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Microsoft (MSFT +1.2%) roundup: 1) Surface Pro, mixed reviews and all, goes on sale in the U.S....

Microsoft (MSFT +1.2%) roundup: 1) Surface Pro, mixed reviews and all, goes on sale in the U.S. and Canada tomorrow. 2) ZDNet reports updates to Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Windows Internet services will coincide with an expected 2H Windows 8 update. 3) SkyDrive (integrated with Office 2013) now stores over 1B Office documents, and has been updated to support the editing of linked docs via Office Web apps without a Microsoft account.
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  • Its hard for me to believe that people have embraced the sky drive.


    Now I'm not saying the sky drive does not has some uses but I would never put important information under someone else's control. Its like people not taking paper statements and then close an account and now need paper for the IRS. They can not easily get access to the information because they no longer have a working id and password and the old company has nothing to gain so help is at a minimum. I'm aware of several brokers who are not very helpful.
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  • One of the ways Skydrive works is as an automatic data syncing service across multiple computers. You store your files not only online in MSFT Skydrive servers, but locally on your own computers simultaneously. In other words you always have access to a local copy in case you need it, and always have access to it online as well.


    I'm a huge fan.
    10 Feb 2013, 09:16 AM Reply Like
  • KMI


    You are aware that hackers have destroyed the registry of some sky drives. No matter how many servers you use it's no help if you can't find the address. you must have seen msft code 404.
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  • Do you understand that you can set it up so that copies are stored locally on your own devices -as well as- in the cloud? The point should be self-evident.
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  • emi


    my point was that cloud is not always safe. you could keep your data on hundreds of different devices in your home or office and under YOUR control . Everything that I do on a computer is duplicated on to external drives under my control.
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  • The duplication you employ locally doesn't stop you from employing SkyDrive, and SkyDrive and services of its ilk (dropbox, google drive, etc) are additive to data security and integrity. That's the point I keep making: SkyDrive is additive to data security.


    I used to use software to make multiple copies of my data in multiple geographic locations. Now I use SkyDrive and keep copies both locally and on MSFT's globally dispersed servers. And it happens without me messing around with it at all. It's beautiful.


    Driving is dangerous too, yet a billion cars hit the roads every day.
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  • kmi
    As a former army medic and emt, I worked thousands of auto accidents. I always buckled up just in case.
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  • 128 GB Surface Pro tablet sells out in 7 hours via @sharethis
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