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In a rare move for an Apple (AAPL) exec, marketing chief Phil Schiller is trashing Android...

In a rare move for an Apple (AAPL) exec, marketing chief Phil Schiller is trashing Android (GOOG) ahead of tomorrow's Samsung Galaxy S IV event. Schiller takes aim at Android's fragmentation, noting only 16% of users (per Google's data) are on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), and claims (citing Apple's internal data) 4x as many smartphone users switched from Android to the iPhone in Q4 than vice versa. Is Schiller just being candid, or does Apple now think Android's rise demands a more aggressive marketing stance?
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  • Let's see, what do the latest data show?


    -- Android (Samsung) #1 in smartphone sales
    -- Android now #1 in smartphone web traffic
    -- Android with four times Apple's global market share, and climbing


    Apparently, talk is cheap.
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  • Where excally did this data come from? Or are you just making things up? Where's your prof?
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  • Tack: And yet AAPL is worth as much as GOOG and Samsung combined?
    Have you thought of the fact that if AAPL had those made up facts you pointed out, it would be worth a trillion?
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  • Mr:


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  • "Where excally did this data come from?"


    I came over this data yesterday, where Samsung Electronics is #1 or #2 on a number of fronts.


    Typically that would be from a "reliable" major news source.
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  • On what planet?
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  • Haven't you heard? Facts have been temporarily avoided or ignored until the stock begins its full recovery. Google is in the wings.
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  • I'm sure Tack was using this source ...


    Android market share falls 13 percent amid Apple increase
    Feb 1, 2013

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  • MA:


    Hey, it's probably worth a quadrillion... quintillion? Limitless, like Apple's believers.


    More data from Wikipedia:
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  • Tack,


    You are an ill-informed troll. First you link to an IDC article from q3 2012 which hardly has any iphone 5 sales in in. Most of the sales that IDC is counting are phones that are not even used as smart phones. In the last quarter of 2012 AAPL sold 48 million iphones to 15 million galaxy SIII's.


    Here are some "facts" for you:


    AAPL makes 72% of ALL global smart phone profits.


    AAPL makes 91% of ALL global tablet profits.


    70% of ALL mobile search is done on an AAPL device.


    88% of ALL mobile ecommerce is done on an ipad ALONE.


    iphone is 300% more reliable than the best Samsung phone per a
    recent survey of 1 million people.


    Malware is out of control on Android ballooning at a parabolic rate from 5,000 to over 55,000 in just the last 3 months of 2012. It's all over apps on Google Play.


    Google gives out Android customers personal information and location to every app developer on Google Play, and, they don't deny it.


    Stew on that a little, sport.
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  • Dear Jack:


    It is no doubt that Apple makes the profits.


    I'm currently searching for the article of Samsung Electronics being #1 or #2 on a half dozen fronts.


    Just is slow in Cn.




    no wonder bing sucks, b/c of the google slowdown for the past 14 hours I threw in Samsung+"white+goods" into Bing's news search engine and nothing came up. That is zero, nada ...
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  • Where is Android, Inc.? Does it trade under the ticker symbol 'A'?


    In all seriousness, there is no Android play. Thats the problem. The "ecosystem" is too fragmented. Samsung makes low margin phones. GOOG makes the OS. Samsung and GOOG and others are now competing with their own app stores.


    So, yes, if Android was one company this data may matter. But, you are really talking about 10 companies with a market value near a trillion dollars (depending on how many Android suppliers you include) that make up Android. And, when you think about that, Apple with all its cohesion, looks cheap by comparison.
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  • tack-


    yea maybe, but lets compare how much money apple makes compared to samsung for their mobile/ipad sales.


    thats what really matters
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  • Great data.
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  • Ah. So you didn't use the most current data. You opted to not include Q4 when Apple sold the iPhone 5 in large numbers.


    Why wouldn't you use the most current data?
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  • There's smartphone ranks by OS, Company or phone model.


