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Nokia (NOK) roundup: 1) Bloomberg reports Verizon is "set to unveil a plan next month" for the...

Nokia (NOK) roundup: 1) Bloomberg reports Verizon is "set to unveil a plan next month" for the anticipated Lumia 928, which (in-line with past reports) is said to feature a 4.5" display, metal body (likely aluminum), 8MP camera, and wireless charging support. As would-be Verizon Galaxy S IV buyers can vouch, Verizon often takes longer to test/qualify new phones than rivals. 2) A Dutch court has granted Nokia an injunction for HTC's flagship One smartphone, declaring the phone's microphone chips (supplied by STM) use Nokia's IP.
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  • Well, HTC not only uses Nokia's IP, HTC One uses the actual exact microphone component that was manufactured by ST exclusively for Nokia by Nokia's designs.


    And to top things off, HTC advertises this technology in its own marketing

    23 Apr 2013, 09:26 AM Reply Like
  • Nokia has a ridiculous quantity of useful patents. Ultimately that's one of the things that'll save them. Even cross-licensing deals usually result in small payments to them. (tens of millions)


    That said, injunctions have always felt icky to me. Blocking sales of competitors doesn't sit right with me, rather than competing with a better product. I prefer excessive monetary remunerations for violations, as a way to encourage proper licensing.
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  • Stock, that would certainly be more lucrative; blocking sales doesn't guarantee that NOK will sell more phones...
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  • No, but it does help to maintain a degree of hardware differentiation. Specifically, the RichRecording tech first introduced on the 808 PureView over 1 year ago. This tech can record up to incredible achievement for a compact device like a smartphone. HTC's use of these exclusive HAAC (hi amplitude, dual membrane) microphones in its own so-called "Distortion Free Recording" is a direct threat to Nokia's leading edge tech in this field. Perfectly reasonable that Nokia would defend this asset, given HTC's blatant use of the tech. Hard to imagine HTC engineers were oblivious to Nokia's component supplier, given the 808 was present at least a year prior to the HTC One. Also hard to imagine those same engineers did not read the publicly posted white paper from Nokia on this tech, where IP was also mentioned.
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  • What that decision does, more importantly, is serve notice that if you get too blatant, courts CAN actually ban your product, not just threaten to like with Apple/Samsung!
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  • @StockMarketMike --> so your implied attitude is: It's okay that company like HTC steals best technology from competitors so it can make an ultimate phone/product so consumer like StockMarketMike can purchase it without underlying technology development costs? Very short term thinking.
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  • What part of "excessive monetary remunerations" do you not understand? Nail them for every penny made off those phones rather than banning them. It'd be great for the IP holder, and stand as an example that you can't blatantly rip off a competitor, and *must* license patented technologies.


    gwynfryn understood my post, but judging by the number of likes you received, many readers must have limited vocabularies that interfere with their comprehension.


    Edit: Just to clear things up - these are high end phones, so lets say the profit per phone is $200. Lets say HTC manages to sell 8 million of these things. Pay all the profit to NOK (1.6 billion), serving as a MASSIVE fine, heavily encouraging proper licensing. (which may have only cost $5/unit)


    Although I do suspect NOK would refuse to license it. They have exclusivity in the contract for a reason. But that's their prerogative... I'm against patents on stuff like rounded edges, but on something truly innovative/evolutionary you've got to protect it against immediate ripoffs, or who's going to dump money into R&D?
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  • @SMM,


    "many readers must have limited vocabularies that interfere with their comprehension."


    You do realize an injunction and licensing fees are not mutually exclusive don't you?


    An injunction is often used to speed the licensing talks.
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  • It's not even an IP issue. It's industrial theft with use of the exact same component designed by Nokia, sold to HTC by Nokia's manufacturer.
    23 Apr 2013, 09:54 AM Reply Like
  • Lets call like it is; HTC are thieves. their products should be banned from all markets until they settle with Nokia on royalties.
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  • Good article on the theft. STMicro the maker of the chip intends to appeal the decision. Apparently they didn't read the contract.

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  • "The injunction made by the court prevents STMicro from selling the special microphones anywhere, not just in the Netherlands."
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  • @seppo2,
    Thanks for the info,
    Its the just thing to do.
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  • Nokia Lumia 928 officially confirmed: PureView, OIS and Carl Zeiss camera goodies.
    7 May 2013, 11:50 AM Reply Like
  • Maybe the Hype over the incoming 928 will hide the apparent shortages of the 521 for a few days. I may buy the 928, but not buying any more $NOK until I see "Supply Issues" solved. Yeah I'm a broken record with my whining about Management, but this Much Advertised Viet Nam plant is way behind schedule for starting production from what my Vietnamese friends say (I have buddies from VN that married VN ladies during and after the War. Us VN Vets have our own networks.)(BTW I just got promoted to Adjutant of our local MOPH Chapter)
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  • I agree with you OldWarrior, I am not buying more, holding what I have.
    8 May 2013, 08:49 AM Reply Like
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