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BlackBerry (BBRY) loses another big enterprise customer as Home Depot is reportedly switching to...

BlackBerry (BBRY) loses another big enterprise customer as Home Depot is reportedly switching to Apple's (AAPL) iOS for all store managers and corporate-level employees. The move will have the company swapping out about 10K Blackberrys for iPhones. At this point the approximately 60K Motorola phones used by floor employees will not be affected.
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  • Whatever the incentives AAPL may have flashed their way, Depot is sure going to regret this move once it becomes clear what a superior platform BB10 is.
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  • Just wait until they get hacked, they will regret this move. BlackBerry offers the best security especially the BB10-. The new Z10 is miles better than any iPhone to date.
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  • And you base your comment on what? BB10 is crap, always remember master reset with BB you will always use it and it will fail you when you need it most.
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  • I base my comment on the future whereas you base yours on the past my friend.
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  • Well good luck BB10 is a few years late to the game, even in my world nobody uses Blackberry anymore it was old before it was new!
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  • Just wait to you get your hands on the new devices. Then you will understand. BB10 is indeed late to the game but that game is nearing the end.


    BB10 is the beginning of an entirely new paradigm.
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  • That's wishful thinking, BB10 most definitely isn't superior to iOS. Apple has had years to fine tune, Blackberry isn't, their are several thing that iOS user take for granted that the few who use Blackberry cannot use because it didn't come with BB10. Stop being a fanboy and look at facts, iOS beats Blackberry 10
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  • The Z10 is miles better from the iPhone? In what way?!? It really isn't! BB10 is crap when compared to iOS, hell it is also crap when compared to Windows Phone 8
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  • One of is a fan boy that is quite evident. IOS is maxed out and rather buggy judging from my iPod. When you actually have a BB10 in your hands for a day or two get back to us. Otherwise you are merely speaking on conjecture.
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  • His comments are based on the real world and what going on NOW! Your living in a dream fanboy world. Blackberry is the past, it has had its day and now it done, stop living in the past and pretending its the future.
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  • Just try bb10 and the evolution will become self-evident.
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  • Heres how one reviewer explains the epidemic that is soon to sweep the globe:


    "Ignoring the fact that the Z10 has got a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Apple’s App Store, the new gesture based control system is fantastic. Everything is a single digit swipe away. Swipe down: I get system settings toggles. Swipe right: and I get the Hub which contains all my notifications. Swipe left: apps and folders. When I’m on the recent apps screen I can scroll up and down and easily close any apps I no longer need. Although the iPhone has always been regarded as being easy to use, BlackBerry has trumped it with BB10. There’s no back button, or home button. It’s all done with a simple gesture. While it did take me a little time to get accustomed to the new way of doing things, I soon find myself trying to dismiss apps on my iPhone in the same way. In essence: BlackBerry has done the impossible, and made iOS seem complicated. So much so, that I’ve often been picking the Z10 up in before the iPhone to achieve tasks like checking email, Facebook and Twitter. It just feels more natural."


    BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5 – Hardware Comparison
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  • BB is very much like Sears or even better.... Enron.


    Top of their market and not going anywhere anytime soon !
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  • Here's another quote for you from New York magazine, article titled "my dead blackberry 10, a eulogy."


    "BlackBerry Z10, you were a piece of crap, but you were my piece of crap. And I'll miss you. Whenever I pick up my iPhone from now on, I'll be looking at a solid, functional, well-designed piece of hardware with working apps and the ability to outlive a green banana. But I'll be thinking of you."

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  • New York Mag's BlackBerry 10 demo unit dies after only four days


    By AppleInsider Staff
    In a tongue-in-cheek review published on Friday, New York Magazine tells the story of a demo BlackBerry Z10 which, after multiple software issues including numerous crashes, died after only four days of testing.

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  • You have to feel sorry sometimes for the company formerly known as Research in Motion. The company was originally a pioneer in the smartphone industry, bringing mobile email to the business masses, and it’s still trying hard to innovate and deliver great solutions to smartphone buyers. But the company’s new Z10 and Q10 handsets released last month, as good as they are, may be too little, too late, to save it in Australia. The latest major organisation to reveal its plans to ditch the hallowed BlackBerry is the Federal Department of the Treasury. ZDNet reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):


    “Over the next month and a half, the Australian Department of Treasury will ditch its fleet of BlackBerry mobile phones in favour of iPhone 5s, according to chief information officer Peter Alexander.”


    Well, we knew this kind of thing was on the way, after the Defence Signals Directorate finally approved iOS devices for use in April last year. It was only a matter of time. Right now, it seems pretty likely the attitude at BlackBerry HQ must be a little like that at Vodafone: Forget about trying to get new customers; the company probably has as much as it can handle just trying desperately to keep the ones it already has.