    Samsung sells lots of smartphones, a good number of them at the low end.


    From 1 Feb 2013.


    The 5 best-selling phones in the U.S. are from just 2 companies: Apple and Samsung


    #1: iPhone 5
    #2: Galaxy SIII
    #3 iPhone 4S
    #4 iPhone 4
    #5 Galaxy SII



    Though I recall seeing a separate article which ranked the iPhone 4S at number 2 above the SIII.


    Of course, Samsung won't actually tell anyone what their unit sales are.
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  • Samsung makes many different models of smaert phone and they sold 63 million. yes more than apple. however, apple only sell one smartphone and they managed to sell 49 million. that's mindboggling. after a momth with a Samsung galaxy sIII, I was ready to run it over- slow, freezes, crashes and built like sh__t
    my iphone 5 is a sleek, thin light, fast, powerful and beautiful device that works flawlessly every time. aples ecosystem is first rate. Samsung is really lower quality when compared to apple. I just replaced 4 of our trading screens with Samsung monitors. they are going back next week. they look and feel like junk and they perform that way to. I replaced them with Mass Multiples and what a difference.
    Nothing has changed at apple, other than the hedge fund have bailed out, started a negative media campaign and went long google. the only device that has the power, capability, speed and build quality to compete with apple is the Microsoft Surface Pro. I simply do not use mymipad as much since the Surface came into my life
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  • Not only your links are outdated but you also managed to cite Wikipedia. Welcome to high school level research.
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  • not according to ComScore:


    The latest numbers from ComScore show Apple strengthening its lead as the top US handset maker, with the iPhone nabbing an estimated 37.8 percent of the market as of January 2013. That's a 3.5-point boost from October of last year, putting healthy distance between Cupertino and the number-two smartphone maker, Samsung.
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  • excellent point.
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  • he's making it up. First of all Apple is 300% more relaiable than Samsung according to BGR just released:



    In addition, the latest ComScore figure released yesterday put Apple ahead of Samsung as the top U S handset maker by a 37 to 21% margin.

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  • Jack...


    Complete BS post. Quick drinking the kool aid bro. Another emotional Apple nut job. Good Lord...they are everywhere.
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  • JB:


    I am an investor, not a promoter of either Apple or Samsung. Apparently, the market seems to detect serious problems with Apple's management and performance that is overlooked by acolytes. My objective is to make money, not wave pom-poms for anybody.
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  • Holy crap Jack, got a big position in Apple or what? Or do you own an iPhone and have nothing better to do?
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  • " 300% more relaiable"


    Is that even better than giving 110%?
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  • The difference is Apple is tops in the US, Samsung in the world.
    But obviously tops is not as material as who makes all the money.
    Apple by far over Google and Samsung combined.
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  • Complete BS, huh? I dare you to refute one single fact stated in my post. If you are capable of doing basic research you could verify each and every fact quite easily. Clearly you are not.
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  • As an investor, you should make it your business to understand the markets that the companies you invest in operate. Clearly you have not taken the time to do this.
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  • I have a position in AAPL as a result of doing extensive research on the markets in which AAPL operates. Have you?
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  • Sure AAPL is worth as much as GOOG and Samsung combined. At the same time why not call them both upstarts as well!?! Having the gaul to compete with AAPL. In AAPLs perfect world there is no competition. Unfortunately for AAPL (fortunately for the rest of us) the world is what it is. 5 years down the track...will the figures still be the same? Following the same trend??? I think not! As I said..Unfortunate for AAPL
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  • I guess Google's giving away Android free to infect the globes mobile smart phone and tablets to generate ad click revenue is really working with consumers that pick the cheapest products. Your statistics may be right but who's making the most profits off of technology? That would be Apple, Intel and Microsoft while Google makes its revenue and profits off of advertising spam. Samsung's doing really well in units sold but I'd rather be one of the other three with their product and technology moats wider then one click to turn off Google's search.
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  • Yes I have, Jack, and I don't own it.
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  • @$vix - one of the great things about SA is your comment history is there for everyone to see.


