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Tens of thousands of demonstrators protested against TransCanada's (TRP) proposed Keystone...

Tens of thousands of demonstrators protested against TransCanada's (TRP) proposed Keystone pipeline in Washington yesterday, highlighting the dilemma President Obama faces: authorizing the pipeline could create jobs, boost his standing with unions, strengthen ties with Canada and reduce the U.S.'s dependence on Middle East oil; however, it would also alienate a key environmental base that helped get him elected.
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  • The Election is over....connect the dots...
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  • "Tens of thousands..." or just ten thousand, singular?



    A Church of Global Warming revival meeting with a wind chill of 16 degrees or so, and they're too dogmatic to even get the irony of it all.
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  • You sir are a true troll. Very obvious you get your climate and environmental information from Faux News.

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  • No, I actually pay attention to science and not the religious dogma of the left. A lot of actual scientists agree with me, too, not with the loons out in the cold in DC last weekend. And no, I don't watch FNC. Guess again.

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  • david, you might be interested in the 900+ amusing, outrageous and informative comments at the end of this Seeking Alpha article.
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  • These people are driven by blind ideology and facts and reality do not matter to them. As designed, Keystone would be the safest pipeline ever built and coal power generation in North America puts out many times more green house gasses than the oil sands. It is all about energy security and providing descent paying jobs for America and here Keystone makes huge sense.
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  • The president could do the right thing for the country overall to promote our energy independence instead of giving in to a few thousand luddites............but I would not count on it from Mr. Solyndra.
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  • Sure Bret, a pipeline from Canada will promote our energy independence, right. It will simply make the country more dependent, this time on Canada.
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  • POIL, do not be offensive to Canadians, who are our neighbours and friends. Your offensive comment about being dependent on Canadians is so stupid, it just solidifies the world view that some Americans are as dumb as dirt! Canada is an incredible neighbour, full of grace and abundance, and they are willing to share with us out of their abundance. Put a cork in your stupidity.. We live in North America, and we are trying to rid ourselves of the middle east dependency.. and I openly embrace our cousins to the North!
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  • At least with another source of supply the US is not held to ransom by one source. Further, Canada is a friendly nation with a reasonable approach to international relations which cannot be said about some countries with which we have to deal. If you pay attention to international news you note the tremendous amount of international discussions, negotiations and co:operation between Canada and USA that take place to satisfy the needs of the USA on its security issue. These are done because North American countries are viewed as being interdependent for numerous reasons.


    Would you rather be held ransom by countries that dislike the US or by by one with which disagreements are ironed out at a negotiating table rather than with guns and threats?.
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  • Imagine replacing Canada with another country by throwing a dart at at a world map. Canada and America are lucky to have each other as neighbors.
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  • Why aren't those one-percenters protesting out in Nebraska where the three-toed camelback lizard is waiting for protection.


    "The restaurants are better in D.C. than in Omaha."
    -- Warren Buffett.
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  • Obama is not smart.
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  • If the pipeline is given the go-ahead, watch for sabotage along the route. There goes Obama once again, making more terrorists, this time at home. No wonder he won't say if he'll assassinate Americans on American soil, and he's already demonstrated that he has no qualms about murdering Americans in foreign lands, far from any battlefield. Bring in the drones.
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  • Peak, that's a bit of a stretch don't you think?
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  • North,South, East or West. Looking for an outlet anywhere. An outlet that leads to a refinery somewhere. Export facilities in BC or Quebec aren't any more popular than the XL. North to Alaska?
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  • I am a liberal, a Democrat, an environmentalist and very concerned about global warming. If that oil doesn't come to the U.S. to be refined, it will go to China. We are in a better position here to transport it and refine it while minimizing environmental effects than China is. Obama is a very smart person and eventually Keystone will (and should be) approved.
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  • It about the CiC being a smart person. Understand that makes no difference at all. It is just politics and being seen with the beautiful people.


    Use regulation to control the pipeline activity and get on with it! It is not a take it or leave it deal with TRP.
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  • Obama is delusional.. and he is not smart in the least.. he painted himself into this corner on the KEYSTONE, and now, is pounding the desk with his shoe over the cuts coming March 1st... it was his idea people! I am a BLUE REPUBLICAN, spend way less, invest more, get jobs and become energy self sufficient at all costs.. As to the environment.. talk to the people in the State of Michigan who have little food, tons of debt and a fiscal emergency .. what would happen if the former great car industry was supplied with gas at say $.50 a gallon like in KSA? If you want people to work, eat, live and invest... you have to change the game and become independent of foreigners with the exception of Canada, who remains our strongest ally and friend .. who has a ton of oil second only to KSA! Then let's talk about nat gas.. and the alternative fuel with ethanol.. turning corn into gas has brought feed costs up incredibly and now we pay incredible prices for chicken,, when we could have made nat gas our default .. increased infrastructure and lowered so many input costs.. instead.. Democrats want to hug trees... Good grief.. I am disgusted by the lack of leadership from the White House which should be renamed the green house .. how are the solar panels anyway? How is that one workin' for you!
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  • If we don't approve the pipeline, we lose the jobs and the Canadians will just ship it to tohers via their own pipelines to the coast. It's not an environmental matter. It is whether we want thejobs or are stupid enough to give them up. The oil be pumped and flow out of Canada either way.
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  • If Keystone XL is approved, we get:


    - an improved supply of oil from our friendly neighbor to the north
    - reduced need to import oil from thousands of miles away, by tanker (anyone remember the Exxon Valdez), from less-friendly sources subject to embargo or threat of sabotage at Straits of Hormuz (Iran)
    - jobs for construction and operation/maintenance of the pipeline


    If Keystone XL isn't approved:


    - the oil will go to and benefit China (with poorer pollution controls)
    rather than us
    - no new U.S. jobs
    - we continue to be dependent on less-than-friendly Middle East nations for our economic lifeblood, shipped thousands of miles by tanker


    Obama will either prove pragmatic and farsighted by approving the pipeline, or foolish and ideologically myopic by refusing approval. I see nothing in his actions in the past 4-plus years to make me think he's pragmatic and farsighted.
    18 Feb 2013, 12:42 PM Reply Like
  • I see nothing in his actions in the past 4-plus years to make me think he's pragmatic and farsighted.


    Most will agree with that statement. BUT things change. The situations have changed and some of the real power brokers and advisors have changed as well. ( some have not) The new improved commander in chief may emerge. Or we may go through another 2 years of gamesmanship followed by 2 years of chaos. I kow which I prefer.
    18 Feb 2013, 01:11 PM Reply Like
  • I feel ILL. Do these folks know about the hundreds of thousands of miles of pipe in this country and the hundreds of thousands more to come. Ignorance can be fixed but stupid is forever. I don't know if politicians are this stupid or are they too corrupt to to fix all this ignorance. Leadership requires light to be shed not veils to be put up to capture votes from the ignorant emotional people.
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  • I think you are over the cliche-per-paragraph limit.
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  • Closet I think you are out of anything useful to say.
    18 Feb 2013, 08:49 PM Reply Like


    Don`t say I never gave you anything
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  • There are many things that Obama could do to demonstrate his willingness to tackle environmental issues directly. For instance, conversion of coal-burning power generating plants to natural gas (the coal plants of several states produce individually over half as much CO2 as all of Canada's oil sands). However, that US environmentalists specifically target Canada's oil sands and its transportation into the States represents their perception that the POTUS has more power in international trade than he does in Congress. This is likely true, but sad nonetheless.
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  • Every time I read a anti-keystone blog I tell the writer to google image
    "existing major oil pipelines in usa map". They always end up saying. "Yes, but this route is more sensitive than those pipelined areas" Which of course they are just guessing but I follow up with. "You do realize that there is already an existing pipeline in the aqua-filter area that you are concerned over." It's been a while since I've got into discussions with these people but the new obvious change is the new route. Apparently that still wasn't good enough.
    19 Feb 2013, 04:01 AM Reply Like
  • Closet Iguana You surprised me you did have something useful to say. That's better! I suggest you turn in your badge as the cliche counter with grammar police and stick to making knowledgeable statements like the one above. There are no Abe Lincolns or Mark Twains writing here so how about directing your criticism at content instead of trying to damage the confidence of folks trying to express themselves as best they can. I have thick skin but had I been a more sensitive type you may have pushed me off here.
    Regards, Auto
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  • Auto: .I could never work for the grammar police, they have a warrant out for my arrest. Seriously though, if I offended you with the earlier comment then I apologize. That was rude of me to say.
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  • Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Washington =500 hundred in real time?????com-on people.Anyone have any idea how many safe natural gas,oil,sewer,water,etc already operate underground in the US???This pipeline is politics at it's best & Obama will milk it to his advantage!!!!
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  • "milk it to his advantage" with who? The ignorant and stupid Americans that can not see the forest from the trees? We have a real chance to dent our dependency on the middle east, create thousands of jobs and lower input costs for many of our large manufacturers.. Lord knows, milk it to his advantage should have been right out of the office... oh yes.. Cont.. you most likely invested with Obama in solar panels! Good Grief.. I am ashamed of the lack of intellect and honest transparent conversation .. our president is from another world.. wish that he was not ideologically myopic by refusing approval of the KEYSTONE .. but Democrats are not known for cognitive process!
    21 Feb 2013, 09:25 AM Reply Like
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