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  • You folks are aware [I hope] that the UK CESG has approved both iOS and Blackberry for Impact Level 3 protection.
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  • LYogi -


    BB is not dead because they make sub-par phones (the 10 by all accounts is a great phone), they are dead because they are a one trick pony that is 5 years behind AAPL. Nobody wants a phone, even one that has marginally "better" features, that does not have hundreds of thousands of apps, does not connect to their tablet/laptop, and does not have readily available tech support (genius bar).


    BB has been written off in most people's minds - even if they make a good phone, people won't pick it up to give it a shot. Most people associate the brand with clunky devices that are boring and can't do very much - this plus being so far behind on the app store and cloud will do them in.
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  • And yet they have immense loyalty and most of the top Apps. You ought to research the app issue a little further as you will see they will be fine will apps also being able to port android apps in a synch.
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  • "Immense loyalty?" Do you mean that they have a customer base because of "coercion." I know about 200 people with a BB for work and have never in my life heard anyone sing their praises. In fact, most big companies are allowing iPhones (mine just started - one of the biggest companies in the world), but people have to wait until the upgrade cycle to switch. It doesn't matter if BB10 has an app to polish their balls, they hate BB because they have been held hostage by their CIO with a BB for years.
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  • It is the physical keyboard aspect. And the security. Now that they have the most advanced OS and top notch hardware, all those will be quite happy that they were held 'hostage'.
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  • iOS better than BlackBerry's QNX? It's OK to present your opinion, but don't present facts that do not exist. QNX is far superior than iOS. Thinking otherwise is quite laughable.


    What BlackBerry 10 brings is INNOVATION beyond Mobility. What iOS is doing is driving innovation and technology back. iOS has been hindering advancement by far. I have a lot more respect for Android versus iOS. At least with Android, it can be pushed further to better itself. iOS is maxed out and old.
    Eventually people and corporations will see though Apple's marketing and realize iOS is actually steps backwards and un-innovative.


    BlackBerry 10 is here, the new king and as of late all these Apple Fanboys can't take it.
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  • FACT: QNX is better than iOS, Android and W8. Why would you support a platform that offers less innovation, and is on the brink of destruction?
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  • That's nonsense. BB10's don't crash lol. More Apple Fanboys making things up.
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  • John it is actually very good
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  • or they could just download this and stop worrying.



    I am really surprised this isn't bigger news beefs up the security of iOS in a big way.
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  • Pt, "Nobody" is rather a sweeping comment, even if most posters here weren't overwhelmingly impressed by the Z10 reports (but they are). If you want to retain any credibility, you'd best stay away from such absolutes, and such absurdities as your comment on apps; nobody (used properly this time) can make good use of "hundreds of thousands" of apps, even if they were any good (which most ain't).
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  • But Pt, there must be some reason they got those BBs in the first place? Sure, times have changed, and hardware doesn't self evolve, but just because older BBs are not as good as today's best, that's hardly a valid reason to dis them, or tar the new Z10 with the same brush! It's new, and seems to be currently the best available, and that's all that matters.
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  • I saw that, author is a liar
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  • @MrAllister:


    You should do your homework before commenting stupidity like that!


    RIMM uses QNX... considered to be one of the finest real-time Unix OS on the planet. Not only that, but it also has been fully approved for U.S. government and DoD use... a certification that iOS and OS X only wishes it had.


    Besides, iOS is practically nothing more than open-source OS. It's based on Mach OS which is a university pet project (micro kernel), also uses BSD code and GNU code. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of open-source software, especially Linux, but hundreds of thousands of open-source developers and students made iOS and OS X... Apple simply put it together and slightly modified it by adding a custom UI on top of it (to name but one example). Sure it's a damn great OS and so is Mac OS X. But just know where they come from before you make claims that it's better than QNX.
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  • LYogi, if you are making excuses, you've already lost... People don't care to hear why they hate something - the minute they have a chance to get out of prison, they do it.
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  • I liked RIM's Curve, did what I expected from a BB, send and receive lots of emails and would go a couple days without needing to be charged. It was a workhorse device back then.



    The new BB will struggle to get through even 1 day and RIM will not be fixing it (maybe there is no fix). Its other gimmicks are mediocre - camera is actually worst of all phones reviewed at gizmodo, there are no good apps and the few Android ports are garbage/slow apps.