    Get back on the meds quickly! Your fear of Samsung beating Apple is is turning you into borderline psychotic.


    I can't work out whether you actually have owned a Galaxy SIII. It's obvious that you don't like it ("Several of my traders have the Samsung galaxy III. They have dropped them many times which have caused cracked plastic in the back and broken screens."), yet later you claim to have tried one long enough for it to crash several times (" It lagged, froze and crashed several times") .


    And then, in one of the most laughable/childish comments I have ever seen on SA, you rant on about how only "the (Samsung) crowd was below blue collar and extremely lower class. Loud, rude, uneducated and obnoxious.", compared to the "Very well dressed women talking on their iphones. Well dressed men exiting their Bentleys and Range Rovers conversing on their iphones".


    I'm just trying to figure how long it is before you take an automatic weapon to a group of Samsung phone owners.


    In the words of Sydney Pollack in Tootsie "Michael, I begged you to get therapy"!
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  • You can't even use Wiki in high school :)
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  • Unfortunate for AAPL??


    They have 140 billion dollar bills (and growing rapidly) on which to dry their tears.


    You should be so unfortunate.


    The stupidity of Apple-bashing cannot last much longer, as it has advanced to sub-human intelligence levels.


    I say that's bullish.
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  • Uhmm...No. But, nice try:
    According to Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt, who compiled the cumulative sales of the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 and stacked them against the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones. In total, Apple outsold Samsung 219 million to 131 million.

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  • Yeah, it doesn't. Market shares matter...oh and maybe QUALITY.
    Something that waved 'bye-bye' to Android and Microsoft years ago.
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  • iPhone 5 Tops Global Smartphone Marketshare In Q4
    Author: Dan Reyes
    Published: February 20, 2013 at 8:13 am


    Apple's iPhone 5 was the best-selling smartphone in the world, according to a new report from the company Strategy Analytics.


    The report claim that Apple's iPhone 5 overtook Samsung's Galaxy S3 to become the world's best-selling smartphone model for the first time ever in the fourth quarter of 2012. Apple's iPhone 5 smartphone model shipped an estimated 27.4 million units worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2012.


    The same report went on further to say that the iPhone 5 captured an impressive 13 percent share of all smartphones shipped globally and it has become the world's best-selling model for the first time ever. A rich touchscreen design, extensive distribution across dozens of countries, and generous operator subsidies have been among the main causes of the iPhone 5's success.


    Meanwhile, according to that report the top three top-selling smartphones in the world in terms of shipments for Q4 2012 are the Apple iPhone 5 with 27.4 millions, the Apple 4S with 17.4 millions, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 with 15.4 millions.


    Additionally, the global smartphone marketshare by model in Q4 2012 are the Apple iPhone 5 with 12.6 percent, the Apple iPhone 4S with 8.0 percent, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 with 7.1 percent.


    Other smartphone brands and models are trailing the above handsets in the Strategy Analytics' report for Q4 2012 with a combined total global shipments of 156.8 millions and 72.3 percent global marketshare.
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  • there is none. The latest study shows the I phone 5 in first place and the 4s in 2nd place. Galaxy 3 comes in third. This is a Feburary 20, 2013 report.
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  • i dont know. but you can read the article yourself:


    l "Apple iphone 300% More Reliable than Samsung"

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  • Unfortunately I think this just proves the pressure is getting to Apple...
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  • Yes, they are responding because Samsung (and other Android based phones, such as the beautiful HTC One coming out this month) are a real threat, and they want to slow sales until they can crank out an iPhone upgrade. I've had an Android since day one, the HTC Nexus One, and have never had a virus or problem with any app I loaded on. I think I've had two crashes in 4 years. iTunes is one of the worse pieces of software ever written. Who wants to be trapped into the Apple ecosystem where they take 30% of everything.
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  • yawn...
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  • It will take more than marketing. Apple needs to spend some of that horde of cash to quickly upgrade. Quickest would be to upgrade iPad mini to retina and put a phone in it. That's at least a half way measure.
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  • It will take more than marketing to do what? Make the remaining 28% of the profits in the entire global smart phone market?
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  • Boom!


