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Boeing (BA) will start issuing layoff notices to engineers beginning tomorrow, as the company...

Boeing (BA) will start issuing layoff notices to engineers beginning tomorrow, as the company shifts away from development work on the 747-8 and 787-9. Notices will be sent out to 700 employees, with up to 1000 more cuts planned by the end of the year. The cuts still could be reduced however, if the company is able to reduce contract labor levels. Meanwhile, work on the 777-x and 787-10 has not yet been approved.
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  • hickox5050
    , contributor
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    Boeing mgt seems to believe that high skilled engineers can be laid off and hired back somewhat akin to day past years this did come home to bite when sales spiked and high numbers of 'green' design engineers were required 'quickly' [ as if they were fully seasoned ] resulting in untold assembly problems and eng rework orders at final assembly & in service - the 'savings' in pay for using green engineers vs keep the bench strength high by avoiding layoffs was IMO eclipsed by the [ unmeasured ] cost impacts in 'downstream' production operations [ fab, assembly,
    delivery and maintenance ] The 787 Program IMO = poster child for the bad news about the lay of - hire back mentality - but here Boeing wente even 1 step further - offloaded BOTH assembly/ component design and the build to primes and subs [ retaining airplane level integration only which was a FIRST for Boeing since
    1917 ] thereby allowing to "wash hands" for outcomes - not!
    The really bad news was Boeing had to dispatch hundreds of Industrial Engineers to 'attempt' to get primes/subs to some semblance of delivery commitments [ even tho many were WAY
    behind the curve ] probably the WORST design/build airframe in Boeing history - BILLIONS of $$$ WASTED in late engineering changes, sub cost overruns, Boeing payroll costs for 'rescuing'
    primes and subs... plus payments to airlines/leasing companies for for missed revenues due to 787 grounding - breakeven for 787
    has to be in the very high hundreds of production units - the breakthrough airplane was an equally break the bank one for BA -
    18 Apr 2013, 07:33 PM Reply Like
  • thomas85225
    , contributor
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    and the ceo still got hes salary of 23 millions and the bounes of
    27 millions
    the tax payer of Washington state, south Carlones and japenes goverment has given million in tax break to Boeing


    the 787 is most advance milking machine in the world follow by the US govement
    just wait on still the govement bailout
    18 Apr 2013, 10:52 PM Reply Like
  • thomas85225
    , contributor
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    There you have its,
    Its official !
    Boeing does not love you any more!
    The honeymoon is over!
    Now repeat after me “South Caroline is a wonderfully place” again
    ( or welcome to the everet walmart)
    In every program it come time to shoot the office staff, designer, ME planner ect and assemble the aircrafts
    Airbus of American should hold a job fair for its plants in KA, OK, NC, AL and TN


    Many of these plant where once own by Boeing, Douglas, North American aviation ect


    Boeing has off load work to over Sea Company


    Airbus has offload work to over sea company=American


    Washington State should do an Industry Assist to Airbus of American


    50% of Boeing employee will be retiring in five years !


    Boeing order book are full and Boeing is laying off ????????????????


    There are 163 787-8 that need to rework!


    The 787-8 has yet to meet rate


    There 18 KC-46 to be assemble (lot 1)


    There 1185 737MAX to be assembled


    The 787-9 is line number 126 and will be assemble on 6-13-2013


    From 1993 to 1996 Boeing layoff 37% of the workforce and in 1996 most people did not return and its cost Boeing 30% more to build the aircrafts and 30% longer


    in 1996 Boeing bought Hughes Aircraft Defense and Space and
    North American Aviation from Rockwell and meager with MDC


    Boeing could have been world biggest aerospace company but GE corporate raiders that running Boeing sold off Boeing, Hughes, North American and Douglas, manufacturing capability to make Boeing a completions center in Everett and Renton and California a parking lots
    College kids with bar chart and management do not build aircraft or make money for the company
    Aircraft delivery to the airline is what makes money for the company
    The history of aircraft worker see
    The Demise of Aerospace, Part 2. We Doubt It. - DigitalCommons ...


    People issues are the cracks in aero industry foundation by William b. Scott aviation week & space technology pages 63 to 66 6-21-1999
    18 Apr 2013, 10:55 PM Reply Like
  • jimonqa
    , contributor
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    The layoffs will provide a short-term boost to the bottom line, which will trigger stock incentives for McNerney and crew. He retires in 2 years, so he gets his.
    20 Apr 2013, 07:06 AM Reply Like
  • thomas85225
    , contributor
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    CEO Jim McNerney only has two years left before his retirement from Boeing maybe the Boeing stock holder will loan him an C-17 and given him he’s Golden Parachute power by Lithium-Ion Batteries over one of the world 27 active volcanoes, as he retirement package
    20 Apr 2013, 08:35 PM Reply Like
  • thomas85225
    , contributor
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    Boeing orders book are now full !


    How does the Boeing Sell Guy in Chicago think these aircraft are going to be build and by who ?


    40% of Boeing work force will be retiring in five years
    20 Apr 2013, 09:11 PM Reply Like
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