Problems with new casing colors have pushed back the iPhone 5S (AAPL -2.2%) launch to calendar...

Problems with new casing colors have pushed back the iPhone 5S (AAPL -2.2%) launch to calendar Q3 from June, writes Peter Misek in his gloomy note. Misek also expects a cheaper, plastic-bodied iPhone that's otherwise similar to the iPhone 5 (Apple's design philosophy makes this questionable), and believes Sharp's light/low-power IGZO displays will be used in the 5th-gen iPad (more believable). He now predicts an iTV won't arrive this year due to challenges in making "a display that looks like 4K/Ultra HD but without the super-premium cost" - BI observes Misek's iTV forecasts haven't been too accurate.

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  • Jack Baker
    , contributor
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    Peter Misek and Henry Blodget......enough said.
    12 Mar 2013, 06:35 PM Reply Like
  • rperson
    , contributor
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    This really, really sucks. Didn't we do this last quarter? Again? Again? Jesus wept.
    12 Mar 2013, 06:42 PM Reply Like
  • Valuable Insights
    , contributor
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    NTE doing iPads with glass from Sharp, so if Sharp is gaining share with IGZO for next gen iPads, this is a huge positive for NTE later this year.
    12 Mar 2013, 06:50 PM Reply Like
  • cshoxie
    , contributor
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    Peter Misek PREDICTS an ITV won't happen this year. Just wondering if he uses a crystal ball or weegie board?
    12 Mar 2013, 07:10 PM Reply Like
  • aardvark3
    , contributor
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    He uses cigarette butts and stains on sofas...
    12 Mar 2013, 10:33 PM Reply Like
  • lreynoldswvu
    , contributor
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    Would it be possible to have one day of good news? Or how about no news.....I'll take that.
    12 Mar 2013, 07:33 PM Reply Like
  • Artaqq
    , contributor
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    Nah. Apple is just a horrible company that has no idea how to design, produce or market products people want obviously. I mean, look at them! A measly 219 million iPhone 4, 4S and 5 sales, compared to Samsung's 131 million in Galaxy S and Note smart phones. Yep...this color thing is HUGE, alright. I know I'm just so disgusted I'll sell off all of my Apple products in protest, including my now worthless stock. Keep up the great work, 'Mistake and Blowhard'! Eventually you'll guess it right!
    13 Mar 2013, 10:24 AM Reply Like
  • hahaha48
    , contributor
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    I cannot believe this rumor.
    No way would Apple delay a refresh just for the casing color.
    If they have problem with some color they can always just release it with less color choice.
    If this is true then Apple might as well go away.
    I repeat this cannot be true
    Color may be number 10 in a list of things people want and it cannot be that important to delay a release
    By the way if you are like me who have a Otto case you do not even know the color of your phone
    12 Mar 2013, 07:57 PM Reply Like
  • VictorHAustin
    , contributor
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    Apple probably has more data on the effect of adding colors to a successful product than anyone on the planet. I'm going with what Apple decides.


    Btw I don't use a case. Don't wear a watch either. Also, not going to buy a color but I'd be glad to see us sell them.
    12 Mar 2013, 10:27 PM Reply Like
  • prginww
    , contributor
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    Apple seems to have become a lumbering giant. New product releases in this changing market could be too little too late. I think .


    Cook was supposed to be a supply chain expert all he may have done was develop Samsung and LG as competitors by relying on them for critical parts for both the iPhone and the iPad. I thought Purchasing 101 instructed you never to buy from a competitor or potential competitor. Of course they will give you everything you ask for as they study the market and prepare to compete. Apple claimed in court that Samsung slavishly copied them but if the stripper takes off her clothes you cannot blame the audience for looking.
    13 Mar 2013, 03:08 AM Reply Like
  • css1971
    , contributor
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    Colour? Colour?


    Who on earth could they be copying this time I wonder?
    13 Mar 2013, 09:06 AM Reply Like
  • podmeister
    , contributor
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    Better yet, just make news up. Oh wait, Peter Misek and Henry Blodget were already mentioned.
    12 Mar 2013, 07:58 PM Reply Like
  • Applocrat
    , contributor
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    4k does nit seem like Applesque either. 4k is perceptually indistinguishable from retina etc, Apple does not embrace a spec bump that does not improve the user experience
    12 Mar 2013, 08:25 PM Reply Like
  • rperson
    , contributor
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    On top this, how about Cramer's "The Apple kiss of death" piece. What an a-hole that jerk is!!!
    12 Mar 2013, 11:12 PM Reply Like
  • greentrade
    , contributor
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    These analysts are voters, participating in short-term gyration of the market. Each hopes to get his vote correct. That's a futile game because very few can profit from this game in a consistent manner. John Paulson got subprime call right, yet suffered multi-years afterwards. Because in long run, the market is a weighting machine, and we all know what Apple is: the 800-lb gorilla.
    13 Mar 2013, 12:24 AM Reply Like
  • $vix
    , contributor
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    John Paulson got subprime "right" with a little bit of inside information from Goldman trying to offload their toxic asserts. Paulson was called in to help bundle the ones they knew would default. Paulson is no genius...just another crook with friends in high places. Goldman, in its history, was never able, nor will ever be able to reproduce the profits it made in 08-09. Those bastards caused quite a lot of the mess, then were handed our tax payer dollars by Hank Paulson, their former CEO, our then secretary treasurer to buy up distressed stocks and assets. Goldman was so afraid of going under that they secretly called Citigroup to buy them out. Hank opened up our cash drawer and saved his alumni Goldman. We can thank our federal government for making Lloyd Blankfein hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars richer.
    With respect to aapl, they were the victim of hedge fund herd manipulation. The Samsung galaxy has been around for years and aapl prospered, do you really think that in just a few months, Samsung has wiped out aapl. The hedge traders bailed on aapl, set in motion their mouthpieces and negative media, short aapl went long goog. In my opinion, android cannot hold a candle to the iPhone 5 or the iPad 4. Buy a Samsung note2 or a galaxy s or a nexus 10. See how long they provide you with a high degree of user satisfaction. If you are like me, you'll be running back to aapl
    13 Mar 2013, 01:52 AM Reply Like
  • RonalovesAppl
    , contributor
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    where is iWatch in the running?
    13 Mar 2013, 06:28 AM Reply Like
  • Artaqq
    , contributor
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    More piling on Apple. Market manipulation. Give me a break already.
    13 Mar 2013, 08:44 AM Reply Like
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