    Jack, that was the best point made on the whole page.


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  • you guys touting that apple has huge cash stockpiles don't seem to realize that while cash is nice future prospects are better... their stock price could vary well be the exact opposite for the next 10 years as it was the last...


    Cash is nice but it means nothing to the company if it isn't allocating it properly... it means even less to common investors
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  • It will take more than marketing. Apple needs to spend some of that horde of cash to quickly upgrade. Quickest would be to upgrade iPad mini to retina and put a phone in it. That's at least a half way measure.
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  • It will take more than marketing. Apple needs to spend some of that horde of cash to quickly upgrade. Quickest would be to upgrade iPad mini to retina and put a phone in it. That's at least a half way measure.
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  • When you have no new products to "market," you have to do something, it seems.
    I'm sure the other Apple executives are pleased with this statement.
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  • First of all, bring it on Apple! About f'king time they started fighting back against the lies and bs. And it's refreshing to see the posts from the Google boys on their heels for a change. They are apparently getting a whiff of the scent that WS is about to turn on them and the money will start flowing out of Google. The stock will never see $900, never mind $1,000. You guys had a nice ride. Now its time for the hedggies, media muppets and anlysts to start feeding on you for a change.
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  • Personally, as an Apple fan, I'm glad to see SOMEBODY at Apple saying SOMETHING, instead of letting all this negative chatter -- frequently incorrect or misguided -- go without response.
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  • I love the timing, right before the big S4 launch tomorrow. I'd like to see AAPL piss in their punch a little more tomorrow. Gotta fight fire with fire.
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  • "I have a position in AAPL as a result of doing extensive research on the markets in which AAPL operates. Have you?"


    You seem objective. I don't understand all of these people acting like Apple is their kid or their favorite sports team.
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  • I'm with Stan, it's about time Apple said something. The silent stance they have taken since SJ passed is too conservative in this more competitive market. My experience with Android supports Schiller's comments. I had three Androids (one a Sammy) and not one of them was fully functional half way through my contract. Every time I updated the OS, I was afraid my phone wouldn't work. I've only had my IPhone 5 for 7 months, but it still works as well as the day I purchased it.
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  • These are two well run businesses making significant technical contributions expanding our ability to communicate. As a result of the competition the products just keep getting better. The customer wins.
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  • Here's a nice little article on Galaxy SIV features ... An interesting read ....



    Make sure to read the comments below the article. They appear to be largely from SIII users. One to illustrate ...


    "If this works as well as the feature on the GSIII which is supposed to keep the screen from turning off from inactivity when you're viewing it, it won't work at all. Perhaps it's my glasses, but it hasn't worked a single time for me no matter the angle I look at the phone or environment (lighting) I'm in. ..."


    You wanted it to work? What Samsung wanted was a "feature" to sell the phone. That, they accomplished.
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  • Apple can say what they want, Samsung is still growing faster than it and its losing market share, not only in developing countries but also tablets.


    The plethora of new cheap tablets from other vendors is decreasing Apple`s market share. This is well know, various articles have been published to show this using empirical data in terms of tablet growth.


