BlackBerry (BBRY +5.7%) has erased the morning losses it saw on news ex-chairman/co-CEO Jim...

BlackBerry (BBRY +5.7%) has erased the morning losses it saw on news ex-chairman/co-CEO Jim Balsillie is no longer a shareholder, and then some. "Who cares?," National Bank's Kris Thompson (previous) responded when asked about the sale. A lot of investors seem to feel the same way.

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  • User 4121
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    "A lot of investors seem to feel the same way."


    Are you a lot of investors think they should no longer be a shareholder, like Balsillie? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to push BBRY's stock south, just like so many other publications seem to be doing. BBRY is only in existence because Balisillie is no longer the co-CEO.


    The new CEO, Hein, is a breadth of fresh air compared to the ineffective management RIM had earlier, including Balsillie, and seems to be making all of the right moves and not overpromising. But he should indicate what product launch he is referring to when stating the BB10 had almost three times the sales of any other new product launch in he first week. If he is comfortable with that sales number will largely hold up, once it is audited or something, he should release the earlier product launch he is referring to, which would not tie him down to a specific sales number, but still allow others to back into something close to what the number currently stands at (if they know sales figures for the first week of sales of prior RIMM products).
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  • Eric Jhonsa
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    I'd suggest re-reading the post. Thompson was arguing no one should care about Balsillie's sale since he's no longer part of the company. And today's move higher suggests many investors are also indifferent.


    But this is nothing new. In recent months, I've been accused by various parties of being biased against Apple, Nokia, and BlackBerry, as absurd as such accusations sound when taken in aggregate. For whatever reason, only gadget makers seem to bring out so much collective vitriol.
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  • DF33
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    When I first read the post it did seem negative to BBRY, but in re-reading it you are correct...
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  • Herr Hansa
    , contributor
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    Pretty much. More a case of "don't let the door hit you on your ass on your way out" or perhaps "come back again when you can't stay so long" for Balsillie. Maybe now he can go try to buy another hockey team. What's really interesting in all this is that Lazaridis was at the Z10 launch, indicating he is still thought well of at the company.
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  • kmi
    , contributor
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    To my mind Lazaridis was more the engineer than the businessperson, which I think is important. I have a lot of ambivalence about the beheading of the company and Heins is potential performance. In my experience, good design and a solid product usually arises out of the vision and drive of a few key individuals. One wonders to what extent either Balsillie or Lazaridis were one of those driving forces, and whether BBRY has lost any of those key individuals as it has struggled to stay relevant.


    That Lazaridis was at the launch I find significant.
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  • Herr Hansa
    , contributor
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    One move I think was right was the buy-out and incorporation of The Astonishing Tribe into BlackBerry. The emphasis on design is very important. Engineering makes things work, but design makes people want to buy it and use it.
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  • Michael Bryant
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    (BBRY) up on 7.4% world market share in 4Q. - Bloomberg
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  • oneinfiniteloop
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    wow! that is certainly a good news worth cheering about.
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  • ATInsider
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    His priorities were with trying to secure an NHL team for the GTA. He wasted a lot of money and ended up failing.


    By this guy not owning BB shares any longer, should be a great motivator for people to start buying up as much as possible. BlackBerry is run by a brand new innovative board of directors and strong management team.
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  • eldon wilk
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    I'm just a blue collar guy and new to this game but even I can see the desperation of the short sellers to drive down the price and then cover as much as they can before the stock gets to high. If they really believed. Rim is dead they would just sit back and wait.
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  • eldon wilk
    , contributor
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    I'm in fairly deep and if I didn't have a wife and kids I'd go all in.
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  • kwatcha
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    Yeah, it would only worry me if Lazaridis and others inside the company started selling. I personally thought the CO-CEO's were okay, but it seems since Balsilie is just angry.
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  • Crispin_in_Waterloo
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    Jim B was involved in getting the networks around the world to marry to the BB ecosystem and promote the products. That the number of subscribers increased to 80m even when everthing else was supposed to be contracting around the world tells you he was successful. When he was sidelined, subscriptions fell a little.


    Mike L is the technical genius who made sure his tribe of geek geniuses got out a set of products that appeal to other geek geniuses around the world.


