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Former Fed vice-chair Alan Blinder puts QE4 out there - imagining a future round of central bank...

Former Fed vice-chair Alan Blinder puts QE4 out there - imagining a future round of central bank purchases involving not only MBS, but corporate bonds, syndicated loans, consumer receivables, "and so forth" (maybe even that treadmill we can't unload on craigslist?).
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  • wyostocks
    , contributor
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    How about my mortgage and credit card debt also.
    28 Sep 2011, 01:18 PM Reply Like
  • Stoploss
    , contributor
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    Throw in my medical debt too while were at it..
    28 Sep 2011, 01:55 PM Reply Like
  • Tony Petroski
    , contributor
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    The copywriter has wit.


    It raises a good question. Now that the banks have had their TARP and troubled assets have been wiped off the books, can't we have a Main Street TARP? Treadmills, pet rocks, most products made by Ron Popeil--place them near the street and the Fed assessors will hand you a check for the original retail cost and haul away the debris.


    How's that for demand-side stimulus Paul Krugman?


    I'll accept my Nobel in February.
    28 Sep 2011, 01:20 PM Reply Like
  • untrusting investor
    , contributor
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    Never ending. Just let the market do what it has to do and quit propping up the damn crony capitalists. Let them fail and let some real entrepreneurs come in and fill the gap.
    28 Sep 2011, 02:17 PM Reply Like
  • yoguh12
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    I have some empty wine bottles which I cleaned out during the weekend...maybe they will give me a couple of bucks for those too?
    28 Sep 2011, 02:20 PM Reply Like
  • User 487974
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    You fracking scuzball of a socialist!
    QE 4 pal?


    How about we just pay off every mortgage holder in the country, and then give the struggling idiots(of which I am one) 50,000 cash to "JUICE THE ECONOMY", God your fracking stupidity astounds me!


    QE 3 hasn't even destroyed that much of the working slobs standard of living and now the free loading Obama courted welfare / credit /food card holding mooches are getting free cell phones and monthly cell service to buy their votes!


    Hey Al, seriously pal, do you actually think the American public is this FRACKING STUPID?
    You and the rest of the Maxine Waters a-holes can go "Straight to hell!"


    You are a disgrace to the economics profession and one hell of a sorry ass American!


    You show your true stripes with class warfare like this, Obama and the whole progressive / socialist mentality so rampant on college campus today!


    Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God


    Do you even know the significance to the line Al?
    Frack off!
    28 Sep 2011, 02:28 PM Reply Like
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