    It seems that Apple did not only get the big only tablet idea wrong, and then later back tracked but also the latest iphone with its smaller screen.
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  • I love Apple, but let's do not forget that Apple's management usually comes out of hiding only on earning conference calls. The fact that they are showing up now is a sign that they are coming off their high horse, and started to look beyond their headquarters.
    I wish they had done something when the share price was falling from $700 to $600 to $500 to.... The fact is they did nothing and said nothing.
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  • Samsung, swan song, It rhymes!
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  • yup, losers typically use such tactics.
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  • So, Samsung, using the T.V. commercial to attack AAPL would be an example of this I suppose, huh, R.E.?
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  • Apple's advertising campaign for 10 years revolved around comparing a svelte bi-lingual Mac user to a balding overweight Microsoft



    ...and Apple wonders why the world hates them after such a positive reinforcement of stereotypes???
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  • "svelte bi-lingual Mac user "


    how would you know comedian Justin Long was portrayed as bilingual
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  • @Sam Liu - Easy!!! He spoke fluent Japanese(?) to a girl in one of the ads. I'll take it you couldn't be ars*d to check the link before you commented?
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  • yes, because actors always learn the language before they say a few words in said language...
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  • @Alex_G - Wow, I never knew we were talking about actors. I'd always assumed that everybody was playing themselves in TV adverts! Guess what Alex, when we refer to what people do in adverts, we are referring to the character!!!
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  • By that logic, shouldn't Apple be activating a large number of handsets per day, since Google claims >500,000 activations per day worldwide? The Google threat is real...fragmentation or not. Apple is definitely feeling the heat.
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  • So let me get this straight. Samsung can push millions upon millions on commercials bashing Apple, the media can push the same negative slanted garbage day after day, and when Apple's marketing chief actually responds back, it is viewed as "being weak" and on the "defensive".


    Just let that sink in for a second.
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  • the_value_vulture,


    Exactly. These myopic Androidians are too funny.
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  • Samsung is doing to Apple what Apple did to Microsoft. Remember "I am a Mac. And I am a PC" commercials.
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  • The difference was, that the Apple Mac was actually a better computer and operating system. Samsung, not.
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  • completely subjective opinion Dukester, for every apple fan there is a samsung fan, a pc fan, etc....
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  • I wouldn't say that Apple was going after Microsoft in the PC vs. Mac commercials as they were of the generic PC, sic, not the OS. They didn't target Dell or HP or any other company by name. One of the ads would talk about bloatware; a problem still alive and well today. Another ad I recall was PC doing an assembly of a PC vs. a single unit iMac.


    Even this current criticism of fragmentation. That doesn't target any specific company, not even Google. It's an Android industry problem. Samsung or HTC or any of the other manufacturers could making their mobile phones so they can be upgraded to the latest mobile OS, they choose not to. Noted exception Nexus.


    If Apple made an ad that mocked eye tracking S/W in the Galaxy as not working for people who wear glasses that would be a company targetted ad, whether it mentioned Samsung by name or not.
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  • @gensearch2-But Apple did. They named Vista a couple of times in their commercials.


    Funny that the PC looks similar to Bill Gates.
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  • That was the first time I saw the Vista commerical. Was there anyone that didn't criticize Vista? Apple hasn't criticized Windows 8, and they may be the only ones. Vista was released in 2007; you need to go back to 2007 to find an instance of when Apple criticized MSFT?


    PC looking similar to Bill Gates is a stretch. I never noticed it and looking for it after you mention it, I have to force it.


    Schiller made his comments the day before the Galaxy was released. Is there anything in those comments that are specific to Samsung?
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  • Samsung was poking fun at Apple with those commercials. Apple was poking fun at Microsoft in theirs. My peeve is people getting mad at Samsung for doing it when Apple also did it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.


    Vista deserved to be criticize.
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  • We'll have to disagree. Bloated s/w on PCs has zero to do with Microsoft. It's the PC manufacturers that do that, not MSFT. Nor is it Google's fault that Android is fragmented; that was the choice that the product developers made.


    You had to go back 5 years to come up with the Vista ad. Name one Apple product ad in the last year that has targetted a specific company.


    Look at the theme of this topic. Apple is the one that's being pointed at for commenting on the state of the Android industry. Apple would well be in there rights to toss some stones specifically at Samsung for all the Galaxy SIII that turns into bricks after 6 months; Samsung replaces the board [with the same revision] but never acknowledges the problem.
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  • I am not attacking Apple. I laughed at those Apple ads. I laughed at the Samsung ones. I will laugh if Apple comes out with an ad that shows Samsung singe white femaled them.


