"Samsung Momentum Begs An Answer From Apple" - that's the title of a fresh note from Barclays'...

"Samsung Momentum Begs An Answer From Apple" - that's the title of a fresh note from Barclays' Ben Reitzes, who was very bullish when Apple (AAPL -0.9%) was around $700. Samsung's (SSNLF.PK) Galaxy S IV is expected to be announced on March 14, with European/Asian sales commencing in April, and the launch will likely be accompanied by a price cut for the S III, which will allow Samsung to better compete on price. Reitzes thinks both a cheaper iPhone and a bigger iPhone are needed. (earlier)

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  • Atkins
    , contributor
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    Ben Reitzes seems not to understand how Apple operates. It is not a reactive company. However, Apple must begin to demonstrate that it is a proactive company. Otherwise, the market will continue to discount it until it falls into the $300's. My tech experts (i.e., IT gurus) are telling me not to touch Apple at this point. Unfortunately, I have a large holding in the stock, so I'm stuck with it. Three years from now, I may well be amply rewarded (again), but one more flop (such term being defined however Wall Street chooses to define it, which is really the only thing that matters in the new market that is driven by HFT, media chatter, and the Hedgies), and Apple is toast.
    19 Feb 2013, 12:03 PM Reply Like
  • Storm Warning
    , contributor
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    Samsung has a major advantage - I've been walking around with my 4.5" Android for like a year and a half. Now the screens are over 5" and they work great. Those iPhones are a puny joke and it is showing in the sales.
    19 Feb 2013, 12:40 PM Reply Like
  • chabig
    , contributor
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    iPhone outsells Galaxy phones. Try again.
    19 Feb 2013, 12:48 PM Reply Like
  • Ryan Schroeder
    , contributor
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    Did iPhone sales go up or down last quarter?
    19 Feb 2013, 12:49 PM Reply Like
  • $vix
    , contributor
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    Whether one has a 4 or 5" screen, phones are simply too small to be productive on. Does your Samsung phone, freeze, crash and stutter?
    How is the android / Samsung ecosystem? How does your phone interface with your other devices.
    the iphone size is very comfortable and portable. When o need a lerger screen, I use my ipad, and now my surface pro. the iphone, unlike my Samsung, works perfectly, is fast fluid and reliable. it is built like a Bentley, truly a high quality device. the higher end consumer prefers a very high quality product that works smoothly and interfaces with their other products. Combine siri with all the other iphone benefits and it has little competition.
    19 Feb 2013, 01:33 PM Reply Like
  • chopchop0
    , contributor
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    19 Feb 2013, 01:38 PM Reply Like
  • Topcat
    , contributor
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    Only in the U.S..
    19 Feb 2013, 02:45 PM Reply Like
  • Topcat
    , contributor
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    I won't buy any phone that has no SD card slot, and has a non-removable battery that is designed to fail every 18 months (thus the owner, faced with sending the phone in, does the calculations, and instead upgrades to the newest iPhone). It all depends, really, on whether you want to go with an open system (Android), that can interface with everything, or be stuck in the closed apple ecosystem (and the mess that is iTunes). If it works for you, then that is great.
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  • Drew9944
    , contributor
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    Great the IPHONE works better and seamlessly with lots of other IT Devices, as you say the iPHONE is "Fast, Fluid and Reliable". Indeed that can't be said for my Korean made Android phone (I'll be switching to Apple when my contract is up). Nonetheless, why can't Apple also make a larger screen model?
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  • John1138
    , contributor
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    19 Feb 2013, 05:22 PM Reply Like
  • milehr
    , contributor
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    Apple does not need to answer Samsung. Apple's main competitors are Google and to some extent Microsoft. Apple "well-wishers" like Reitzes do the company no favor by relegating it to a gadget-making category.
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  • Stephen J Melnykevich
    , contributor
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    I agree, it is a Software company that also sells hardware.
    19 Feb 2013, 12:54 PM Reply Like
  • goofydon
    , contributor
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    The ipod eventually morphed into many form factors at several price points. This is the primary reason IMO why no one was ever able to penetrate Apple's dominance in that market. If Apple chooses to do the same thing with the iphone they could probably dominate not only the domestic but international smart phone markets. Will they do it - only time will tell.
    19 Feb 2013, 12:54 PM Reply Like
  • flumeride
    , contributor
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    If Apple was going to morph the iPhone in to a variety of styles, sizes and price points they waited too long. I agree they could dominate with a larger variety of models. However, now they have let Android products get a firm market share. I don't thing Apple can knock out Android, but they can regain some market share with a larger screen. I'm long aapl, but I feel they have been too slow to release the iPhone 5. The result is Android phones grew market share dramatically.
    19 Feb 2013, 01:13 PM Reply Like
  • bmwr1200c
    , contributor
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    Apple should develop an app, which integrates all their devices and no matter where you are and what device you are holding you can make a call. Call from iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod, iMac, Macbook Pro
    That will keep the crazy people who holds a 4.3" iphone and drools over 5" screen.


    Anything beyond 4s size was too much for me. Even though I check the 5 but decided to go with 4s because thats the phone size should be. Any other important and productive work I do on Macbook or iPad.
    19 Feb 2013, 01:49 PM Reply Like
  • bubbajohn
    , contributor
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    Still LOVE my Apple products NO MATTER what you nay Sayers say. Long on apple !!! Like the other person said just have the mini IPad be capable of phoning and that will end the IPhone needing a BIGGER screen.
    19 Feb 2013, 02:03 PM Reply Like
  • XRTrader
    , contributor
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    Ben Reitzes was bullish when AAPL was at $700. He raises concerns here at $460.


    Today, GOOG broke $800. I just watched a parade of analysts on CNBC and bloomberg say they think GOOG will "easily" go to $850 or $900. They're upgrading price targets now. Sigh.


    When GOOG was at $500 after Brin took over as CEO, CNBC had a full day commentary from analysts on how the "lack of adult supervision" would crater the stock, and it was a "don't touch investment" due to their "out of control spending."


    Why do we bother listening to these people? They are too often contrarian indicators that serve only to accentuate market price moves.


    Disclosure: Sold GOOG at $755. Long AAPL, added today at $457.
    19 Feb 2013, 02:27 PM Reply Like
  • trexia
    , contributor
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    Me and my wife upgrade from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and never look back again!!!


    See video: Check out this video on YouTube:




    Faster processor and cool software features!!!
    19 Feb 2013, 06:28 PM Reply Like
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