    Such a shame, there's not much reason to upgrade from current BBs. Please bring back the old BB OS, at least those would last until the afternoon.
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  • Applocrat - That's cute but not a real solution. Many people actually like to keep their emails indefinitely and file them away, so destroying them 5 minutes after opening is only good for unimportant things. Secondly, although it gives security to the end-user, it doesn't really provide corporate security like BB10 does. BB10 keeps your business emails separate from your personal ones, although it's very easy to see both of them. And it allows your company to erase corporate emails (but not personal ones) remotely, if your phone is stolen or if you are layed-off/fired. This is the level of corporate security that will really push BB10 over the top as it is a near-ideal BYOD phone.
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  • Instagram? Netflix?
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  • Coming Soon.
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  • Heres how one reviewer explains the epidemic that is soon to sweep the globe:


    "Ignoring the fact that the Z10 has got a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Apple’s App Store,"


    That's ignoring quite a bit. How about also ignoring that BBRY no longer has a lock on the enterprise market and it is BYOD now and never going back. Also, one must ignore the non-existence of Blackberry stores and world-class customer support.
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  • OOOOOOO My. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.
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  • The app situation is quickly being rectified. Soon BB10 will support most if not all Android Apps. The BYOD movement is irrelevant because BB10 will eventually win over consumers based on its user interface and true ability to multitask. The tide is turning and the smart money I.e Fairfax is all in.
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  • who hacks a home depot workers cell phone??? who you kiding
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  • funny thats whats they said about Apple
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  • What are you talking about? In UK everybody uses bb, and everybody who sees me with my new Z10, asks me - wow is that the new BB? Ios is so far behind
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  • OMG! Swiping, NO WAI! it's really not nearly as big of a deal as you are trying to make it out to be. And yes, I am Canadian and have spent several hours with the Z10, was not blown away.
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  • Can't wait for a tablets like BB10
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  • MrAllister. Why not go try one out when they come to the USA and see if you still think that.
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  • A recent poll in Canada said that 8% of the population intend on switching to BB10 in the next 12 months. That's about 16% of the smartphone users in Canada.


    And you'd be shocked. People in the USA are actually open minded. Well, not everyone. That is fine though, not everyone is capable of looking at things objectively and without bias.
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  • Agree.
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  • I agree. I have the new Blackberry, makes my iphone 5 look like a kid's toy. Apple died with Jobs. Been there, done that. Here's to the new game
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  • You comment is borderline hilarious man, BB10 is the beginning of an entirely new paradigm? How do you figure, all they did was copy what others did 5 yrs ago, and yes I have spend some time with the Z10, can you say the same?
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  • any new phone should be better than all existing phone.
    you have to compare the BB10 with iphone5s galaxy 4 and the current htc dna
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  • the only thing that is important is how fast you can do something. One swipe is the same as push one button. Also I do not see taking away the swipe left and right from the app is anything I want. Currently many apps use that to go to the next screen.
    I stand by my prediction BBKY stock price wise will move up in the near term but will drop in 6 months once the future is more clear to everyone.
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  • not Enron


    BB is not a fraud
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  • How many people actually go to the Apple Genius bar? Do you have some reliable numbers for that?


    Did you know that desktop software is available for Mac OS X and Windows that allows syncing and backing up any BlackBerry? Are you aware that music in Apple iTunes can be synced and loaded into a BlackBerry (other than older rights restricted music)?


    Does the new BlackBerry Z10 look like older BlackBerry phones? Of the 78 million existing BlackBerry users of older devices, what percentage would you expect to adopt the newer Z10 and Q10?
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  • Enterprise users are barely 1/3rd of existing BlackBerry users. You can find this information in the financial reports that the company provides, and by analyzing the numbers. Are you aware that 200 people is a very small sample size?
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  • I think the folks switching to iPhones are probably thinking "thank god...Apps!!!"
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  • BB OS 7 was very secure to be sure. However now BB's are running a totally new and untested OS. (untested in the malware-infested mobile computing world.)


    RIM, er.. I mean BlackBerry is a total reboot .. new look, new OS, new UI, new hardware, new name and new ticker .. there is really zero track record for the new BB.