    I am just saying it is ok for one company to poke fun at another and vise-versa.
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  • global sales data as of Feb 13:
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  • modesty usually goes unnoticed except to the discerning eye...unfortunately WallStreet trades on headlines not fundamentals
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  • Apple has gotten their butt kicked on marketing and advertising in the last 12 months. However, Schiller's approach at tackling the competition on the 'semantics' of features shows the desperation that arises from having executed poorly. Harken back to the iPod campaign - the black silhouettes with bright white earbuds - in a sense, 'hiding' the customer which creates a broader range of who the customer might be, but clearly establishing the 'iconic' white earbud. Or recall the "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC" campaign...Mac guy, looking cool and hip; PC guy looking geeky and disheveled; all the while, pointing out the consumer-level downsides of a PC...crashes, blue screens, and all the rest. Where has that iconic, creative advertising gone? Waging battle on features that are ever ebbing and flowing is not where the war is. It is on the cult image of Apple.
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  • The problem with all this ....cough cough ahem .... analysis ...... is everyone seems to assume things are pretty static, and profits now means continued profits in the future.


    Well, I'm going to tell you all that it just ain't so!


    When you have the leading position in a valuable market, you are a TARGET, and people learn how to hit you by taking target practice.


    Every hit reduces your profit and makes you easier to hit in the future - until you are at parity or worse.


    DEC failed in the computer business even though they were number 1 in a very profitable sector and their management had been lauded in the trades and on Wall Street.


    IBM left the PC market because it was no longer profitable for them because the competition was fierce.


    What about Dell?


    What about HP?


    Do you need more examples of companies that fell from a leading position in a profitable market because of intense competition?
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  • All of this "noise" will be a good excuse for AAPL to be down 10 points tomorrow!
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  • I've read every single post, and like some of you I agree that apple needs to talk more about their upcoming product line & speak up about what they are going to do for shareholders. The frustrating thing is to see such a great companys stock drop 250 points when fundamentally its a very heathy company with great products. What's even more frustrating is holding onto shares that keep going lower while the leaders of the company appear to care nothing about its shareholders. It isn't enough to say, "yes, we're looking into giving back to shareholders" you have to back that up with action and do it quickly to offset the ongoing decline. Just can't figure out why this one action is so hard for apple to implement in a timely fashion? IMO it's beginning to seem like they aren't doing any of the easy things to increase shareholder value.
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  • I do not think talking about their new product line is a good idea. Everyone will just attempt to beat them to market.
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  • I don't think new products are a good idea.


    APPL should shut down all research and development.


    If they put out new products, they will simply make more money, Wall Street Chattering Class will hate them more, and the share price will go down.


    Learn to get with the trend - lose money. Look what happened to Mitt Romney.
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  • Ertingwa, I never ever thought about it, but my iphone which I've had for 1 yr has not had one glitch, its ran flawlessly. I can't say that about any other operating system I have owned. It really is so appreciated to have my phone run as quick and flawlessly as the day I bought it. This is the first Apple product I have purchased. Btw it's the 4s.
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  • Great to see Apple educating future buyers as to the pit falls of android.
    Samsung is is price driven ......... Apple is value driven.
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  • In answer to...
    "Is Schiller just being candid, or does Apple now think Android's rise demands a more aggressive marketing stance?"
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  • Agree with Jack and others that the APPL beating has taken a turn well beyond rationality. The numbers speak for themselves. Put a AAPL and Samsung device in front of a kid and ask it to pick. There will be only one choice.


    Samsung and Android is cheap stuff for the masses. Yes, thats a way to gain traction and win "market share" (whatever that may be...). Its not a way to make profits, which is what I care about as investor.


    I also don't figure Samsung's business model: They dump cheap devices that make them no money for someone else to put their operating system on.


