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Apple (AAPL) is rumored to be planning a €4/share bid for Germany's Loewe (LOEEF.OB),...

Apple (AAPL) is rumored to be planning a €4/share bid for Germany's Loewe (LOEEF.OB), sending shares in the consumer-electronics supplier 16.1% higher to €3.17 in Frankfurt and giving it a market cap of €40.07M. Loewe says it's not aware of any bids.
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  • That would be a good move if they want to get into TV market. Loewe is a premium product maker and competes with likes of Bang & Olufsen, so right up Apple's street. The problem though is that those devices are quite pricey and the market for them relatively small. But if Apple can turn Loewe around and release less expensive products that could help Apple's ambitions in the TV market.
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  • First Computer was a Lisa in 1984.


    Loewe's TV looks like an iMac and Sharp has an interest in them they were including an iPad with their TV, they also have an APP on iTunes.
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  • According to Wiki, Loewe produced the first TV with internet access in 1998... would be interesting to know what capabilities their units have in 2013.
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  • Putting a €40m ($54m) purchase for Loewe into perspective.


    Given Apples current weekly cash generation of $1.25bn per week or €178,000,000 every day, it would take less than six hours of new cash generated to buy this company.


    The real benefits of this aquisition would be to give Apple premium technology, quality TV experience, a high-end distribution network (separate to Apple Stores) and a solid boost to Apple's share price, as there would be no clearer signal to 'the street' of Apple's TV intentions than to aquire this brand.
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  • If this happens the market will know conclusively that AAPL intends to produce a high quality interactive T.V.
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  • I'm not sure that's ever been in doubt, the question has always been differentiation. If all Apple is going to do is buy a TV mfg and make TVs then Samsung will eat their lunch all day.


    If Apple is planning an immersive viewing experience like iTunes then this is Step 1, with providing significant content being Step 2. Given Apple's history, I find it hard to believe they would undertake Step 1 without having Step 2 completely taken care of.
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  • With this news AAPL is leading the down side in stock prices now while the market is up.
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  • Apple should buy Comcast. That would shake things up!
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  • They lured an oled engineer away from lg recently..they obviously up to something.
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  • Tim Cook criticized oled compared to retina display saying retina display twice as bright.....just noting ....
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  • Rumors go on and on and still Apple has not announced anything about an iTV coming. A TV/box system alone is not enough to revolutionize as with the iPhone, as programming has to be included in the plan for it to be truly different than what is now available. Interactive movie and TV programming and CGI............ what better company to do that than Pixar. Buy it from Disney, or buy Disney to get Pixar, and sell the parts that don't fit. Or, get Lassiter from Pixar to create a Pixar clone. Many ways to do it, but something similar should be done, and soon.
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  • Buy Disney to get Pixar and all the Disney content, sell off the stuff that doesn't fit. Disney has LOADS of content that would fill Apple TV nicely (Pixar, Lucasfilm, ABC, ESPN, Marvel) - and according to wiki Disney currently owns 27% of Hulu.
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  • Disney's market capitalisation is $100 billion... That's a lot of money even for Apple.
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  • Re: Loewe, perhaps it's the patents.
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