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British Airways, a subsidiary of International Airlines Group, may be leaning towards EADS'...

British Airways, a subsidiary of International Airlines Group, may be leaning towards EADS' (EADSF.PK) Airbus A350-1000 for some long-haul flights according to WSJ. The airline is also considering the Boeing (BA) 777X, but "people familiar with the situation" indicated the Airbus purchase could be completed this week. (Previously: Japan Airlines may buy Airbus A350s)
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  • GarryGR
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    Article by Aviation Week, back in November 2012 - "Emirates A350-1000 Order 'In Limbo', By Jens Flottau jens_flottau@aviationw... Source: AWIN First", reported:
    [The aircraft is “overweight and late,” Clark (Emirates Airline President Tim Clark) tells Aviation Week. “Let’s just see what she is like when she flies,” he adds. “At the moment there are issues.
    Emirates has placed orders for 50 A350-900s and 20 A350-1000s. Airbus has delayed the -1000’s entry-into-service of the -1000 by about two years to 2017, much to the chagrin of Middle East airlines, such as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways]


    Airbus is notorious for exaggerating their order numbers, having done so to win the yearly orders race 9 out of 10 times, in the decade leading up to last year, 2012. But then in 2012, Boeing delivered more planes than Airbus did; go figure, but for your own good, you might NOT want to use Airbus math! :)
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    British Airways, has 57 747-400s and Delta airline has 16 747-400s
    The two Airlines has inform Boeing that they will not be replacing their existing fleet of 747-400s with 747-8s that only has 35% commonality with the 747-400
    (Boeing is now laying off personal)
    The 747-400 has been outsource sine 1966 to Northrop that build the fuselage super panels (and other company) Northrop sold its commercial aircraft division in 1997 including the 747
    to the Carlyle group aka Vought-Triumph,
    the agreement with Boeing is min of 2 1/2 aircraft per month to keep the Vendors under contact or the cash payment of 2 1/2 747 per months
    In August 2012, Boeing confirmed orders for the 747-8 totaled 106, including 70 of the freighter version, and 36 of the passenger version. Delivery of the first freighter aircraft occurred in October 2011; passenger model deliveries began in 2012.


    Boeing 747-8 is two years late on delivers late and 2.04 Billion over budget and overweight and has performes short fall requiring PIPs upgrade as reported by Boeing
    Delta Airlines is in talks with Airbus, Boeing to buy jets: Bloomberg | +1'd this publicly. Undo
    Jan 23, 2013 – (Reuters) - Delta Air Lines Inc is in talks with Airbus SAS and Boeing Co to buy $1 billion or more new jets, Bloomberg reported, citing people ...
    Japan Airlines may buy 20 Airbus A350 jets: NikkeiTravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific ‎- 4 days ago
    The grounding of Boeing 787 Dreamliner due to defected battery's system is seriously impacting the excellent relations between Boeing and ...
    It’s not clear if the Lawsuit file by Delta Airlines and other airlines against the Import-Export bank on making better deal on loan then to American base airlines
    with it staff members of Boeing CEO James McNerney formally of GE and 3M and Jeffrey R. Immelt Ceo of GE is cause of the Airlines looking to place orders with Airbus,


    The first Airbus A350-900 has been assemble and will entry flight test soon, and the Boeing 787-9 is line number 126 and will be assemble on 6-13-2013 batteries not included, extended warranty and roadside assistance is available at extra cost alone with fire and smoke insurance and water damages as of 4-1-2013
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  • thomas85225
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    Boeing is now laying off and it orders book are full, Chicago sell guys forget when Boeing take the airlines orders its must build and delivery the aircrafts to the airlines on time and on budget per the purchase agreement and not using the aircraft as advertisement sign to spell out “ Welcome to Boeing” at pain field Everett for four years .
    Boeing need to make good on its check of 27 million on the bonuses check to its CEO


    Boeing has yet to inform the Washington State and South Caroline taxpayer payer that gives tax break to Boeing alone with the Japanese government, it’s not clear how must of the CEO bonuses is taxpayer money!!



    The 787-8s are grounded for try to use a Lithium-ion batteries costing $1600 a piece and weighing 68 pounds that Boeing and the FAA have know about since 2007!
    Is the Boeing Chicago sell guys from GEs that running the Boeing trying to collect on the Fire, Smoke, and water damages Insurance Policy on the 787s


    The 787 was started in 2003 its now 2013, Boeing said it would assembly one 787 every three days Boeing should have delivery over 300 787 to date, only 50 has been delivery and the airline are now sueing Boeing for late delivery before the grounding and over lost renew for not having there aircrafts in service


    Boeing has stated it need to sell 1100 787 to break even and that was before the grounding
    Boeing has 114 cancellations for 787s
    40 787 are parked and 23 787s are still needing rework
    The first 40 787-8 have cost Boeing 32 Billions
    The 787 problems have been will document in the world press
    (Boeing blame it problems on sourcing of the manufacturing, Boeing should have outsource the management since managements do not build aircrafts and anyone can make a bar chart and give a PowerPoint presentation and play golf )
    The 787 is not the first program to be outsource to other aerospace company and supplier, the KC-135A in 1957, 747 in 1966, 757 &767 in 1972, 737NC in 2005, 777 in 1991, 2003 in 2003
    Boeing in the last 40 years has become Multinational Corporation that build aircrafts in 70 countries and 24 states mostly non-union and Everett and Renton are only completion center .
    Since 1996 Boeing has sold off division to Onex of Canada aka Sprite AeroSystems and Vought Aircraft Industries now Triumph Group that build parts for Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream ect
    The 787 must be in service with the airlines without any problems before it can be granted its FAA ETOPS for 330 min certification.
    The 737 max is two behind the A320NEO the 737 was design in 1966 base on the 707 of 1958 and must be desing to lasted FAA standard see
    The 777-X is still TBD ( if the 777 has a wing span great then 227 feet it will classily as a FAA “code F aircraft” to big to fix into the assembly in Everett Washington will need to build in south Caroline with its 480 wide assembly bay
    The 747-8 has only 111 orders and 40 deliveries
    The A380 has 262 orders and 103 deliveries
    The A350-500 is the long rang aircraft available, 36 orders and 32 delivery aircraft the program has been cancelled ( so where is the need for long rang aircraft that can carry 425 passenger 9000 mile ?)
    A350-1000 is TBD
    A350-900 has been assembly and will entry flight test soon
    The 787-9 is line number 126 and will be assembly on 6-13-2013 and will entry flight test this year
    The 787-10 is TBD
    Delta has 18 787 on orders that will delivery in 2020 and 109 737 and Japans airlines ( Japan build 35% of 787 and invested Billions) is now looking to buy at Airbus
    Delta Air Lines has filed sues against U.S. Export-Import Bank over subsidies |
    Delta Said to Talk With Airbus, Boeing on Jet Purchase -
    Rumored Japan Airlines Airbus order would be a blow to Boeing


    As of 4-1-2013, The 787 should be used as crews and ground trainer for the airline personals or as dinner plane where the airline could sell ticket for a 3 hour tours of a simulated flight with dinner and a movie then Patron exist down the escape slide, where the Patron photo will be taken and place on a smoke-en hot T-shirt just like a amusement park ride this way the airline and Boeing still make some revenue on the out service 787 and maybe low speed and speed taxi ride too


    Boeing Stocker Holder has filed a complaint, in the Southern District of Illinois, charges Boeing and certain of its officers and directors with violations of the federal securities laws concerning false and misleading statements regarding the 787 Dreamliner.
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