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Samsung (SSNLF.PK) has made corporate sales a "top three priority" for its mobile-phone unit,...

Samsung (SSNLF.PK) has made corporate sales a "top three priority" for its mobile-phone unit, but while it has a 16% market share vs 50% for Apple (AAPL) and 10% for BlackBerry (BBRY), security concerns exist given Samsung's use of Android. To help overcome those fears, Samsung has teamed up with GD (GD) to get Pentagon approval, while it's also poached execs from rivals and mobile-security companies.
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  • They are not in control of the os and I would think that would have to be a negative.
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  • Of course they are in control... it's all open sourced by Google (and others):


    + GNU (OS)
    + Linux (kernel)
    + Dalvik VM


    They can checkout any of the above products and make changes to their harts content. And for added value, they can also commit such changes for everyone else!


    The fact that Google makes almost no specific demands (ie: you must keep using the app store or you must not change this code/module/driver/etc) means that everyone is free to make changes as they please.


    But this 'Pentagon initiative' would be a lot better if they would reunite and work together. Doing this together would help Google, Samsung and HTC, although the others could benefit if that is also in their aim.
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  • The whole point of Android Software is "anyone can use it and get free copy of the Code for it". Its used by about 20 cell phone makers. How are you ever going to make that fully secure? Plus even Google made it by copying from JAVA software, and Java Code is given out free to the entire software community.
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  • You can't beat Blackberry for its security. It's the phone for professionals and despite all the negative "talk", (and some of it quite vitriolic), I still see Blackberrys being used two out of three times.
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  • I work in an industrial facility that has used Blackberry for years. Within the next 1 - 2 months the blackberries are all being replaced with Iphone5.
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  • The Cdn financial industry is waiting to get their shipment of replacement Z10s and Q10s. As the biggest employers in Canada, this will be HUGE!
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  • Um, Yeah. I would expect that in Canada. RIMM is a Canadian company. Pure nationalism. That's all.
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  • Yes, in a way, it is =)


    Do note that in recent years, many Cdn banks have bought US banks. And by extension, they are in the financial markets in the US.


    That will mean major influence on corporate mobile purchasers on Wall St.
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  • Rubbish.
    People go for the best they can, regardless of place of origin.
    That doesn't mean they can't be proud of good products.
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  • @Jack:


    There may be 'some' nationalism, but I guarantee that the decision is mostly based on "which phone on the market is the safest"!


    As Boris1941 has mentioned, Blackberry uses QNX, which is a top (real-time) Unix on the market and has been certified by the Pentagon, governments all around the world for many, many years now.
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  • I bet that's why they're introducing Tiezen OS this year. Oh, but that's an open project too.


    They may be using knowledge gained through Tiezen development to write they're own closed OS.
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  • Samsung is well on its way of copying everything Apple and Google have done. OS, content apps, games, ecosystem, security, and then adding some stuff they invented too.


    Not a bad strategy and I think they'll do this successfully; they're locked and loaded on their defined target.


    I think Apple will need to double up on supply chain power, efficiency, and innovation because Samsung will mimic every successful Apple or Google move at a lower price point with flair and style.
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  • @pkdecville:


    I don't think you understand too much about open-source software!


    It's not called 'copying' when you use code that someone said you can use. Besides, I'm sure that Samsung contributes a lot of code back and helps in bug fixes, etc. (although I haven't verified that fact).


    And as for Google, they've pretty much been cleared for their use of Java. If you know your stuff, you also know that the Dalvik VM is definately not the same as the Oracle VM. Google's VM actually has one step compilation 'after' it has been compiled to byte-code... something that Oracle does not want in order to satisfy their 'write once, run anywhere' goal.


    Not to mention that Dalvik VM is light-weight, meaning that they don't use the large majority of the Oracle packages (don't need them). Everything else (UI, event system, threading) is all different too.
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  • Seems the big issue with Samsung may be corporate integrity including honest relations with their frenemies.


