Tesla Motors (TSLA -2.2%) will report Q4 earnings on February 20 to end the speculation over...

Tesla Motors (TSLA -2.2%) will report Q4 earnings on February 20 to end the speculation over where production numbers stand. The debate on Tesla has shifted for the moment to a dissection of the Elon Musk vs. New York Times battle over battery range. The Atlantic's Rebecca Greenfield says Elon Musk's rants aren't helping the firm, while the Reformed Broker admonishes critics of the EV innovator by asking them how great was the reception on their first cellphone before telling them to "lighten up" a bit.

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  • Surf Dog
    , contributor
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    I think it is totally reasonable for Elon Musk to refute an article that was written with such an obvious agenda of creating a negative outcome at the expense of Tesla, its investors and the public at large.


    The driver/writer of the Times article either made decisions that were designed to create problems or is an idiot.


    I always fill my tank to the max before a long trip. I start to look for a place to refill it again to the max when it gets down to about a quarter of a tank, in case there is no station nearby I hit traffic, get lost, or have to take a detour, etc.


    I certainly don't fail to do any of these things and blame it on the car if I run out of gas.


    There are many times more electric outlets between DC and CT than there are gas stations. There was no reasonable excuse to let that vehicle run out of charge.


    I would not have been anywhere near as kind to John Broder if I were CEO of Tesla.
    12 Feb 2013, 06:17 PM Reply Like
  • raywhite
    , contributor
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    "The driver/writer of the Times article either made decisions that were designed to create problems or is an idiot."


    Why would anyone in any type of car try to drive 74 miles when the computer tells you you have 41 miles left. I vote idiot with an agenda, he is not even smart enough to create a credible negative story.
    14 Feb 2013, 05:20 AM Reply Like
  • Joe Dirnfeld
    , contributor
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    Times does a hatch job on everything it touches. They have never created anything in their lives and now the newspaper is practically bankrupt.


    And god forbid if you criticize the supreme ruler Obama, which they approve of blindly.
    12 Feb 2013, 07:22 PM Reply Like
  • Cassina Tarsia
    , contributor
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    Excellent! I could not have said it better. I did make a comment similar to yours on the recent article - Tesla: Magnifying Rather Than Quelling Range Anxiety - (but not as well done) where I mentioned the "extras" on the Tesla Model S, like the internet access on the 17 inch screen (where he could have Googled to find these many electric outlets), and also the easy to use GPS navigation system that would have actually taken him to one of these outlets by verbally telling him where to go. He should have known how to use these things since he must work with computers, being a newspaper writer and all. Maybe he writes everything by hand and doesn't know how to use them ... Not likely!
    12 Feb 2013, 07:25 PM Reply Like
  • Cassina Tarsia
    , contributor
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    My comment above was referring to what was said by Surf Dog, who has a way with words.
    12 Feb 2013, 07:37 PM Reply Like
  • I.R.
    , contributor
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    1. Mr. Musk did not give a "rant." He gave a well articulated statement of facts, and the evidence he has that this was yet another blown up non-story. (See the comments above. And see the video of Musk's perfectly reasonable presentation).
    2. The pattern of these anti-Tesla non-stories that appear just when the stock rises is now over the top obvious.
    3. Last, but most important - There is a lot of money invested in shorting Tesla. And a lot of money invested in fossil fuels.
    12 Feb 2013, 08:00 PM Reply Like
  • cjo8
    , contributor
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    Just let the facts speak. The battle has just begun and market manipulators will do what they need to, there is way to much money at stake for the petroleum companies to roll over and let this ease on by. If Tesla was only battling Detroit it would be a much easier fight but there's a much bigger subsidized monster out there. I love my Tesla and have a second ordered for my wife. The facts have spoken to me and I will not buy another ICE, but Tesla please design a pick-up so I can get rid of the one I have.
    13 Feb 2013, 02:48 AM Reply Like
  • jpanasewicz
    , contributor
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    Right on, Surf Dog!
    Generally, being on the "bleeding edge" is a tough existence. However, Tesla has taken EV to a whole new level versus Toyota, GM and the rest. I was one of those who had a "bag phone" (yup, with a coiled cord to a small, heavy carry-bag); the comments from the peanut gallery spanned "cool" to "freak!" Well, call me a freak in 6-8 weeks when I take possession of my 85Kw S!
    John in Boulder, CO
    13 Feb 2013, 03:53 AM Reply Like
  • winston123
    , contributor
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    Hey everybody,
    You are either in the game or sitting on the sidelines,,,,,


    I'm all in! I will never buy another ice! I will walk first!


    Visions of oil spills and lives lost because of BP's careless management stiffin my resolve!
    13 Feb 2013, 06:26 AM Reply Like
  • Agnes59
    , contributor
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    Count me in as well. In my opinion TSLA is being railroaded by this monster. Thier time is limited and they have alot to lose.
    13 Feb 2013, 08:25 AM Reply Like
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