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The DoD will open its networks to iOS (AAPL) and Android (GOOG) devices in Feb. 2014, as part of...

The DoD will open its networks to iOS (AAPL) and Android (GOOG) devices in Feb. 2014, as part of an effort to develop a "platform agnostic" device policy. That's a negative for BlackBerry (BBRY -3.7%), which currently accounts for 470K of the 600K mobile devices deployed by the DoD, and could be contributing to today's weakness. The DoD, which issued security guidelines for iOS/Android gear last year, adds it's looking to support BB10. (Home Depot)
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  • It might not be the negative you think it is as BES is the platform that allows the other two in more securely.
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  • There are other companies that also provide software to handle this. Airwatch, Good Technology, SAP, and Citrix are a few of the big ones. The DoD could opt for BES, but it's not guaranteed.
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  • Which of those other company's currently have FIPS?
    And which DON'T license tech from BBRY currently?
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  • Airwatch and Good support FIPS:
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  • Eric,


    If the DoD was already using BES I would doubt they would go with another company.
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  • Just went a little deeper into a couple of the companies you mentioned and they don't cover all makes of devices and neither of the ones I checked seemed capable of integrating Blackberry devices. Are they really going to try to force the President of the United States to change his phone?
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  • Airwatch supports BlackBerry.


    Zenprise (Citrix) is another one that does.
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  • Do you know if DoD use any of those technologies? I think DoD might be supportive of BYOD in a limited way for peripheral jobs. IMO, DoD's choice will be still to go with BES (although, DoD might have also done their own (home grown) integration into BES to do some deep level monitoring and if that is true their natural choice will be to go with BES 10).
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  • Better the devil you know, eh on?
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  • As @The_C_man said it this isn't a big negative.
    BES10 is likely to be the MDM to control all these devices which means service revenue for BBRY
    Opening up to additional OS's means more device potential to control


    BBRY can get service revenue for ipads and who knows what other devices running android, like TVs or specialized equipment


    BBRY may lose some device sales. But that is their low margin market.
    BlackBerry 10 handhelds have 1 year to gain traction before this comes into play.
    I think this is good news it will force BBRY to provide the BEST multi platform mobile device manager
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  • You hit the nail on the head, BBRY providing the BEST multi platform mobile device manager. At this time this is BlackBerry's best opportunity to venture into this because of the market penetration from Android and iPhone devices.
    Eventually we hope BlackBerry hardware such as the Z10, Q10 become the choice for both consumers and corporate.
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  • Z10 is getting converts from iOS and Android, in the long run, Z10 will win over more user than losing. Consumer market is huge.
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  • BES10 is the most cost effective solution for corporations to deploy, even from scratch, compared to most other solutions.


    BBRY will profit from the BYOD market that is forming over all other solutions. It is cheaper and has more features than other offerings.
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  • Come to think about it BBRY stands to profit more via the BYOD structure on BES10 licensing than selling their current BB7 devices. BB10 devices have nice margins so they will probably be better off with this movement.
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  • BBRY is also developing security software for iOS and android, in addition to letting them play in BES 10.
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  • I understand that it forms a BBRY partition on the device allowing the company to manage and secure anything in 'their' portion. If the person loses the device or leaves the company it is remotely wiped. The partition is encrypted to BBRY standards allowing at least those two platforms to meet security requirements.


    No doubt the story went, like this:


    "We are going to allow you lot to provide handsets too."
    "Great. Can we develop our own security system for our handsets?"
    "No way! You will be allowed to have BBRY create a BBRY partition on your set handing over all control to BES."


    The End
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  • From reading the comments this sounds like 'covert' good news for BBRY
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  • DoD is inviting in trouble! China have already proved that they can compromise security, Rim was given high marks this past summer through FIPS. They should leave well enough alone. Some how the so call big two wants to engineer and have everything. Don't dismantle the best you have, let the best be the best!
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  • Please read slow to fully understand they are not dumping Blackberry just allowing others in if they can ' Provide" the TYPE of security that that dept has to have in the DOD. So does anyone really think that anyone can replace The Blackberry ---------
    answer "NOT"


    Wall Street Cheat Sheet repor
    BlackBerry is not out, the company just can no longer expect to account for the majority of devices used by the department. Currently, the DoD has just over 600,000 mobile devices in use, of which 470,000 are BlackBerry devices and 41,000 are iOS devices. With the change in the departmental policy that division should tilt more in Apple’s (and Google’s) favor in the next year. But BlackBerry will still remain a part of the Pentagon’s mobile device strategy, given its longtime focus on security.
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    Pickart noted in his interview with AppleInsider that the DoD wants to increase that rate at which it can acquire new technologies. He mentioned that the “constant tech refresh spiral” — a process by which the department has streamlined its technology buying — has enabled the department to more easily adopt new new devices and technologies in order to keep pace with companies in the civilian sector.


    “I think the best way to describe why we’re moving to more than just one is that one size doesn’t fit all,” Pickart explained. “Each organization is going to have different needs. By having a family of mobile devices from which we can choose, we’ll be better able to tailor devices and offerings to organizations’ needs.”
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  • WATERLOO JOE What do you mean by "These stocks are hitting our Profit Targets. Click here now to discover winning stocks!" ?
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  • SORRY boomdoger777
    that was stuck to my cut and paste please disregard that


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  • ibm dipped to the nano prices banks in Canada also dipped to foot size share price apple had a close share price shave at one point and look where the share prices are now.
    the nascent GE had a really really close shave until a number of fortuitous events including having one of its inventors tear up the agreement to pay royalties....turn of the previous to last century history is full of companies that had a close brush and then came back to life. The book price for bbry for the worst case scenario is 19 to 20 dollars indicating that bbry is far from being a penny lets keep our fingers crossed while bb tiptoes back into favour. Its technology is relevant and current.
    And it has no debt. It is a major player in emerging markets. And we know the stock market can be bi polar very bi polar.
    BBRY does have a high beta which suggests wild swings to either positive or negative, so perhaps time for positive. And unlike the bubblicious stocks it has real sales, not just projected sales.
    The Ceo is very focused and conservative. I like what he is doing and his methodical approach. STep one...then step two. There is a lot of money hanging on the fate of bbry in the mkts. A lot behinds the scenes betting that is affecting the day to day. But why is this company trading so far below its book value? We will know a little more shortly. People are approaching this stock as if it is a penny stock.
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  • Read & weep bears LONG live Blackberry
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  • Have you heard that Obama was trying to convince American companies like Apple,... to bring back jobs to US from China, ...
    So, in return US gov. is going to return a favor back to US companies by giving them access to opportunities like mobile enterprise, ...
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  • HERE WE GO!! Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank announces publicly he has dumped his iPhone for the new BB10 touchscreen.


    I'm going to pull a 'cereal' and copy paste it in as many places as I can...




    LONG Blackberry - my little Susan Boyle stock


    I hope this made Thorsten's day and I can hear the BB team cheering
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  • Please don't; one cereal is already one too many...
    2 Apr 2013, 09:40 AM Reply Like
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