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Press shots have leaked of two fresh Nokia (NOK) Windows Phone 8 models - the Lumia 720 and 520....

Press shots have leaked of two fresh Nokia (NOK) Windows Phone 8 models - the Lumia 720 and 520. The devices, which will likely be shown off at the Mobile World Congress, look quite a bit like the Lumia 920 and 820. The Verge reports the 720 will have a 4.3" display, 1 GHz. dual-core CPU, and 8GB of storage, while the 520 will have a 4" display, 4GB of storage, and the same CPU. Will the 520 allow Nokia to finally sell a sub-$200 (unsubsidized) WP8 model? (Reuters report)
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  • They look really good. A lot like the 820 but a leak like this is a ease into minor device disappointment, which mirrors last years MWC. At least most will take it that way even though an under 200$ Windows phone 8 is extremely important part to Nokia's international offering. I personally believe that the low end market that Nokia competes in against Android and how it is currently viewed by Wall Street is the only thing now holding Nokia's stock in check. These new phones could go a long way to change that.


    One things for sure, most businesses don't like spending money outfitting their employees with high price equipment. Cheap W8 might be just the right medicine for that endeavor.


    Long Nokia
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  • I'd agree with you WhatdoIKnow if I didn't also believe Nokia will also be announcing the Laser and EOS high end device.
    These low end devices round out the offering nicely.
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  • Agree with WhatdoIkow1 again...Hmmm..


    Also, please consider that these phones will probably be eventually made available on pre-paid plans -- which will also make businesses and consumers more likely to purchase. It's a lot easier for a business to pop $249 for a pretty decent phone that integrates with the company IT and have a low month-to-month charge-- than having to buy the phone and also sign up for $2,500 of service on a two year contract!
    All the very best,
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  • Nokia by my thinking currently has a lead position with their top offering ( tech, innovation and coolness ) and until the competition catches up a little they have to be careful or they'll end up competing against their own product. So, It might at this time behoove them to hold back a little where a superphone release is concerned. What would the consequences of a 41mp windows camera phone be? I might put the 920 dream aside for that. So would a lot of people I think. Tablet? no problem. New awesome phone? Problem.


    Long Nokia
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  • Watch $BBRY tank next week when $NOK announces all there new stuff :)
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  • Neither is the Lumia 1000 MS CEO Balmer mentioned on Facebook. I'm excited to upgrade my flip phone!
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  • Will THESE be the phones that FINALLY help Nokia dig into Samsung's market share?
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  • Big sport corporate switches to Nokia Lumia

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  • Mike:


    The last 2 sentences in the release tell the story...


    "“Moving away from BlackBerry meant we could give smartphones to more people because there were no more monthly licence fees to pay, or any increased monthly subscriptions,” explains Mr Lyford. “With yearly savings of approximately £14,400, we are now able to drastically increase the number of email-capable phones in use.”


    Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone was the solution for better syncing, better security and an intuitive interface. “They love the new Lumia devices because they’re smart, quick and have great functionality,” says Mr Lyford."
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