    How come Samsung isn't traded on a US exchange?
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  • Great idea that way they get to play angry birds
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  • Samsung has been down this road many times, and have been shown the door. It's a no go for them. Sorry Samsung. It won't work.........again.
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  • If you place your sensitive information with Samsung, who knows who they'll SELL your data to!? If this company lacks ethics and can copy Apple and Nokia and deny wrongdoing, who knows what's next? Maybe they'll sell DoD information to a communist or fascist country for $$!!


    Buy AAPL, Buy NOK, Buy BBRY, Short SSNLF! Maybe people should ask why such a company only lists in the PINKS in North America. It can get by with less governance! What a shady company!
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  • Amazing at the number of Samsung haters/aapl fanatics on this site.
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  • Blackberry is the gold standard of corporate and government security. I surely will not take the security risk to try an unproven phone system even if they pay me!
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  • It would be akin to negligence, wouldn't it?
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  • I wonder if they'll be able to keep their entire network from going down for extended periods this time. It's also very expensive to buy their servers. And, with BYOD, companies don't have to pay for employees devices. RIMM has forever lost their lock on enterprise and it is not ever coming back.
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  • Wishful thinking?
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  • RIMM recognizes and embraces change. Did you not see how they support BYOD by allowing other platform users to access BBM? They also embrace change by coming up with Blackberry Balance.


    Although to be fair, I don't see how a bank would use Balance. They have yet to embrace BYOD. Devices in the financial industry are issued by the firm. Same goes with government and utilities.
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  • Jack, that was then; lately BBRY have shown a willingness to tackle all their known problems, and they can scarcely be unaware of those blackouts (it was headline news here in Europe)!
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  • sky, Why are you following me? I may call the police...
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  • LOL! I like following commenters that say interesting things! =D
    Do you object? =(
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  • Not at all, sky; just pulling your leg. Also, I'm not entirely sure what it means; could you elaborate?


    By the way, you are my first; I'm not sure what this tells people about your tastes...
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  • , A very short time ago there was a lot of speculation that RIM WOULD OR SHOULD BE BOUGHT OUT (NO DOUBT FUELED BY SHORTS). of WHAT BLACKBERRY means to North America
    Then there was noise coming out of corp Lenovo that there was maybe some that time.
    Now this had the Canadian Government standing at attention due to the Security that BlackBerry provides to our government. Now all is quite . Just think for a second that any offshore non NATO member type of company would ever get a foot hold on providing a secure network to either the United States of America or Canada.
    BlackBerry is a must for all concerned
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  • I thought Android has 70% of world market share. (AAPL) has 20%. (NOK) has 3%. And the rest is split between (BBRY) and everybody else.
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  • How insecure is the android operating system? There's a feature called "adnroid debug bridge" which allows an application running on a PC to covertly install an application on to a handset. To infect a smartphone all you need is a virus on a PC which can detect when someone connects it and uploads a virus designed for smartphones. Open source or not, loopholes are there. Even if Samsung issued updates for their devices - whether newest or (currently sold but) obsolete - there's no incentive for users to install them, and everyone's at the mercy of Google being capable of fixing android bugs they're notified of.


    A point regarding Samsungs build quality - would corporate buyers want a handset which begins to look worse for wear once the thin layer of silver paint on the raised rim at the front gets tiny chips exposing the black plastic underneath it?
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  • As long as Samsung is using Android, they will never be an option for the business sector. No matter who they team up with. NEVER!
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  • IPhone found to be THREE TIMES more reliable than Samsung phones. iPhone is number one by a wide margin followed by distant second Samsung, and the rest of the top sellers below tht. Report lists common issues:

