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Florida's economy prepares for the loss of jobs after the final shuttle flight, scheduled for...

Florida's economy prepares for the loss of jobs after the final shuttle flight, scheduled for later this morning, adding to 3,200 already slashed. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden expects spaceflight firms to take up the slack, as the agency awards $269M to Sierra Nevada, SpaceX, Blue Origins and Boeing (BA -1.4%) to promote space travel.
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  • Now that manned space flight is migrating from NASA to the private sector, we *might* actually make it into space on a permanent basis now...wasted billions and decades later than it needed to be.
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  • We need the government for anything of this scale. Private interests in space will for just that- private interest. We need more spending in R&D, engineering, and science, or risk being outpaced by China and Russia in the coming decade.
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  • This is why Scott flip flopped on SunRail. Wants to rotate rocket scientists to conductors and train engineers....I guess. Can't wait to have to foot the bill for this train wreck.
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  • With the cost of fuel and tolls, I would love to see light rail from Jacksonville to Daytona to Ft Lauderdale to Miami and across the Alley to Naples and on up to Tampa Bay. Then crossing to Orlando, it would completely change travel in Florida.
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  • The line is from Tampa to Orlando. And all I have to say to govt run transportation is, look at Amtrak. This are was picked due to the least number of obstacles (existing structure blocking and open land).


    Putting in new lines to urban areas is easier said than done. Most areas are heavily built up, so it would require seizing of property, and what ever the government deems as compensation to the property owner (costing more $$). Florida's problem is, it went for construction of structures without adequate consideration of infrastructure. The cost to the state which is already in financial trouble is enormous.


    The US is designed substantially different from Europe and Asia. Our sprawl is what makes mass transit so inefficient in this country.
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  • www.popularmechanics.c...
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