    Go figure...
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  • "They dump cheap devices that make them no money for someone else to put their operating system on. "


    That is what Matsushita did in the 80s to get market share (patent payments!) and therefore the VCR defeated the technologically superior Sony Betamax ...
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  • there are plenty of examples of better spec that lost out for all kinds of reasons. Token ring lost out to ethernet just because the addressing scheme of ethernet is the same as the internet.
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  • "Apple for kids to pick." Android for rational/business people.


    Stop this childish emotional game.


    Focus on functionality, not form & let the people decide for themselves.


    My analysis. Android is the new Windows (90%) for the next generation. Apple had its time during this transition that it triggered.
    However, as Sony's memory stick, it cannot compete against many.
    Samsung is learning very fast.
    Apple can trick people many times - but not all the time.
    Asia/China is the next trend setter.
    Forget about quality, smartphones get recycled in <2yrs (for some 1yr).


    Best device so far: Galaxy Note 2 (no competitor).


    Enjoy the freedom of competition.
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  • apple now really is going off the red line for hi tech industry


    IBM has set the standard long in the 70's that most companies follows. Very few companies sue others for patent issues. They either do nothing or just negotiate for a settlement. There were many many hi tech companies that has lots and lots of patents and very very seldom do you see them go to court.


    A good example is the biggest market ever for the last 31 years the IBM PC industry. In the beginning hundreds if not thousands of companies copy IBM's product. People even take IBM's custom chip and cut the layers. They took pictures and then have the schematics make. Never heard of IBM sue anyone or even say anything negative about anyone. The reason why the PC industry was so great for so long was because of IBM's leadership. The IBM pc market would not have grown that fast and that big if it is not for all those thousands of companies that work on the same platform. IBM themself also make a lot more money due to the size of the market created by all the features and functions created by all those thousands of companies.


    Today Apple go even further in this lower than low in their negative marketing. You should market your features and functions and not just bad mouth others like a politician.


    In the long run Apple is going to lose big time. Now everyone is going to attack Apple in any way they can.


    Samsong is going to win one patent against apple in the communication algorithm and now the US goverment may have to bail out Apple for not baring them from even selling their iPhone. Why do we need all this nonsense. At the end I am sure everyone will have to go back to what it was before Apple get into the phone business. Everyone has patents they have all just negotiate among themself and never created any public law suit nonsense.
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  • Not sure where you get the idea that IBM didn't sue for patent infringement, they did & certainly still will. However, in today's world of social media news hits us in the face quicker than ever & in way too many formats, radio, tv, web, print, phone, etc...back in ibm's early years no one ever paid attention to whom sued whom. But what would be the sense of having a patent if you don't protect it from theives & competitors? If you do your homework, go online & look at pictures of samsungs tablets & phones before the iPhone & then look at pictures after the iPhone came out, it's pretty clear that Samsung has ripped of apple! I hold patents to protect my invention & after investing so much money & time in development & research you better believe I would sue to protect it. Wouldn't you?
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  • not sure where to put this


    1. Apple
    2012 growth in offshore profit holdings (in millions): Over $28,300
    Total offshore profit holdings as of 2012 (in millions): $82,600
    Headquarters: California
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  • That makes no sense, you're listing different numbers for the same time period. What's your point?
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  • This ladies and gents is an example of a proper slam.


    HTC president calls Samsung’s Galaxy S4 event embarrassing


    Saturday, March 16, 2013 · 9:52 am · 48 Comments


    “As anyone who was on hand at last year’s Galaxy S III unveiling expected, Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 press conference at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday evening was quite the spectacle,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.


    “HTC president Jason MacKenzie was watching the show Thursday night, and he had some choice comments when asked how he felt about the unveiling of his chief rival’s new flagship smartphone,” Epstein reports. “‘I went from laughing to actually feeling embarrassed at some of the acting,’ MacKenzie said in an interview with CNET. ‘Watching the presentation, it looks like they invested a lot in marketing instead of innovation.’”

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