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Congress is increasing its efforts to force the Postal Service to maintain Saturday deliveries,...

Congress is increasing its efforts to force the Postal Service to maintain Saturday deliveries, with the Senate considering a provision about the issue in a budget resolution after the House passed similar legislation last week. There are also dark mutterings that the decision, which would save $2B a year, would make it more difficult for Congress to make other changes the Postal Service wants.
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  • I guess the Postal Worker Union had some objections to reducing head count and/or hours at the Post Office and the weenies on Capitol Hill just caved. Why save the American people $2.0Billion a year when you can buy some votes with other peoples money?
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  • >>Why save the American people $2.0Billion a year when you can buy some votes with other peoples money? <<


    That's a rhetorical question, yes? :-)
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  • Does anyone get enough mail that they wouldn't mind M/W/FRI deliveries (maybe package deliveries could be M-SA, but regular mail is M/W/FRI.)


    Maybe break the post office up into different levels, Fedex/Fedex Ground style - regular mail would be delivered less often and maybe be a bit cheaper; package and express happens daily. Maybe with less focus on regular mail, they could devote more time to the "same day" delivery they have been experimenting with in some major areas.


    Speaking of Fedex, I still think it would be a better idea to break up the post office and have it be handled by Fedex/UPS instead, but that'll never happen.
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  • And when you're at work and aren't there to receive your delivery from FedEx, they tell you to drive to your nearest FedEx pick-up location to retrieve your package. Unfortunately, if you are one of those rural families who are now being served 6 days a week by the USPS, your "nearest" FedEx or UPS location is only 50 miles away. Your other option is to pay an additional $30 to have it delivered to your neighbor's house. City dwellers really do not understand (or often care) what a dramatic impact cutting out the postal service would have on the rural communities.
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  • How hypocritical !


    You can reduce my mail delivery to 2 days/week --- trash day. That way I can take my mail from the box and drop 90 to 100% of it in the trash can that is already out on the curb by the mailbox.
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  • Congress needs to address more pressing issues and pass something that will solve some of the problems they helped create.
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  • Wow, how critical is Saturday delivery? Congress, it seems to me, should focus the attention to something more important than debate on this trivial issue (while saving 2B).
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  • Saturday delivery is not necessary, even for Congress which is out of town very week beginning on Thursday.
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  • So if every one would just pay for my future family members retirement up to the next 75 yrs and put it in an account for me, oh and in needs to be paid in full by the next ten yrs. What? That's what the Post Office is being asked to do !!! Have we become some electronically dependent that you can't see the day when, oh, I don't know, say a big rock falls from space and hits a major satellite and we have to rely on the Mailman for communications? Oh did that almost happen last week? With all the global warming folks, look at the storms that knock everything out, oh but the Mailman shows up. Not ups or fedex. OH yea, atleast no one can hack your check that you just scanned to the bank. I mean like at least we are safe from that !! Please ask a mailman about his job, his family and the way he cares about you before you wish their jobs away.
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  • Right and lets continue to build obsolete weapons systems to save those jobs as well and lets restore cabooses on the back of trains to restore those jobs. Lets pay our farmers not to grow certain crops. In fact, lets rebuild our entire economy to produce useless or outmoded gadgets and mindless incentives so that we can keep everyone employed.
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  • @hagan: We already DO continue to build obsolete (and vastly more expensive than the PO) weapons systems (to save jobs for the executive class). We DO pay farmers (or agribusiness and tax-shelters) not to grow certain crops, or to leave fields fallow. What's your solution to the numbers of your fellow citizens who are not employed? They are useless and outmoded too, you know.
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  • No, Mia. I don't believe that or feel that way. I know we already DO the things I said sarcastically we should do. What I mean is, lets stop doing those things. That includes Saturday mail delivery. My solution to the unemployment situation? I don't have the perfect policy solution. But I know it is not to pay people to produce goods and services for which there is no demand. For the individual, the solution has to be customized - age, education, health, geography all play a role. I've been unemployed and for me, the solution was to treat finding a job as a full time job, to close the mental door on self-doubt and to stay optimistic and flexible on location, pay and work environment. In the end, you have to decide if you are going to go down, you'll go down swinging. In terms of help from the government, there should always be a safety net, but it should be set at a level that is less than comfortable and should not demotivate the individual from doing all that he/she can do to land a job. You have to have a mind-set that the solution to your employment issue is going to come from you and not from the government, friends, family or the church.
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  • I live in California's Central Valley. Our mail delivery has become increasingly slow as the distribution stations have been closed to save money. Next week begins the closure of the one remaining center and all the mail will be shipped over the hill to SoCal for processing. This means that a document addressed to a business here in town must be processed 100 or more miles away, then returned and delivered by contractors who bid on mail routes and must supply their own gas and vehicles. If there is snow or a mudslide, the Pass is closed, and the mail will be further delayed.


    I missed out on a job offer because I received a letter specifying that I needed to confirm within 5 days that I was interested. Unfortunately, I received the letter six days later.


    Why don't you corporate types and lobbyists save trillions by simply killing the Post Office cold, instead of this slow disembowelment? You make it impossible for them to compete (with the retirement funding stupidity), and as they limp along trying to make do, you cut the prosthetic legs out from under them and jeer that they are irrelevant and unsuccessful. Like Rob Portman, you'll only care when it directly affects you.
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