    Even if someone did love their old Blackbery, this new thing is so different it may as well be an iPhone or Galaxy for that matter.
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  • But LYogi, the past is where RIM made it's mark. What we're talking about here is something totally new .. it's kind of crap shoot.
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  • Luke Tomasello - To think that the QNX-based BB10 OS is untested is ridiculous since QNX has been around since the 1980s and is used to run nuclear reactors as well. This is one very secure Real-time system. Now the UI is new and relatively untested, but I'm pretty sure that security won't be an issue. So, really BB10 acceptance and market penetration will be a matter of user acceptance and marketing both of which are subject to huge variabilities. If one simply doesn't like BB for their past errors, that's fine though I'm not sure that is a good basis for investing or not. It amazes me the number of posters that are basing their investment thesis on whether they liked what the company did over the past few years or even over whether they prefer iOS over BB10. Your own preferences are a poor basis on which to judge potential market penetration. You need to be more objective.
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  • Yeah, I'm sure all the Depot employees are really bummed they're not getting Blackberry phones. ALL those apps. Could be overwhelming!
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  • Agreed. I have faith in Waterloo from the technical side of it. This is what is so exciting about it- an entirely new fresh and efficient OS. One that had Pogue over at the Times smitten and gushing over the device. And he has seen his fair share of gadgets!
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  • gwy - let me be clear so that I maintain credibility with people who honestly think that BB is in a far superior competitive position than BOTH Droid and apple phones: "nobody" is very absolute, however, there are a few people out there who want a smart phone with limited functionality and no features. Then again, there are also people who live without electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing.
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  • GWY -


    BB may make a better phone than Apple, but that is not the point. The point I am making is that BB is so far behind in the App store, cloud, tech support, etc... They do not have a competitive total offering (tablets, laptops, phones, app store, music, etc...), which is becoming increasingly important to consumers.


    The only people I read who say that BB is better than apple are people long BBRY (LYogi) or technical IT guys who can site a thousand software reasons (security, etc...). At the same time, consumers are obsessed with their iPhones because they "just work" and "make their lives easier." What Apple gets is that it is not about the best technicals, it is about the user experience, simplicity, and intuitive nature of their devices. The devices are made for ordinary knuckleheads like myself who just want it to be easy and work. When viewed through this prism (which clearly most consumers do), apple is so far ahead in the key areas - cloud, app store, itunes, genius bar, etc... - that I struggle to see anyone but GOOG catching up. I hope that BBRY pulls a rabbit out of their hat to become relevant again because this would inject competitive innovation, drive prices down, and provide options for consumers. I just don't see it happening.


    full disclosure: I am long AAPL with 33% of my portfolio at 453 avg price because even if BBRY does well this company is really cheap right now.
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  • Depot workers so excited to have a cool phone.
    Until client enter in a Z10.
    Show d product ad he liked via youtube flash vid.
    Noticed guy got a faster browser.
    Keyboard typed blazingly fast too!
    As client make one quick peek to get the no. of tweets, posts, emails, bbms/vid waiting.
    Dawned on him Z10 multitasks much better even in one hand!
    Now manager beside thinking he'd be much productive if he have 1.
    But told client theirs got tons of apps.
    Client respond his BB can run/play them, pointing to his kid playing android/ios games.
    At final transact, client told them he'd like to pay via NFC.
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  • Lol, this would have MAYBE made a little sense last year, but in comparison to BB10 iOS has a crap keyboard, horrible browser, painfully slow communications, no true multitasking, and WAY sub-optimal security. It's a patchwork OS that is basically just a 'record player' and relies on the latest hit album to be of any value. Good thing I know what Home Depot values most...1000 different fart apps > security and communication.
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  • You have to figure that the Apple rep got the Depot rep rip-roaringly drunk to pull this off. That or Home Depot's IT department is horribly incompetent.


    Oh well, they can always switch back but someone has likely signed their own termination they just don't know it yet.
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  • Home Depot isn't the first one to dump Blackberry.
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  • or the last
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  • LYogi...just how long BBRY shares are you...?...every post on SA about are out defending BB10.....havn't used it... don't care to use it...don't even have a smart phone....but you call every one else a AAPL fanboy....but don't ever look in the mirror.......lets just agree to let the market 6months BBRY will be over 30 bux or under 10.... its that simple
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  • Full disclosure: I'm long 2000 shares avg price 15.00.


    Also: I am or should say was a fan of Apple. I still use a macbook products, apple TV, and have a 4th generation iPod touch. I also own a playbook and use a bold 9900 as my primary phone. I've had that phone for three years now and I still like it. A lot. I have fun with my iPod but couldn't think of using it everyday to type the number of texts and emails that I must.


    Owning the playbook has provided me an early glimpse as to the fluidity that QNX can offer. I like it. I totally see the potential in a gesture based OS. It is the future. That and I read in Canada national newspaper that RIM is in the top 10 worldwide for patents. There is a ton of Grey matter in Waterloo Ontario. BB10 is just the tip of the iceberg.


    Also having owned and used ios6 on a daily basis I see it limitations. It feels maxed out. Apple is in big trouble.


    I wholeheartedly agree that the market will reflect BBs true value but that it will take time. I sense there may yet be another dip in the stock price but long term Apple will yield to QNX and it's derivatives.