    The decision to rewrite the company, the hardware, the software and the future of mobile computing was taken long ago by the very people now so easily slighted and dismissed. You can't recreate an entire ecosystem in 2 or 3 years.
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  • gwynfryn
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    Well said Crispin! There's always too much hype about the superstar of the moment, who reap the glory for the work of others...
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  • Michael Bryant
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    Nothing to do with (BBRY), but you said "You can't recreate an entire ecosystem in 2 or 3 years." You can't fix an entire economy in 2-4 years either. People have no patience.
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  • chattyintrovert
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    Nearly double the average volume today... hold on to your shorts! (Pun not intended) :-P
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  • slcUTAH
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    BBRY up $1.08 today and another .47 in After Hours. What a roller coaster!


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  • electricmike
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    I bought 5,000 shares RIMM 'way back' when the shares sold for $4.00 and thankfully sold at an average price of $125.00. Then the 'techs' got hammered and RIMM went back down to $6.00. It was right after 9/11 than my business closed it's doors due to the after and ripple affects of that tragic event. I made a bad decision to infuse monies to try to save my business. A LOT of those dollars came from the profits of RIMM. We had purchased a home in Florida in December of 2000 and moved there from NY. We were advised to use another broker which we did and when we went to see him RIMM was selling at $6.00. I asked him to buy 2,000 shares and was talked out of it because their earnings were very poor at that time. Of course the stock went up to $65 in a year and then to $140 and split 2:1. It then went back to $140.00 and split 3:1. Dummy me...I didn't own one share of a company that I knew.. Now we 'fast forward' to 3 months ago. I was watching it and when the stock broke the 100 and 200 day moving average at $8.30
    I purchased my beloved BBRY.
    I follow the stock daily and the written analysis by many of 'the experts'. My opinion they are FOS, at least some of them. I also believe that the negatives that are printed are to bring the price down so that whoever it might be can buy it at a lower price. Now I ask you...Who knows how the new BB10, etc. will work out? I think I do and am pretty sure it will be fine. BBRY does NOT have any long term debt, they are in a terrific cash position and will get a market share unlike the prediction of it's many skeptics. In my view whoever owns the stock do NOT sell it. It's too cheap at this level. You may think I'm crazy but I can see $25 within 2-3 months or even sooner and then to the $40-$50 range within 9-12 months.
    The new CEO and his staff are very bright. They marketed the product in Canada and England, etc. prior to the United States. Very smart. They have many many U.S. commercial customers and 10 million subscribers. If you are a believer in the upward march then add or hold your position. If not then do what you must. BBRY will surprise many people and just wait for the 'shorts' to start to cover. I am of the opinion that some very positive news will be forthcoming very is so evident is is staring you in the face.
    If you would like to e mail me directly please feel free to do so at 'electricmike@comcast.... welcome your comments and input.
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  • usbusinessman
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    Today, pre-market and early in the regular session the shorts got a reprieve and a gift.
    Call options expiring tomorrow and next Friday were bought and sold for 1 cent or a few pennies.


    Shorts were able to buy call in order to hedge a little their short positions.


    So much about trading minutia.
    The real question is why so many purported "experts" are bashing
    Do they have an ax to grind? The answer is for the same reason
    the longs are promoting Blackberry. They want to make money
    on the long side.
    I started defending Blackberry when I noticed that many " respectable analysts" were unfairly and unreasonably deriding the mobile device maker and acting as camouflaged agents of the short
    Yes the jury may be still out on the success on the new Blackberry.
    At the same time there is a LOT of money to be made trading the stock.
    It may take a stomach made of steel but it can be rewarding.
    I prefer the LONG side and writing rich premium calls given the volatility.
    Just as a reference when the shares were selling between 6.75 and 8.75 I was advised from Verizon and AT&T salesmen not to buy Blackberry phones and when I mentioned I owned the stock the said "SELL its going out of business".
    That is when I loaded up. In fact during those difficult days I responded to an opinion conferred by a big hedge fund guy of Seabreeze who was bashing RIMM because he was short. The Securities Regulators should do a better job policing the unscrupulous hedge fund players who will manipulate or break the short selling rules. Of course the free speech principle protects the commentators and market participants to express their opinion, but the public will use the "caveat emptor" to decide whether to listen to the shorts or the longs.Bottom line : It is my humble opinion that BBRY is a great buy between 12 and 18 dollars with the potential to triple in the next 2 yeras.Risk? On a trading basis no to trade bellow $10.
    15 Feb 2013, 12:04 AM Reply Like
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