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Pres. Obama prepares to announce his jobs package with his weakest-ever approval ratings, as a...

Pres. Obama prepares to announce his jobs package with his weakest-ever approval ratings, as a new WSJ/NBC News shows just 44% approval, 73% saying the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction, and 70% believing the economy hasn't hit bottom.
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  • Is laying off 20% of the post office part of his plan......
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  • I hope so...50% would be a good start....we need real jobs...people that pay taxes ..not government jobs...people that use tax revenues..when the Socialist figures that out that people create jobs not politicians...then we will start the recovery...but I do not think he will ever realize that fact...he believes in dreams...not reality
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  • But Obama has charisma. Who needs jobs when we have a clear spoken leader that is respected by so many nations. IIRC this was what the media promised would be our salvation. Don't you feel saved?
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  • It's about a three letter word: jobs.
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  • Yes! Thank you Joe Biden!
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  • Who are the 44% that still support this guy?
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  • Govt employees, trial lawyers, university professors, labor unions and various other zombie youngsters.
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  • Most of them are no doubt the 45% who pay no income tax.
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  • Based on what I have read of his job proposals, I see few jobs being created. I really think he doesn't understand how. He keeps trying to pick winners and losers, throwing lots of money at solar companies which have ended up in bankruptcy. While also trying to disrupt oil and gas exploration which is booming. Get out of the way and let free market determine winners and losers Best thing that could be done is slash and burn all the regulations.
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  • "Best thing that could be done is slash and burn all the regulations."


    A little too strong. All regulations should have a 60 month sunset provision. Then they must show a positive economic effect in order to be renewed. This probably would be a good idea for all government agencies. I'd like to see a justification on the education or energy departments.
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  • Utopia is the grotesque en rose, the need to associate happiness -- that is, the improbable -- with becoming, and to coerce an optimistic, aerial vision to the point where it rejoins its own source: the very cynicism it sought to combat. In short, a monstrous fantasy.


    E.M. CIORAN, History and Utopia
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  • Let's see: we elected a Senator with an undistinguished record as a legislator (whether local or national), whose claim to fame was an appeal to the downtrodden to share the wealth and an impressive (but never verified) list of academic creditials. Even though he could never prove his right to hold office, and had absolutely no experience in actual governance, this man was elected primarily for a change in leadership and to assuage what many felt to be the collective guilt of a racist America.


    History will not look kindly upon this charlatan nor the fools that enabled and elected him.
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  • If he was smart, and I am sad to say he is not, he would say:


    I accept full responsibility for failure of my policies to create any jobs. So today I am proposing three things that my opponents, the Republicans, want: (a) The rich should be allowed to eat the poor, (b) the middle class should be allowed to work 70 hours a week, and they should be given $2 for every $100 of salary cuts they voluntarily accept, and (c) the top level income tax rate should be reduced to -5% (well, the republicans wanted the rate to be 0%, but with the enormous savings that we would achieve by implementing these policies we can afford to thank the job creators with a little token of our gratitude).
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  • Jobs gone to East and not comming back. Also company learned to operate with less people and everybody is working almost 60 hours a week without extra pay.
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  • Sam,
    The Jobs are going to start leaving the East as well, If you want in on the ground floor of the next phase in human labor enslavement all you got to do is learn to speak Swahili...
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  • Berry said "his low poll numbers are the fault of the GOP".
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  • Did 27% of those polled really believe the economy is heading in the "right direction" or was there another choice on the survey?
    A. Economy heading in the right direction
    B. Economy heading in the wrong direction
    C. Not sure what the economy is
    D. All of the above


    I think that there alot of people who now know what Former Alaska Governor Palin said about polls recently. Perhaps that should have been a choice.
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  • The problem seems to be Americans depending on a government solution. As Ronald Reagan rightly said government is the problem and not the solution. The day we stop depending on the government and start depending on ourselves, this country will be on the right track!
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  • Tjohn, I agree with you but the trick is in implementation


    What solution can corporate, middle or small town America enact that has not been blocked, regulated, banned or taxed making the solution impossible to implement ?


    We have painted ourselves into a corner as a nation. The question we need to seriously ask ourselves is " Do I believe that the system in its current form can be reformed from within it's existing framework?"


    The answer is no it cannot, not because the system is flawed but because the people are...
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  • In India they call it "Permit Raj!" For every thing you have to go to a civil servant for a permit. Yet their economy grows 8%. We are better than India as far as regulations are concerned, how is it our growth rate is so low? In my view we are giving too much importance to our government. That is all I am saying.
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  • Government greatly expanded under Reagan's administration, and federal budget deficits soared to new highs. Politicians usually say one thing and do the other. The only politician who truly stood up to this promises was Adolf Hitler, but do you want his kind of politician?


    The best cure against big deficit is a Republican Congress and a Democratic White House. Witness Truman and Clinton administrations.
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  • Everyone seems to be talking about jobs and whether the dems or rebs can do it... no one seems to want to address why the conditions for creating jobs is gone... That's a painful introspection no one is willing to perform... The winner is the one who will do just that
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  • The left does not exist to create jobs. They exist to see that wealth is passed around equally. The man was 100% clear when he was campaigning and I give him credit for it! He said he wanted to "fundamentally transform the United States of America". Were people not listening? There is noone to blame here but the American people. They believed in him because they wanted to, because they wanted to feel good about voting for him. That's it.
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