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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to read Tesla Motors (TSLA) test ride data correctly or...

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to read Tesla Motors (TSLA) test ride data correctly or do you? The latest salvo in the Elon Musk vs. New York Times battle comes from The Atlantic which claims the Space X founder's passionate defense of the Tesla Model S and his accusations of journalistic impropriety at the NYT are off-base. The sideshow is taking attention off what matters: Are Tesla production numbers keeping pace with the brisk demand for the EV model?
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  • did top gear (UK) get to do a test of this vehicle -- that's the only test ride information i want to see. It needs Jeremy Clarkson's stamp of approval.
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  • you probably get your stock picks from cramer too
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  • winner winner for the most overused e argument on SA. "i probably get my stock picks from cramer too?" too? to imply that in addition to...what? i'm confused, i was just wondering when/if top gear will get to do a review given the Roadster libel lawsuit and ill will.


    Cramer gets his stock picks from your mother. Who gets them from me. So yes, in a roundabout way.
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  • Why would you care about a "review" from a show with an anti EV anti Tesla agenda, who pretended a Tesla Roadster ran out of charge, pushing it into a garage, when the car still had plenty of charge?
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  • I assume (TSLA) will need time to prove itself, but one thing is for sure, natural gas/oil won't be here forever.
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  • Why not?
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  • Yeah why not? I thought earth has an unlimited supply of it?
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  • Is that sarcasm?
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  • Gas/oil will be here atleast for the next 10 to 20 to 30 years... by then, EVs would be more mature for mass appeal. Right now, it's just meant for mainly green hobbyist who have $55,000 bucks to dish out or folks who do not know what to do with their money. People buying Model-S like EVs right now are the guinea pig batches who will put up with the need to charge your car every night from october to april if you live anywhere in the north.


    There are lot of guinea pigs on the Tesla forum who acknowledge similar real-world problems with the Model-S and they have issues withTesla not being open and honest about them.


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  • Because there's a limited supply on Earth.
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  • When we run out of the current supply, we can always drill new wells. Simple. Oil is a finite resource, but it won't go away in our lifetime.


    I'm all for electric cars, but I dislike misinformation.
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  • @Samuel:


    Sorry, but that is very selfish. Sure, oil is expected to be here for the next 200 years at current production. But the answer is never you. It is what about our children and grandchildren. As generation Z, I don't like that I have to clean up the Baby-Boomers' mess.
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  • I think that all the rats are jumping out of their holes now that they think that there is something rotten to eat.


    And we'll find out about those production numbers in another six days. Chances are it won't be any surprise to see a 20,000/year plus figure.
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  • Wow. Backwards speak. It's the NYT article that took attention away from what's important. Of course Mr. Musk responded.It seems to me that TSLA should have the SEC investigate the strong pattern of negative non-stories that are always "breaking news" at the exact time that the stock goes up. The story breaks, the stock goes down. Then it goes back up again on TSLA's actual fact-based profile.
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  • "his accusations of journalistic impropriety at the NYT are off-base ... Are Tesla production numbers keeping pace with the brisk demand "


    Wouldn't you demand justice.


    Broder just distracted Musk, Tesla's senior management is dealing with the situation.


    No wonder computer production is outsourced to primarily Cn, supply issues can be promptly addressed.
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  • Easy solution to this debate - quit talking, rerun the test. Elon Musk should, himself as the driver, duplicate the test, film the whole thing, and the reporter should ride along the whole way. No arguing, no accusations, no SEC (as if they are worth anything). Simply re-run the test, stick strictly to the test parameters and measure everything as you go. Have everything calibrated so there's no discrepancies or "yeah, buts...", and let the data and results speak for themselves when done. The car either performs as good or better than advertised or it doesn't.
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  • CNN already did it and it was a total boring success.
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  • The biggest battle for Mr Musk may not be designing and building a high performance electric car, creating a network of solar-powered super chargers, and a brand new business model for selling and servicing cars. Rather, it may be in convincing those with weak imaginations to bring an open mind to the game. While there are many who can see the potential for a electric car that is powered by solar power at their home and through a national network of supercharges, there are many others who view this as a pipe dream. I fear that there may be more of the later than the former. Ultimately, even the boldest of visionaries (Mr. Musk is obviously bold and maybe a visionary?) may not be able to pull together all the pieces required to make this a reality. But then again, Henry Ford was able to capture peoples imagination for his Model T and Model A before gas stations and paved roads. Only time will tell, but I'm not ready to give up hope.
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  • TSLA must have something good in it otherwise all that arguing would not happen, besides, am I going to give up on Tesla because one person did not like it? Unless I missed something, nothing bad said about the car itself. Yes, this battery thing may not be perfect in the dead of a cold winter but I am not buying it for that. I am buying it for all the many many other rides that are just going to be grrrrrrreat!
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  • Tesla is a likely buy-out candidate once EV's reach market penetration of 1-2% in the US. That's 80K-150K vehicles per year in the US. Can you say Daimler-Tesla?
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  • Really? A German auto company would buy (TSLA). I would think (F) or (GM) would make an offer first.
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  • Ford (F) or (GM) does not have the premium flair that (TSLA) deserves.
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  • The whole world needs no more than one computer, at most two.
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  • Test rerun by CNN with 2 journalists in the car. They had no trouble making it to the Milford charger with 38 miles to spare of projected range left and these 2 had to brave NJ rush hour traffic.


    My hats are off the CNN for making the trip. Can't wait for the write up for speeds, if the heater was on or if they were "freezing their toes off a la mr Broder style"
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  • Negative news comes at a stock high, then on the basis of that news, stock price falls.


    Suspicious, at least.
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  • Seems to me everyone is fixated on stock play, people need to look at whats happening in China, they are way ahead of NA on adoption of electric technology to transportation (by about 10 years)........
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  • roddan:


    i live in Shanghai and the SF Bay Area, as well as Beijing from 2008-2012.


    Cn is researching, but the adoption is another matter.


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  • Gents:
    I think alot of people are missing the point, China is going into electric vehicles in a huge way and nobody has even mentioned it......wake up people.
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  • admittedly, there has been ever wide-spreading usage of electric mopeds over the past 15 years.
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  • Daimler owns approximately nearly 5% of Tesla through Blackstar InvestCo, their investment division. This makes them the largest single shareholder outside of individuals working at the company. Moreover, they share parts and technology in their current product offering.
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