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Dish Network (DISH +0.3%) will likely strike a 4G partnership with Sprint (S -0.8%) if its...

Dish Network (DISH +0.3%) will likely strike a 4G partnership with Sprint (S -0.8%) if its $3.30/share offer for Clearwire (CLWR -1%) is accepted, management states during the company's Q4 earnings call. However, Dish adds it has other options should the offer fail to pan out. Some think Dish's offer is a "chess move" meant to bring Sprint to the negotiating table. (more) (Q4 results)
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  • Why? Because the other networks (AT&T, Verizon...etc) networks have download speeds about 28 mbps and Sprint's about to get a new state-of-the-art TDD-LTE network from Clearwire with download speeds of 150+mbps (China mobile tested speed record with their TDD-LTE)


    This is the reason why Dish was interested in Clearwire...for those quick download speeds. So, let me ask you this question? Where is the market trend going? Any ideas? No! Here, let me help....videos! NOT TEXT!!!!!!


    If Verizon's stock price is around $45.00 a share and if you bought Sprint shares today at $5.81....where will those total number of investment shares be at when Sprint's stocks at $40 a share?


    Oh, you don't think it will get there? What Verizon has the only market on $45 a shares with their shinny 28 mbps network?


    Where do you think the Sprint stock price is going to go with a 150+ mbps download speed network? Yea...don't say I didn't warn you!
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  • DISH is desperate to jump onto the bandwagon and will do anything to sleep with anyone to get into the game, which I think it may very likely fail. If so, we shall see whether they will live up to their "promise" to get out of the wireless internet business altogether.
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  • Both S and DISH need to up their offers for CLWR, if either one of them ever expects the minority CLWR shareholders to sell out to them. If S and/or Dish want all of CLWR, and its massively valuable spectrum, then they have to pay a lot more for it.
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  • Sprint cannot increase its offer for CLWR because it's funded by Softbank, which don't have deep pockets. DISH can't get what they want without Sprint's OK, even if they increase their offer, because Sprint is a major shareholder of CLWR, so DISH need to get in bed with Sprint and work out a deal if they want to get into CLWR. Otherwise, they can stand on the sidelines, while this deal (offer from Sprint) goes side-ways. Somehow, my guess is that Sprint must devise a mechanism that will satisfy the remaining shareholders of CLWR before it can get its deal approved by the Board. One suggestion is the sharing of future profits of CLWR (if there's any).
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  • who cares... this has dragged on too long... i hold sprint and am about to sell it and get out......
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  • Mad Vester...Hold 4 the next couple of months and it will change for the better. You might want to look in the MMJ industry for fast moving stock. Just made $48K on $ERBB
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  • hey headcoachhow can i get in on the sprint stock at 5.80........novice investor here thx
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