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Was SA contributor Mark Gomes right after all? On Monday, Gomes speculated Himax (HIMX) shares...

Was SA contributor Mark Gomes right after all? On Monday, Gomes speculated Himax (HIMX) shares could triple assuming it is chosen as Google Glass's (GOOG) primary provider of microdisplays. Shares soared and then retreated after after Karl Guttag, upon whose research Gomes's claims were partially based, disputed Gomes's conclusions in a comment. Now this morning, HIMX shares are +28% premarket on reports Himax "will be the sole supplier of LCoS solutions for Google Glass."
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  • Sources? Todays yellow journalism turns into green.
    For all I know their sources are the SA authors.
    Congrats though, at least, people are reading it here.


    Even still, eps for 2013 will only be up a few cents based on volume, but the buzz PE will be fun
    7 Mar 2013, 08:30 AM Reply Like
  • Even if rumor is false, stock is cheap. Street is at $0.37 for 2013, which is probably conservative - likely will be $0.42-$0.45. Attach a 12x multiple (is a 15x multiple unreasonable?) and add back $1.20 of cash per share and this is $6.20-$6.60. Not a triple, but pretty good and a secular growth story. And if Google is true...
    7 Mar 2013, 08:36 AM Reply Like
  • Absolutely agree, TSM multiple is 15.8 for similar growth (or less). I was pointing out that the eps moves little for some 20m in revenue growth from a new product like this. Based on last qtr, it was 1.85 m in net(.02) per 20m in revs.. They would have to sell 5 to 10m units (~80m revs) to get 8cents more. That kind of number can justify the forward PE of 20, which I would expect.


    Still going to wait & see the short crowd at 5 dollars. New positions can be placed now.


    Want an undervalued biotech, try Repligen. eps of 30 cents this am. Way above my expectation.
    7 Mar 2013, 09:18 AM Reply Like
  • The question is who Is digitimes' source. If digitimes used gomez as their source than this is just going around in a circle without providing any new info.


    Digitmimes often have good insider sources, but these piece has me a bit suspicious. The information is so similar to the SA article, it is very possible they just used Gomez as a source.
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  • I apologize for the typos. The iPad autocorrect is really bad.
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  • Sold my last trading block to the shorts this premarket, drifting here at 4.49. Where's a good negative rebuttal when you need one.


    Karl? is that his name? Calling Karl, we want to buy in the threes again!
    7 Mar 2013, 12:38 PM Reply Like
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