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Bank of America downgrades Tesla Motors (TSLA) to an Underperform rating with a $30 price...

Bank of America downgrades Tesla Motors (TSLA) to an Underperform rating with a $30 price objective following the automaker's Q4 report. TSLA -7.9% premarket to $35.50.
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  • doh! we've being saying this all along.
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  • You finally found someone that agrees with you :) ? And who`s "we"?
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  • "We" as in those who know the difference between reality and hype, hope and religious zeal and a car that works and a car that costs you $55,000 bucks and can die on you if you don't charge every night from october to april if you live anywhere in the north.
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  • Funny how everyone who gets behind the wheel (except those who want it to fail) love the car, but still load of internet heros cling to their hate? Those of us who have experienced the car must be religious fanatics, and those who haven`t must be the only ones who know what`s right. Discussing this with you is obviously hopeless, as you`ve decided that plugging in is horrible (as opposed to driving to the gas station 30-50 times a year....)


    By the way, people who drive EVs have problems with their batteries. It turns out it`s the 12V battery in their old gasoline cars that die (you know, the car they never want to use again since the EVs are leaps ahead on driving comfort.) They leave the gasoline car in the cold for weeks or months at a time, which causes the 12V battery to deplete.


    And one more thing, I hate opening the bonnet of my gasoline car, getting grease and dirt on my hands. I have to check the oil regularly to avoid the engine breaking down. As it turns out, most fossil fuel burners need their oil checked regularly. Awful.....
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  • >>Funny how everyone who gets behind the wheel (except those who want it to fail) love the car,


    That's rubbish... only folks on SA say that (probably bought a lot stock). Got to the Tesla model s forums and there are plenty, plenty of owners who complain about Tesla not being honest and open about expectations and having battery and charging problems. Even plugging it in to a 110 causes it to loose power.

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  • Ok, you might find a few persons who hate the car after driving it. And also lots who are dissatisfied with Tesla even though they love the car.


    As a reservation holders I`m an active member of both american and norwegian forums. So I`m well aware of issues, and that 99,5% still love their car because it`s just that much better than gasoline cars. And the issues are fixed along the way. Noone`s disputing that there will be more issues with the Model S than i.e. a Merc E-class. Tesla is a young car company, but they`re on the right track (probably not according to you....)


    Go to a VW, Audi or Mercedes forum and you`ll find plenty, plenty of owners who complain about various issues.
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  • I monitor Tesla Model-S forums. Around ~30% of owners on the battery and range discussions have complaints when reality sinks in. Battery power just disappearing with each parked day (can't park at the airport, won't take long drives, recurring cold weather issues, battery sucked dry inspite of being plugged into 110 socket etc). These are a fundamental issues and affect usability. Not an irritant or a bug like bad spark plugs, weak batteries, bad wiring, leaking radiator etc which are fixable.if you get a bad car and manufacturers even have policies for replacing a bad car with a new one or replacing bad parts with new parts.
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  • And of course you know that people who have issues are more likely to complain and discuss the subject than people who have no issues.


    Either way, it`s no point discussing this with you when you have decided that pluging in is horrible. You probably lack experience with EVs, but you`ll get it in the future :) The drivetrain comfort is wildly superior to gasoline cars, and I can`t wait till I get mine in september. And I`m looking forward to turning 40-50 gas station visits per year into 2-4 supercharger visits. Made possible by plugging in once or twice a week....
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  • yeah, I'll most likely buy an EV.... AFTER IT MATURES... and that looks like anywhere after the10 years. Right now, Model-s isn't ready for mainstream and is the most expensive beta experiment and I'm thankful for all the guinea pigs who have spent money to experience these fundamental issues and help with getting this industry mature.
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  • "Oh, I see you moving up to being profitable two quarters ahead of schedule. Allow us to let the shorts cover their behinds."
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  • Don't forget, they acchieved their production goals a few weeks late with too much effort. They'll never be able to reach this years goals after making an effort in q4 to catch up :)
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  • suck it BOA
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  • The only difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is what you make of it.
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  • Maxsell <>


    10:04 AM (1 hour ago)


    to comments
    Vico Confino: Owner of 2 Tesla S sedans delivered December 21, 2012 also a happy Tesla stock holder.
    I have been closely following all reports of Tesla progress for over two years. After seeing the Tesla stock being bombarded with negative reports even when it meets almost every production goal they have predicted. As an example, Elon Musk blows the New York Times out of the water by proving their negative article was a phony. What happens.......Tesla stock climbs to 40. A couple of days later Bank of America comes out with a negative report and Tesla stock plummets. For a kid from Brooklyn who never went to college, it sounds like the old "good cop bad cop" routine. Something doesn't smell right to me.
    I will go out on a limb and predict that in a short time the Tesla stock will be right back up to 40 and higher. Why? Think for a moment. If you were in a position to buy 100,000 shares and the stock rebounded a dollar or two, you would be sitting pretty with 100G to 200G profit. If I am wrong and Bank of America is right, the Tesla stock will drop to the 30's and I will apologize. Simple as it can be. A negative press release that most neophyte stock buyers will never see by the giant BOFA bank. Then another Tesla positive review by the "good cop" and ka-ching, ka-ching.
    By the way, when was the last time you read a positive press release about Bank of America?
    Don't forget. March 11, 2013 I will be 80. Isn't this a wonderful country?
    The opinions expressed by this writer are strictly "opinions".
    Vico Confino
    21 Feb 2013, 10:59 AM Reply Like
  • Look who's calling Tesla no-good! Kind of like the dark kettle calling shiny pot black! Bank of America is hardly in a position to be downgrade anyone except for possibly themselves. Look at their balance sheet sometime.
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  • Vico Confino: Owner of 2 Tesla S sedans.
    Breaking News:
    Just heard from an ex-pat friend who moved to Belgium. He is paying $9.00 a gallon for gasoline.
    Breaking News:
    As expected Fisker goes to China for money to keep their dreams alive.
    Cannot imagine why, not one American investor would go near a "dream car" that is turning into a nightmare.
    Breaking News:
    Tesla to open showroom in Beijing China.
    Breaking News:
    Solarcity, Elon Musk's other great venture stock has doubled despite naysayers bombarding the media with negative comments
    Nil Desparandum
    Vico Confino
    21 Feb 2013, 11:16 AM Reply Like
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