    I am advising my family and friends to invest in BB and be patient.
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  • Well said LYogi....I don't have a dog in this fight.. but enjoy reading comments....I think some of info provided by bloggers is of great help and helps me take a 360 view of the market....I hope you make fortune...but a stop loss never hurt anyone
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  • No one ever claimed Home Depot was clever. Now I see why.
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  • lol
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  • Are you kidding? BB10 is utter crap, just a matter of time untill everyone figures that out. It's a has been, and never will be again, to little to late POS.
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  • How many companies use iOS? None
    How many companies use QNX? 100+


    iOS is garbage. QNX is the future. Watch Home Depot, one of the board members will come across a Z10 and say What Have We Done?
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  • Actually a company does use iOS, Home Depot lol
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  • How many companies use iOS! None?!? Are you mad? Most to all companies in the fortune 500 uses iOS, not to mention the government also uses iOS! Microsoft had their iPads stolen from their headquarters, Google uses iPad to run simulations, Blackberry modeled the new phone after the iPhone, and Samsung just copied the iPhone. President Obama has an iPad! iPhone and iPad are found all over the place in places such as The White House, the United States Treasury Department, Border Patrol, The United States Army etc. You sir should check facts before commenting, it would make you seam less stupid
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  • You can keep saying that BB10 sucks. You can shout it from the rooftops. But, the fact of the matter is, it doesn't. In fact, it's truly amazing. It's not my 'job' to explain to everyone why it's so much better than everything out there.


    Read. Research.


    You all know you can make money from a product doing well? Right? You all know that?
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  • Nonsense. 90% of the Fortune 500 Companies use BlackBerry. Get your facts straight.
    QNX is a mission critical OS. iOS is not. BlackBerry's QNX has many partners including GM, Ford, Audio, NASA, Porche, etc.


    QNX Partner Directory.


    Also Apple off to a great start lol. Go iOS Go lol.
    AOL shutting down meeting service due to iOS 6.1 issues
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  • MrAllister "Blackberry modeled the new phone after the iPhone"


    Can we finally put this nonesense to rest. It's getting old. The Z10 looks nothing like an iPhone and the Z10 looks much better anyway.


    Though I have to admit it's kind of funny how iBots come to the defence of Apple despite iOS sucking real bad and is not in the same class as the superior QNX.
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  • And your car probably uses QNX. Get it?
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  • You have gone mad the president and every gouverment agency use blackberry. You get your facts straight. There is not one gouverment tht would take a chance on a system that has and can be broken into agin and again.
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  • 10,000+ Managers and Corporate Level employees playing Angry Birds and eating away precise minutes each day using a slower digital keyboard when communicating by txt or instant msg through their cell phones.


    Anyone know what device management software Home Depot uses or will be using? It would be really funny if the author 'forgot' to mention that they use or will be using Blackberry Enterprise Service 10.
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  • Not to mention tap double tap tap tap tap all day navigating through functions instead of fluid swiping with real-time functionality.


    Talk about a waste of potential productivity.


    Come to think of it ios will be understood to be the Morse code of mobile and will soon find its way into the museum as an important and successful trailblazer that reach its maximum potential.


    Notice all the noise about giving the fruits of it back to the shareholders and commotion about voting rights?


    The big boys know the writing is on the wall.
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  • This is what I don't get. The Z10 is fluid, smooth and remarkably fast. It sells itself. You only need to try it. Seeing it in video's is not enough. You need to use the Z10 to appreciate its remarkable OS.


    I've already converted several iPhone family members to the Z10. Had them try it. There reaction was WOW.......I WANT ONE NOW.
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  • i had enough of your idiot post
    do you know what real time is?
    there is no user function on a smartphone that is real time.
    real time usualy means if you do not respond within a "very short" time period the system will "crash"
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  • Everyone make note of the Home Depot stock price ending today (Ticker=HD) $67.01 and add 2 months of time for the iPhones to be fully deployed (AllThingsD - John Paczkowski reports the time frame), then give it 1-2 quarters to see if there is an impact on the stock price from Managers/Corporate workers decrease in productivity while using their iPhones.
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  • Anytime a company like AAPL starts to listen to a guy named David Einhorn on what to do about their weath, it tells me AAPL is losing its mojo. Even Cramer was upset about this.
    They basically do not know what to do anymore.
    BB is here to stay!
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  • Apple has a problem with its app store and the most obvious for not choosing an iPhone. Home depot, should they ever create specialized apps for its own internal use can now be downloaded for everybody.


    This got to be the biggest security risk for an Enterprise, free access to internal apps. Hackers are going to have a field day, don't go trough the firewall, just jailbreak an iPhone and download a company apps and hack trough there and get the most important Business Intelligence.


    Home depot has surely not done their due diligence and have not even considered the security risk.
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  • Origa..... Corp developed apps do not have to be on App Store to be available to employees.


