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Flower Foods (FLO +3.7%) will win the Hostess bread brands after no other bids were received by...

Flower Foods (FLO +3.7%) will win the Hostess bread brands after no other bids were received by the company, according to sources. As long as the bankruptcy court approves the deal, Flower Foods will gain control of bread brands Butternut, Home Pride, Merita, and Nature's Pride for $360M.
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  • New owners will place employees on a GOP Conservative pay plan, $9.00 hour for 30 hours, plus federal food stamps and Medicaid. Good news your family will not pay any federal tax.
    27 Feb 2013, 11:54 AM Reply Like
  • Flowers always pays a fair wage for a day's work but you got to consider they are trying to open back up 20 plants and put people back to work but I can't see them going away from their management style "The Flowers Way" it has got them to the point they are today from one bakery in 1919 to 64 if they do win the auction for these labels and open all the plants, but they will not let Unions tell them how to run their business, IBC bought off more than they could handle when they merged with Hostess years ago and not update their plants, Flowers has the most modern and productive plants in the world, at a certain point of baking bread if you have the best equipment available after say you bake off 250,000 loaves of bread the rest you bake off is clear profit. You have to make a profit to stay in business and if a company pays you a decent wage and benefits and treats you right what do you need a union for. Right to work laws is the best thing that ever happened, I worked as a route salesman with the steelworkers union and then as a distributor and I feel I paid union dues for 6 years for nothing, I got no benefits from them and even they tried to take a job i had worked and earned away from me and the company stepped in and told them to stay out of it and this was in a non right to work state and I believe the union steward had to be paid off to end the whole thing. My experience is unions are for the ones that don't want to work, Unions had their day in the early 1900's but today unions have outlived their usefulness that is reason you see less and less of them, Labor Relation Boards are the unions of today. Its not a secret Flowers Foods is not a union company less than 1000 of their 10000 employees are unionized and I would say the non union workers make more in wages and benefits than the unionized ones. Unions is why most bread and dairy companies are mostly distributors today is my guess. I like being a distributor you had more freedom as an independent businessman, and the company yes had guidelines and rules even for the distributors but they made sure if you did your part they would make sure you were profitable, so as to your 9 dollars hours, Flowers will pay what they can to reopen these plants and make sure its within the average wage for area in which the area of the country the plant is located, cost of living is different in different parts of the country. I would like to hear of others opinions.
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