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Boeing's (BA) technical engineers have overwhelmingly approved a new four-year labor agreement,...

Boeing's (BA) technical engineers have overwhelmingly approved a new four-year labor agreement, thereby averting a possible strike at a critical time for the company as it works to solve the 787's battery problems. The authorization comes after the technical workers rejected the same offer last month while Boeing's engineers accepted their deal. The agreement will lower the firm's pension costs, as it eliminates pensions for new recruits.
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  • thomas85225
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    40% of Boeing will retire in the next five years from Boeing!
    What Speea membership need to do is to FIRE Speea before the next contact!
    In 1992 Speea had SPEEA's 29,000 members
    In the 1990’s members of Speea Technical Employees in Disagreement with SPEEA call TEDS try!



    The IAM was FIRED as the union in South Caroline for non performance


    (Note you can belong to a Union in a Right to Work State)


    Can the memberships afford to keep Speea which is no match for Boeing, which is a Multinational Corporation!
    Some of Speea highlight are:
    1. Speea got its membership one day pay for first day of orientation for new hires!
    2. Speea gives always COLA
    3. Speea become a Union
    4. Speea does a good impression of rolling over and playing dead
    5. Speea bought Charles Bofferding III SPEEA executive director a truck ( I thought the truck was for chuck to pack up and leave town)


    Note Speea has only been a union since the 1990’s and association since 1945
    Before Speea was a union in 1993 Speea when out on out (half a day) strike by noon Charles Bofferding III, SPEEA executive director threw away all the picket signs and sign the contact without the vote of The Speea memberships crossing their own pickets line during the strike
    In 1990 Charles Bofferding III SPEEA executive director was offer assistance from the International Aerospace Worker and there play book and there negotiators team to help with Speea negotiations with Boeing, SPEEA executive director Charles Bofferding III refused!
    In the 40 years Boeing has off loaded 70% of commercial into 70 countries and 24 states mostly non union


    The IAM and Speea has done little to organize the other Boeing plant and suppliers, in Washington State (there are 694 suppler, aerospace suppliers) how many are union?


    Boeing has sold off Kent and the 787 tail fin is moving to Utah, Boeing is buying 1100 acres of lands in south Caroline
    Airbus is looking for location for the 2nd assembly’s line for the A350 L.B.F.A ( lithium-cobalt batteries free aircrafts )
    the 2nd assembly line for A320 will be Mobile Alabama


    Only 35% of Boeing is Union 20% IAM, 13% Speea, 2% UAW
    The IAM only represent Boeing in Washington State, MO, Kansas
    CA and PA are UAW.
    AZ, TX, UT, OK. PA, TX, AL, LA, SC, China and Canada are non union
    Speea represent Boeing in Oregon, Palmdale Ca, Washington State, and Spirits Aero Systems in Kansas
    Boeing is closing it plant in Kansas in 2013, and Speea had done little to stop contactors, or Boeing setting up design studio around the world
    Boeing is still sending commercial work to non union locations, Long Beach Caifornia and other Boeing division see Job req# 13-1002357 Wire Design & Installation Engineer 3/4
    The IAM when out on strike to stop out souring in the 1990’s after losing a lawsuit over out sourcing Boeing and the IAM agree that the IAM would have first chance to bid on the parts being out source
    This would required the IAM to become a supplier to Boeing and buy the machinery and the building from Boeing and become a union hall and hire worker, this never happen but the membership did sign the contact anyway!
    Boeing want a no strike clause for the 787 program which is RISK SHARING program and when the IAM refuse Boeing then place the 787 2nd assembly line up for bid, 88 cities responded to Boeing request, Vought won the bid and Vought build the south Caroline plant with tax break from the south Caroline taxpayer
    With all the off loading over the last 40 years the IAM has only file a few laws against Boeing during that time
    During the last IAM strike membership took a onetime payment to drop all outsourcings lawsuits
    There a lot more suppliers at boeing than South Caroline See 787 Manufacturing and suppliers
    Boeing could have been the world largest aerospace company but Before the meager with McAir aka McDonnell Douglas Boeing bought Hughes Defense and Space, North American Aviation from Rockwell, move the passenger to freighter mod center to China, sold the Door center to Latécoère, France, sold its commercial Ttriumph that now build parts for Gulfstream and Airbus
    Boeing has torn down Douglas Long Beach Ca, Renton and off load its infrastructures from plant in Washington state
    Can the memberships afford to keep Speea which is no match for Boeing which is a Multinational Corporation!
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    , contributor
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    This comment is so horribly written that it is unreadable. Slow down, use the dictionary, reread what you write. This is typical of all your comments. You always sound like a rant.
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  • thomas85225
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    thank I using micsoft Vista with auto correct
    you can fact up for self ! at all the history file at the seatte times


    Coverup At Boeing?


    Boeing's Secret


    20 Mar 2013, 04:39 PM Reply Like
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