    Anyone know real purchase numbers of recently launched bby phones? Can't understand why numbers are not readily available unless they are less than expected.
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  • Numbers? No, but the UK did report several 100 Thousand Z10's were sold in 24hrs to 48hrs. In Canada they ran out of Z10's in most stores and quickly restocked them. The pre-orders were overwhelming with reports of over 1300 pre-orders in a matter of 1 day several weeks before the official launch.


    Do the math, BB10 is here to stay and Apple, Google, Windows and others that do not like BB for some reason Know This.


    BlackBerry broke there own sales records. That in itself speaks volume.


    By the way, looking forward to the Z10 update coming before the US release.
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  • Companies that advertise they are dumping brands for other brands play a dangerous game.
    Home Depot, I am dumping you as well! I will spend my money elsewhere.
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  • This came from "Apple Insider", not Home Depot. This may be why they mention others who also planned the switch, but without noting that some of them have switched back again.


    Whatever, it's a very strange decision to make, at an even stranger time. Don't know why it's billed as BBRY "losing" anything, as Home Depot have long since paid for those old BBs they are (presumably) dumping. Just a little bit of bias apparent...
    9 Feb 2013, 08:47 AM Reply Like
  • This doesn't matter,
    HomeDepot IS moving to iPhone, and having been planning to do so for the last year.
    They just move slowly, BlackBerry10 was not on their radar because they don't need quality MDM, they aren't worried about Branch managers leaking corporate secrets accidentally.


    Sucks that Branch managers are going to be forced to a single form factor, with zero options where BlackBerry gave them a few choices in form factor.
    Good luck homedepot, but if they don't expand their consumer offerings so that I have a BlackBerry 10 app, I'll just shop at Lowes, or Rona for my needs
    9 Feb 2013, 10:15 AM Reply Like
  • Sure a Black berry is a better phone. Lol Maybe an android phone is ok but a Blackberry 10? You guys are kidding
    9 Feb 2013, 11:32 AM Reply Like
  • recession12...could you re-phrase your post. I am not sure what you were trying to say.
    9 Feb 2013, 01:44 PM Reply Like
  • It's a pretty pathetic move on behalf of Home Depot.


    It just amazes me how companies who should be maximizing their ROI goes out and buys the most expensive phone which does less than what Samsung does.


    We're far from the day when Apple was the only game in town. Home Depot could have signed a contract with Samsung to replace ALL their phones for half what it will cost them going with Apple. Plus Samsung has surpassed Apple in features and apps. I'm sure for a lot of employees, having the Note II would have been more practical to have a tiny iPhone screen (at half the price too).


    These are business decisions by incompetent managers.


    "Hey, if our employees look 'cool' using iPhones... maybe we'll attract more customers?"
    9 Feb 2013, 01:39 PM Reply Like
  • While I hate my iPhone that is work issued, and very much enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I would NOT suggest to ANY company to deploy an Android solution unless migrating their entire corporate infrastructure to Google Apps,
    Which also I would never suggest, I've not been happy with Google Apps for the past 3 years, and have been flirting with migrating to Office365, will cost slightly more per year but my trials with it with my primary employer makes me far more confident it is worth the cost over the terrible Google Apps service.


    Android NEEDS google services to be functional, outside of Googles services it doesn't offer much, while Apple relies on app as well It isn't as reliant on Apples services as Android is on Googles. as a Corporate device I don't want my emails harvested and ads fed to to my users based on our corporate emails.


    I don't want location tracking, and I want an OS that is consistent, iOS while it has less features, is also more stable than Android when deploying them to many users with a variety of skill sets.


    HomeDepot has been planning the iOS migration long before we had a BlackBerry Z10 release schedule, They've been making iOS apps to be ready for deployment. I'm not a fan of their choice, but if you're moving from BlackBerry, iOS is the lesser of the evils available
    9 Feb 2013, 07:05 PM Reply Like
  • What Appleinsider misses in this is that the service provider is Sprint (S), who are not going to carry the BlackBerry Z10. The walkie-talkie feature phones from Motorola are popular business phones on the Sprint network. There is also the matter of Sprint (S) having an excess of iPhones and a great need to shift inventory. It appears Sprint (S) made a deal with Home Depot.
    9 Feb 2013, 07:11 PM Reply Like
  • @StephenBB81:


    I wouldn't agree that Android needs Google... isn't Amazon's Kindle an Android split... and it doesn't use the Google ecosystem?


