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Refiners are hit in reaction to a WSJ story calling attention to the squeeze they face from the...

Refiners are hit in reaction to a WSJ story calling attention to the squeeze they face from the rising costs of complying with a federal mandate to use corn ethanol in fuel. An EPA proposal, which could be made final as soon as next month, could force refiners and fuel importers to use more than 14B gallons of ethanol, up from 13.3B in 2012. VLO -4%, MPC -1.7%, TSO -2.5%, HFC -2.7%, WNR -3%, PSX -1.4%.
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  • how stupid. we have an oil/gas glut and the government is making them use corn?
    11 Mar 2013, 12:54 PM Reply Like
  • Gotta keep global warming in check. Think of how many people might possibly die in a few decades/centuries from the temp being a couple degrees higher, and you'll be better able to come to terms with causing death from starvation today. /sarc
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  • that and they have to keep corn prices artificially high or farmers will go BK...


    I wonder how much corn is wasted in the name of keeping prices up...
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  • It's STUPID, but I'm taking advantage through ownership of GPRE. With all the snow (Ground Water) in the Mid-West and other Corn regions we may have very good corn crops this season and Companies such as GPRE will benefit from lower cost of raw material. The stock is already on a "tear" the past several weeks.
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  • Ethanol margins are pretty good at the moment.
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  • Where would our economy/prosperity be without government interference?
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  • This will make gasoline more expensive, which should help the refiners given the oil glut in North America.
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  • Ethanol has problems. If congress wants biofuels, look at butanol or ETBE.
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  • Ethanol is a poor transport fuel IMO. A far greater problem is monster government. In this case not Congress but EPA, part of His Majesty's Crown.
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  • This cost will be passed through to the public, only the least nimble refiners should suffer.
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  • I'm not a refiner. I'm a public. We burn our food while we make regulations to leave our fuel in the ground. Net result, both fuel and food are more expensive and btw the air isn't any cleaner and the water is actually less clean. Not to worry, Mr & Mrs Public will pay the additional rate. Indeed!
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  • It's almost funny to see the right-wingers going apoplectic over a program that was started by... GWB.


    As long as Iowa gets to make the first call on who gets to run for President, we will have giveaways to the corn industry.
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  • Bushneck, was nothing more than a Rinocrat...
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  • You're dead on. If it wasn't for the Iowa primary, this lunacy wouldn't be in place...
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  • Correction; Al Gore stated a year ago, (when Clinton was President. and Gore was Vice President. The Vice President is the president of the Senate. The only real power the vice has is to vote in a tie in the Senate.), Gore stated he was the tie breaking vote to mandate ethanol in gasoline, and the reason he did it was because he was running for president and wanted the Iowa and Tennessee vote,~well he lost-. Gore said a year ago that he regretted voting for ethanol in gasoline.I apologize it was more than a year ago, Dec 22nd, 2010, here is one of the google results., A conviently forgetting leftie I see.
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  • Nice find, Aeroguy! The left lies again..
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  • Oh, some of you need to get a grip, stop looking inward, and look to other places for examples of success.


    There many countries that already use ethanol successfully. In Brazil, for instance, many cars use 100% ethanol. Not, 13%,14%,15%, but 100%.
    11 Mar 2013, 03:31 PM Reply Like
  • I am sorry.. but get a life.. Brazil? What about natural gas for surface vehicles? North America has so much nat gas and yet here we are not using this wonderful clean resource to power our cars.. There is NO economic sense for converting good corn into ethanol for cars when all parts of the livestock chain depend on corn .. chicken prices have skyrocketed .. beef prices are over the moon and will continue to rise on such STUPID fuel policy. With the Keystone, oil sands, mid continent tracking plays and natural gas.. we could and would be independent of those outside the North America!
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  • Use natural gas too, by all means, which is also already used in vehicles in many countries including, once again, Brazil. The problem with letting political views get in the way of intelligent policies is the loss of objectivity. Most people are held hostage to political views and think that if they are pro something they ought to be against something else.


    There is no reason why all clean technologies can't be developed and used properly at the same time. The cost of solar energy has dropped by 80% recently to the point that it is already competitive in in the earth's sun belt and in California. Wind power is almost competitive compared to coal in Europe and getting close in the east coast, etc, etc. There are already millions of gas, ethanol, hybrid powered and even fully electric cars around the world. You get the point.


    The name of the game is natural gas, plus ethanol, plus win energy, plus solar, plus hybrid and electric cars, etc. None of these technologies is perfect and none is the solution alone. But all of them are getting better and cheaper and, in all likelihood, they will all be part of the final solution.


    PS: My life is very good and very enjoyable. Thanks for the tip, anyway.
    11 Mar 2013, 07:06 PM Reply Like
  • Bush was far removed from the Conservative values of Reagan. Government and freedom/prosperity are inversely proportional. I suppose having some regulator force business to use a counter productive process such as ethanol renders the dissenter "apoplectic." If only Conservatives could be more San Fran Pelosi- like and accept regulations and laws prior to knowing their contents. May the eastern blowing winds of burning Berkeley weed continue to enlighten us.
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  • Regarded of who started 'corn to ethanol', the economics of nat gas and oil in North America have changed that landscape. It's time to get rid of this extra tax on American consumer. Seriously, corn to ethanol isn't even 'green'.
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  • Are we talking about investment decisions and the pro and cons of various companies or is this now a political stage on where we can spout-off?
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  • Have you checked your mpgs lately? Ethanol decreases evryones gas mileage by 10-25%. Millions of acres are being cleared Worldwide
    for Corn production. Food inflation has been rampant since the ethanol mandate went into effect. Yet we need more ethanol mandated by a bunch of unelected grossly overpaid bureaucrats.
    11 Mar 2013, 04:20 PM Reply Like
  • Most of the ethanol that is produced outside the US comes from sugar cane, not from corn. Brazil is, by far the world's largest producer and it does so from sugar cane. Ethanol produced from sugar cane is noted for high carbon sequestration and reduced tailpipe emissions considerable. Ethanol is not perfect, but it is a step in the right direction.
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  • I suggest we use nothing but GMO corn in our cars to get rid of it! Don't ever eat it.
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  • Go to this site. It's a list of ethanol-free gas stations Across the U.S. and Canada. Naturally, more expensive but worth it. If we don't buy that crap, maybe there Won't be a market for ethanol!
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  • Go to It is a list of stations in the U.S. and Canada that sells ethanol-free gas. Bit more expensive, but worth it. maybe if we don't buy that crap they will get the message!
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