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The "stock market actually hates technology," writes Marc Andreessen, but stop worrying about...

The "stock market actually hates technology," writes Marc Andreessen, but stop worrying about valuation and instead realize that software firms (ETF: IGV) "are poised to take over large swathes of the economy." The dream of the early 1990s - a "fully digitally wired" global economy - has nearly arrived. The upheaval is just getting started.
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  • Yeah - in the long run technology is the main component in society which changes over time. If I had to hold stocks for a lifetime they'd be in healthcare and technology (although some healthcare advances are technological advancements simultaneously)
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  • And, most of these companies are insulated from the financial sector by wads and wads of cash on their balance sheets.
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  • Indeed!
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  • Not on the software only: Apple is more than a brand. It is a cult! apple is a BUY.
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  • Bull crap. If we get to much more in the way of true advancement right now/near future it does us no good.
    One E.M.P. from Obama's best bud Ahmedinajahd, and it all goes back to the stone age,so to say!
    Its time for risk off, big time. If the waterfall down doesn't convince you, people chucking all their fancy ipods and such out the window may. They wont be able to afford all the monthly charges and still eat. Depressions have a way of setting,I should say, re-setting your priorities,big time. Buzz word going forward,deleveraging. Years and years worth,thanks to the progressive party of both reds and blues!


    May the lord watch over this wonderful little experiment in freedom we call America
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  • Gee Jerry could you be a little less Polyannaish?
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  • This is the real deal folks. Just look at the monthly charts for any of the major averages, enough said on that one. If you aren't sure what your looking at, get out. The markets have always been a game hard to win. In today's environment, you CAN'T win.
    So no, I feel like I am being prudent in my call. Be careful out there, it could take 20 years,if ever, to get back what you are lined up to loose when this thing breaks.
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  • My palmist tells me that the charts are bogus. She's been studying the parallels between the market and the mating habits of the common box turtle and feel that they are far more connected.
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  • You mad bro?
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  • you're "palmist" is into some weird shit.
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  • People are so it's either totally black or it's totally gonna be white.


    Here are some areas not being overtaken by IT companies:
    * Picking ur belly button lint
    * drinking beer with your mates
    * Heading out to catch some waves
    * boing your girlfriend
    * watching the sunset
    * ignoring ur relatives
    * sleeping


    Note your wife didn't make the list.


    All the good things in life that you can enjoy ... while not giving a fck about efficiency or productivity or compatibility or viability.
    21 Aug 2011, 06:22 AM Reply Like
  • (IGV) top holdings are MSFT, Oracle, Adobe, Citrix, Symantec, Intuit...


    Individually all of them are encountering some kind of problem finding growth or staving off competition, not a fan.


    There's better places to look.
    21 Aug 2011, 07:45 AM Reply Like
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