touch and out of the real money you remember Henry Blodgett, he was a liar and a cheat, and he's making calls on AAPL on CNBC. None of these people can hold a real job. I'm sick of all of their terrible calls. Do your own do diligence, you're better off.
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  • If an analyst is any good he would be running his own mutual fund;where the real money is.
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  • yeh, henri blodget is now a frequent speaker on CNBC. the guy who predicted that YAHOO is going to 1,000 in 2000 and was prosecuted . How come he is allowed to be an analyst and commentator. I am selling all today and do not trust the stock market anymore. it is all manipulation.
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  • Davioud.... Understand your frustration but this will pass and if you are an aapl shareholder we could be seeing the turn. B.S. only works for awhile.
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  • Apple can go either way depends how they choose to fight back with Samsung. And what there next big move is. People have to feel confident in apple without Steve jobs. Once they show they can or can't is when the stock will fly or die.
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  • This is all a bunch of nonsense. The key for Apple is their ability to generate free cash flow even with only moderate growth. This redounds to the benefit of shareholders with increased dividends and most likely share buybacks on a consistent long term basis. At these levels Apple is the safest stock one could own. It is the ultimate cash cow: mooo mooo mooo to all those not trusting this gem of a situation.
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  • What's China Mobile's market cap?


    Maybe that would be a nice use of all that offshore Apple money?
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  • I am a fan of the hardware and software designed and produced by Apple. Quality and usability are tops
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  • $660 is very conservation and only a challenge for AAPL is Apple's earnings flatten out and they produce no new growth areas or hot new products, that is, if Apple is somewhat of a failure going forward.


    Right now the stock is about $250 undervalued in terms of fundamentals, so $660 is still a ltitle light. Apple's true value must take into consideration its #1 brand name in the world, its super loyal affluent customer base (always growing), and its copyright hoard. Plus of course its 137 billion in cash which now represents about one third the stock price. So everything else is basicslly being priced for about half of what its worth even if Apple fails to grow at all going forward.
    A more correct upside target would be $950. But realistically the top if probably around $790. I see it challenging $600 then $700 again fairly soon depending on which products it introduces and what it does with its cash. $500 cold be taken out in the next few days, and $550 after the shareholder meeting on the 27th if they announce what I think they are going to announce, a minimum of a 50% dividend hike, which puts them on par with INTC for value funds, and who would rather own INTC than AAPL if the dividends are the same?
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