    As for myself, I'm a purist... when we talk about Internet/Cloud, I'm not tollerent to native apps/libs running behind the scenes like Office 365. Hell, it's a nice functional and complete product, but it's also a Microsoft lock in. For an individual I would maybe consider it, but for an entire company I would have second thoughts since the entire IT landscape is changing and Microsoft will be considerably less present.


    "iOS while it has less features, is also more stable than Android"


    I'm not too sure which parts you're referring to specifically and I do acknowledge that each will have their respective bugs. But you do realize that both practically share the same code? OS X and iOS borrows a ton of GNU code and a lot of BSD code. While Android is Linux (and GNU also). The only thing relatively different on Android is the Dalvik VM (that layer doesn't really exist on Apple OS's).
    10 Feb 2013, 11:39 PM Reply Like
  • I'll concede that I've yet to use an Amazon Kindle phone to know how they act as phones and email devices.


    I am unaware if they require a gmail account to set up or not. and if they use Google services as their main services or if everything is custom by amazon.


    For my comment on stability, Android hangs/crashes/force closes far more often than iOS does. It isn't the code, it is the execution.


    I'd like to know what email service/cloud service you'd suggest that doesn't come with a lockin?
    as my employer made the switch to Office365 and I've very much enjoyed it.
    Where as I've never enjoyed GoogleApps, I paid for them because they were the only quality option at the time, and now I've got a big task to migrate away and laziness has prevented me from doing so, until my experience with Office365, now I am motivated for the improvements.
    11 Feb 2013, 08:12 AM Reply Like
  • Wow, a whole 10k phones! That'll really throw off those market share percentage figures. ;)
    9 Feb 2013, 07:03 PM Reply Like
  • No offense.... but the loss of 10,000 phones isn't the end of the world when you have so many million subscribers.
    No if all the BB owners perished in the apocalypse then we would need to worry.
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  • For those of you that so blatantly put the Z10 down and have not tried it, you are not being honest and like another OS for some reason. If you really think BBRY is going to fail as a company, try shorting the stock. I firmly believe it will dominate some markets, do well in others. It is "up and coming" while Aapl is not. Aapl has seen it's day. I am long (15700 shares) BBRY. I am sure no one here is short. Some may be long. I think you guys just like Aapl or Android. We shall see who is right. We've already seen BBRY has done quite well. Remember all those that said it would not make it to launch? BBRY will continue to impress and work out any bugs. Aaple has taken "years" to fix all their bugs. Let's hope BBRY will fix all issues quickly.
    9 Feb 2013, 09:01 PM Reply Like
  • Too bad for HD!
    9 Feb 2013, 09:36 PM Reply Like
  • The new Blackberry lacks:


    Interface with Microsoft Office
    No satellite images in maps
    No cloud ecosystem
    No tablet that syncs through cloud or can be managed remotely to secure device.


    Now you know why most Fortune 500 companies are switching to Apple.


    Too little too late
    9 Feb 2013, 10:49 PM Reply Like


    "Documents To Go integration: Windows Phone has integrated mobile Office, but I find the Documents To Go product on BB 10 to offer more functionality with a better user interface. BlackBerry purchased DataViz last year and it is great to see the full version of Documents To Go, with Box and Dropbox storage access, on BB10 devices."


    At the moment the work-around for Google Maps is much like when the Apple iPhone 5 launched and Google Maps was not available as an app. I currently use Google Maps often, though not in satellite view, though streetview comes in handy. So you bring up a very good point here, and it definitely is an issue for people who rely upon maps.


    Enterprise users are important, but figures from Research In Motion/BlackBerry financial reports indicate that enterprise are not the majority of existing users. At the moment, Z10 sales are more likely to go to early adopters, or people who did not have a smartphone in the past. Available research indicates that many smartphone users do not upgrade that often. Sales projections for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 are expected to be 5 million units per quarter. That's a fairly small sales volume compared to Apple and Samsung, and actually under quarterly sales of older BB7 devices, though actually better than Nokia Lumia. So with expectations small from analysts, the target to reach is fairly low.
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  • Interesting; critics against BB10 in this thread are not oriented against BB10 specs, design or usability. Critics are fluffy and not rational. I own one Z10 since a few days and got used to it. I tried to go back to my android phone just for fun and comparison. The navigation seemed to me so medieval (sure I'd have gotten the same reaction if it was iOS). Ease of navigation and speed in z10 are just astonishing.
    9 Feb 2013, 11:51 PM Reply Like
  • NOKIA 920 new business phone
    BB10 who cares, only a few million candians
    9 Feb 2013, 11:52 PM Reply Like
  • Very interesting to notice that none of the BB critics in this thread are specs, design, or usability-oriented. This way of criticizing undermines the principle of rationality and cannot be digested as arguments.
    10 Feb 2013, 12:20 AM Reply Like
  • Go where the facts can be found...BB10 will become the preferred platform by many loyal BB users...The other poor souls will struggle to catch up to this new technology...


