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Shareholder adviser ISS sides with Apple (AAPL), telling investors to vote for a company...

Shareholder adviser ISS sides with Apple (AAPL), telling investors to vote for a company proposal to eliminate the usage of preferred stock, laughingly citing the potential for misuse in a takeover defense. On the issue of bundling the preferred stock provision with other measures, ISS agrees with Einhorn, calling bundling "not in the best interests of shareholders."
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  • Who does ISS think is going to take over AAPL, exactly? AAPL is a $446 billion company. So, with a typical takeover premium, that would be over half a trillion dollars to buy it. Not that many organizations are whipping around that kind of cash. While this is pretty unlikely, it would certainly be impressive.
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  • The answer is because AAPL is beginning to decline. Its OS terribly dated and limited in its functionality.


    The writing is on the wall.
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  • Duh.
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  • The Z10 with New Yorker lasted a whole software glitching 4 days before it turned into a brick. Blackberry's future is not bright.
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  • Could not disagree with you more. Ever heard of o/s virtualization technology? It's been out there for over 10 years for the larger server market. Apple is in prime position to significantly cut into Google, Microsoft, and Blackberry market share by incorporating this into their o/s architecture. The others have a much bigger hill to climb to build this into their core o/s. Also, you need to question, why Apple bought Authentec last year? No doubt to build biometric authentication into their upcoming iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. Do a little research and you will find the others are still trying to catch up with Apple.
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  • Jdcorbett, Blackberry has already been using virtualization to enable its transition to the new os. Perhaps you should consider taking your own advice on research.
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  • China
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  • at least it is not as stupid as Cramer's ideas to have Apple use the money to buy Netflix at $180 when they did not buy it at 50 , or buy FIOS or CBS. Makes you wonder how much CNBC is irresponsible by putting this kind of anchors on the air.
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  • Cramer is an egotistical clown. How can you take him seriously?
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  • Cramer made me a lot of money when he strongly suggested we buy USG in 2011, and I have benefited from many of his other ideas also. But I agree that his clownish behavior (a la the Apple comments) detract from many of his otherwise sound comments.
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  • It is certainly possible to find Cramer recommendations that hit. It is also possible to find Cramer recommendations that are total flops.


    Every analysis of Cramer's picks shows that on average, Cramer's recs are losers.
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  • I've gone through the data on Cramer's record and discuss it a bit here, if you are interested:
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  • He was soooo hot on NYSE and Nova gold...two that come to mind with a scalding memory. I avoid his advice like the plague now.
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  • I thought screechy voiced Stephanie Link is Cramers stock picker... and .managing his charitable trust...she must be somewhat responsible
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  • Thanks Christ. Some of his call ins rave about how much money Cramer has made them and I've wondered whether they were just lucky or whether they are shills to keep the viewers engaged.


    Cramer reminds me a bit of a financial version of the Christian preacher "healers" that always seem to come up with a healing for every show. ... I mean "service".
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  • They should buy rim and put them out of their misery...they could get Jony Ive and redesign the bb10 and maybe the Japanese would want it and get back Home Depot..
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  • I thought of that as well. Apple needs to buy RIM to remain relevant moving forward.
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  • And what will you do to remain relevant moving forward?
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  • Why practice yoga of course! :)
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  • good idea, no reason they can't run two OS on there phones
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  • Buying $RIMM is a waste of money. Home Depot wanted the Apple Ecosystem. You'll be able to find out if something is in stock, and where it is in the store, without asking one of their clueless employees.
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  • Appreciate the tick up on aapl but I support Cook should he raise dividend 50% then be patient waiting for many stock moving announcements this year.


    In 2-3 years Apple products will be performing amazing beneficial things for all age groups in all industry sectors. We are entering into a very exciting time that will be hugely transformational and very rewarding for shareholders.
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  • you can wait for 2 to 3 years
    i do not care
    i only care about 2 to 3 days
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  • Rimm? Netflix? Just because you have a pile of money doesn't mean you have to blow it on something stupid. I should think at these prices a stock buyback would be a layup. Don't really care if they bump the dividend as I'm not in the stock for income. They generate a billion a week of free cash flow and for some reason that's regarded as a problem. We should all have those kind of problems!
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  • Buying Netflix is not a bad idea, though Apple should have done it six months ago when Netflix was at 60, Regardless of preferred or not, Apple should increase its dividend by at least 50%, preferably double it.
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  • yep, pre Icahn
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  • Why pay a premium to an inferior middle man for content? AAPL has 500 million active itunes accounts. They should just spend the money on rights to content.
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