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  • Wow, if the iPhone is 3x more reliable than Samsung phones, that is a real insult to Samsung, as the iPhone is a POC, and extremely buggy and unreliable. Very sad for Samsung. The Z10 will be better than all of them for reliability (and security), so this fact really won't matter in the long run. Funny though. My son has the SIII, and he has had no problems with it, and his friends that have an iPhone are always asking to use his SIII because almost every one of them hate the iPhone and regret getting sucked into buying it. Was this report commissioned by Apple? Wouldn't be the first time that Apple did something like this (or should I say the millionth time).
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  • Well, it all evens out. iOS apps crash more

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  • You got that right chopchop0. Apple will have you believe their products are the best, but in reality, they aren't even close. The iToys are yesterday's (buggy) news. The Z10 is the future.
    23 Feb 2013, 05:25 PM Reply Like
  • Oh really? I have the Samsung Glide and hate how the keyboard always malfunctions as the search button keeps sticking and turning into a shortcut command. However, my calendar is better than the calendar (which is called S Planner) on the SIII. I have been asked by frustrated users to show them how to work that thing. And though I got it to work, I don't like it, and the owners (business owners) are frustrated by their new phones.


    As for Z10, I have yet to configure things on it. Should get to work on mine soon =)
    24 Feb 2013, 02:21 AM Reply Like
  • "...his friends that have an iPhone are always asking to use his SIII because almost every one of them hate the iPhone and regret getting sucked into buying it."


    Do those friends use a Mac or PC? Operating systems is easy to understand if you used a Mac before. I know a lot of PC users who don't get the Mac operating system.


    From what I heard, Z10 is like a PC, and thus will be familiar to PC users. (AAPL) has its own ecosystem. It takes a long time to switch a Mac user to a PC and vice versa.
    25 Feb 2013, 12:52 PM Reply Like
  • I've done a lot of work in IT, and used both PCs and Macs. I absolutely hate the MacOS. It is terrible. Very restrictive, unintuitive, clunky, etc. Just like iOS. Windows is more populate by a million to one.
    25 Feb 2013, 01:35 PM Reply Like
  • Ah, just like my IT friend. Well, sorry to say, if it wasn't for PCs, you wouldn't have a job. Macs shouldn't need an IT to work on it. But then again, PC users don't seem to know how to use Macs, so IT is needed.


    Fact is, Macs don't get viruses. That is a fact, and not anyone's opinion.
    25 Feb 2013, 10:00 PM Reply Like
  • Michael: Macs do get viruses. Without IT, there will be no Macs. It still takes a geek talking to their friends and family to generate sales numbers -- whatever the platform, hardware or software -- I believe those in the know have to approve it to give assurance to others. It's just like I would trust a friend's recommendation for a dentist or doctor. Basically, we feel better talking to someone we believe is an expert when we need something.


    You've just proven you're not an expert on computers.


    Macs have a good following, yes. Blackberrys are coming back. Let's leave it at that =)


    And oh! proof that Macs get viruses are found here:


    This one might be too technical for most of the SA audience:
    25 Feb 2013, 10:25 PM Reply Like
  • Macs do get viruses, but not as many as PCs. Why? Simple. There are so few Macs in the world, no-one cares about them, so no hacker is going to waste time writing a virus for such a limited target. PCs are so much superior to Macs, it isn't even funny. Macs, like everything Apple sells, are a total ripoff.


    And thanks Skylark99, I was going to post that link as well.
    25 Feb 2013, 10:51 PM Reply Like
  • Yes, I am not a computer expert. But Macs do have 10% world market share. And I have yet to get a virus on my Mac. I have gotten over 400 viruses on my PC.
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  • Macs get viruses. Absolutely. You are just lucky. And if you are getting so many on your PC, run some anti-virus software. I have never got one on any of my PCs. Always caught and removed.
    26 Feb 2013, 09:47 AM Reply Like
  • @sky:
    Thanks for the article, but I am not talking about viruses where the user was foolish enough to download. I always am careful before I download anything. Never download something that is even slightly different from what it has done in the past. I am talking about viruses that automatically download when you open a webpage such as an article on Google Finance.
    25 Feb 2013, 11:34 PM Reply Like
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