    I believe in the human spirit for the ergo form of user friendliness (machine human interface?)...BB10 will become the business tool of choice and with a secure network that will maintain cyber security for all those ardent CIO's out there...


    Let this one play out...Take care, Go BB
    10 Feb 2013, 12:20 AM Reply Like
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  • BBRY is so far out of the dance. Is there anything bad you can say about "COMPANY". RA RA RA
    10 Feb 2013, 12:57 AM Reply Like
  • I write this post on a black berry z10. My Year Old HTC desire HD has been retired. I haven't powered on my iPad since I bought the bb10. And my $16,000 investment in BlackBerry made me 4 thousand dollars profit this week. I think I got a handle on reality gentleman, good day to you.
    10 Feb 2013, 05:02 AM Reply Like
  • Home Depot is a lot more profitable and actually is a growing company compared to $BBRY
    10 Feb 2013, 08:50 AM Reply Like
  • To throw salt in the wound, HD is giving their 10k employees the 4S.
    10 Feb 2013, 09:19 AM Reply Like
  • HD has lost me as a customer.
    If they can't support a Canadian company
    then i won't help support them
    10 Feb 2013, 10:17 AM Reply Like
  • Hey, I buy material at HD.
    This is a true story. Many years ago I got into rental property and applied to HD for theit credit card. They turn me down. So I a Banc One credit card, and and purchase about $20K worth of material from HD. They then sent me a preapprove application. That didn't work so they call me offering whatever. Thats HD for you
    10 Feb 2013, 10:18 AM Reply Like
  • HD Has lost me as a customer. If they can't support
    a Canadian company I can't help support them.enough said.
    10 Feb 2013, 10:18 AM Reply Like
  • No rationale is cited (in the source article) for this apparent move, so it's impossible to interpret what it means (in a larger sense)?
    10 Feb 2013, 10:18 AM Reply Like
  • Hmm the first 3 comments seem like die hard Canadian Berry fans ignoring whats been going on for a few years. The shrinking of $BBRY. Its fun to read. :)
    10 Feb 2013, 10:19 AM Reply Like
  • Bbry going down on Monday, Aaple going up. Companies just want something that works, period.
    10 Feb 2013, 10:20 AM Reply Like
  • lol.
    10 Feb 2013, 04:18 PM Reply Like
  • I think that this decision was made months ago. It was only reported now to help the shorts.
    The home depots loss.
    10 Feb 2013, 10:20 AM Reply Like
  • Win for AAPL. Another reason why the BBRY market is dead.
    10 Feb 2013, 10:20 AM Reply Like
  • Another reason I'm happy to be long AAPL
    10 Feb 2013, 10:21 AM Reply Like
  • You bbry naysayers will be eating your words very soon. I've seen the other side and the 10 is very impressive. I'm an iPhone 4 loyalist now on the fence. I used to own a bb pearl and felt castrated when the iPhone 3 came out. Then rushed out to get the newer iphone 4. I'm having similar feelings now looking at the new bb10. Word from my friend who just bought one is they are sold out everywhere and had to settle with white cause it was the only one left. If you guys say the phone is garbage, why then is the market saying the opposite?
    10 Feb 2013, 10:22 AM Reply Like
  • Home depot is a success story, they didn't get where there are by making stupid decisions.
    10 Feb 2013, 02:40 PM Reply Like
  • eaglei1 - Not to say going to iPhone was a stupid decision but was it meaningful to BB? The BB10 has only been out a few weeks adn IT decisions like this often take six months or more, so clearly the HD decision was made by comparing iPhone to old BB technology. Nobody will claim that the old BBs were better than iPhone. But essentially when this decision was made the IT department of HD had already narrowed the playing field to Apple vs. Android. I would expect this is more critical of Android than BB10 and is being falsely representative of being a bad point for BB. The only part that is bad for BB10 is that HD decided not to wait to make a decision. Also, no matter how smart the company is in setting up stores and marketing their wares, IT departments the world over make judgement calls which, in retrospect, look like mistakes. Just witness all the lage companies who turned their back on PC or internet technology in their early days. All companies are fallible.
    10 Feb 2013, 03:38 PM Reply Like
  • lol, apple.
    10 Feb 2013, 04:20 PM Reply Like
  • Apple 6.1 is getting shut down nationwide by IT departments as it's generating increased traffic/disk storage with some endless loop problem with Outlook. LOL! Including my hospital which is a VERY LARGE SYSTEM of hospitals. Oops, Home Depot.
    12 Feb 2013, 02:52 PM Reply Like
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