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More on ADP jobs: January's job gain is revised higher by 23K jobs to 215K. At 198K in February,...

More on ADP jobs: January's job gain is revised higher by 23K jobs to 215K. At 198K in February, job growth has slowed from the previous 3 reads, but is ahead of all the prints from March through October last year. (full report)
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  • Substantial the last report January private payrolls was reported as 112.178 February is reported as 113.035 million...
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  • a stunning number given the uncertainty that people and corporations are going thru
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  • I still think when obamacare will go away....and only part time jobs will be available where they can be...
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  • "I still think"


    How many years will you still be saying "I think things will be getting worse"?
    6 Mar 2013, 09:30 AM Reply Like
  • as long as there are cheerleaders with their pom poms saying otherwise or as Feds Fishers called Ritalin monetary policy; perfect. i call it pay attention to what we tell you not your eyes
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  • Without the ritalin we may all be in line to the soup kitchen. We'll find out how clever Uncle Ben is when he weans us off our medication.
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  • "when he weans us off our medication. "


    If you've ever spent time studying some of the history of the Fed, you would learn that changes in their policy precipitate huge drops in asset prices. Then they switch policy, and try and reinflate. 2005 to 2006 was a great example of them making one of these mistakes, and now we are living in their major reversal.


    I've been thinking lately, that a better policy for them would be if they ever become accommodative, that they should just stay that way, and if inflation appears, just wait halt policy where it is. Don't try to reign it in. Just allow asset creation to catch up because the best way to fight inflation is with more asset creation rather than note destruction.


    In other words all these years they've been under the impression that they need to grow and shrink the money supply, and this philosophy is a major mistake. The times they have tried to reign in the money supply, the result was a drop in asset prices. So maybe what they should have been doing is just increase, then wait, increase, then wait. The waiting period is the period where they are just waiting for assets to catch up.


    Anyways, its just something I've been thinking about, but if its true, then when we see BB about ready to make another one of these mistakes because he is laboring under the false notion that he has to pull the money supply in, that may be the time to liquidate equities and move into bonds and wait for the risk-off trade where people flee back to quality, push bond yields back down, and the bonds you bought would have nice gains.
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  • Great commentary. I started investing when Volcker was trying to tame the money supply. The market moved according to the weekly money supply announcement, I heard . That was back in the 80's. We live in a different world today, there are a multitude of "reports" that can drive the market up or down, and they are just a text message away.
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  • Do any of these job reports, have a breakdown of employment, full time, part time, temps?
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  • That's what I want to know. Only number I pay attention to is the "underemployed" which has been sitting at between 14 to 15% for years if that moves downward that's good. Last jobs report was led by retail, restaurants and construction.Target/Ar... job growth ain't going to cut it.
    6 Mar 2013, 10:05 AM Reply Like
  • BLS data out on Friday will show that still only 58.6%-58.7% of the population is employed. Many of those are now shifted to temporary, or part-time employment. You won't see meaningful wage growth at these levels.


    Any "recovery" is only for the super-rich.
    6 Mar 2013, 08:53 AM Reply Like
  • I assume those numbers includes children and retirees. With demographics working against us like they are, percentage of population employed may be a key stat to track, but by itself as a snapshot in time and not presented with analysis, it doesn't really tell us much. I can pretty safely wager that the percentage will be lower in 10 years as the top of boomer bell curve reaches retirement ages.
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  • Demographics play a big part, no doubt. But, we dropped from 63% to 58+% in one year. That's a recession, not demographics.
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  • Have to multiply total jobs by average weekly hours to get an aggregate hours worked and compare the percent change from year ago to get the best picture of job situation.
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  • Jason, thats what i do.


    I also multiply that number by average real hourly wage to get a feel for gross earnings of the main consumer group in the world.
    6 Mar 2013, 12:24 PM Reply Like
  • We could have 25% REAL unemployment and negative job growth month after month and stocks could still go up non-stop--oh wait, that's only been the case for most of the past four years, so replace "could" with "WILL".
    6 Mar 2013, 01:25 PM Reply Like
  • the response is quite negative for such a good number. We all have been saying that things are not good but for market that has such head winds like sequester, fiscal cliff etc I think it is going better than most had expected and isnĀ“t all about expectations in the end?
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  • The responses here are mostly negative. Been every step of this recovery. Granted - we do have a long ways to go, but there has been a recovery.
    6 Mar 2013, 06:13 PM Reply Like
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