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Some of the latest in corporate America's most outrageous acts, as chronicled by Daniel Gross:...

Some of the latest in corporate America's most outrageous acts, as chronicled by Daniel Gross: Athena Health (ATHN) shelled out $7.7M for a Maine beach resort; Ralph Lauren (RL) paid himself and relatives $34M; Northrop Grumman (NOC) paid its CEO $1.6M for "enhancements" to his new Virginia home and its CFO $750,000 to help facilitate the move.
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  • LOL daniel gross newsweek boy - the recovery is here. you won't see him talking about GE or JPM or any other obama company.
    whats outrageous is that he still has a job - he has been completely wrong on everything and is still mindlessly cheerleading this admin
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  • when will gross write about the outrage of obama cranking our deficit by tens of trillions? does that count? how about 45 million americans on food stamps? how about chronic un and underemployment?
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  • what if anything does Obama have to do with this article? And tens of trillions? Seriously? Try around 3T. Try getting your facts straight.
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  • hello - do you know daniel gross? have you read all his obama cheerleader pieces for over 2 years - telling everyone about the miracle obama recovery. I 've seen future debt projections in the hundreds of trillions. do you know that current estimates exclude fannie and freddie obligations (blank check by barney frank on christmas)? do you know the current estimates exclude all the guaranteed obligations obama has made to banks, car companies and other chosen entities; it also excludes unfunded obligations assumed by the us. obamacare alone - if fully implemented will BK the country within a few years. if you believe the government stats on the deficit and debt, I have a bridge to sell you.
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  • I don't know Daniel Gross and I don't care. Congratulations on your future insights on debt projections. You could very well be right about them, but none of that is discussed in the related article/video.
    I don't care for all the rhetoric, I care for facts regardless of it comes out to favor Democrats or Republicans and to say his policies have cost taxpayers tens of trillions is a gross exaggeration. Certainly Obama has had some misguided policies, but so did Bush. If you can't see that then I think you've been sold a few bridges yourself friend.
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  • this is an outrage? a private company buys RE to use as a training center and keeps it open for public use to help with costs?
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  • Good post, and thank you for providing some better perspective to the actual topic at hand. You have now officially contributed to this article better than anyone. I'm even going to give you a thumbs up.
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  • Oh no we're not allowed to complain, that's considered Class Warfare which is a cardinal sin, unless you're talking about taking away stuff from people who don't have anything in the first place.
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  • How much did they donate to Obama.
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  • I think the point of the article would be to call into question the judgement of the management regarding the value these companies give to the shareholders. Don't think Ben Graham would approve.
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  • Don't like it?


    Then sell their stock....or buy a ton of it and get on the board and change it.


    Otherwise, it's a petty, boring story written for 8th graders in public school social studies class.
    13 Jul 2011, 12:50 AM Reply Like
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