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BlackBerry (BBRY +1.3%) ticks higher as the Q10 receives more positive than negative reviews,...

BlackBerry (BBRY +1.3%) ticks higher as the Q10 receives more positive than negative reviews, albeit typically with a qualifier the phone is aimed at a specific niche. TechCrunch likes the Q10's display, battery life, and keyboard, but calls app support "dismal." "This is a business phone, and an unabashed one ... a little focus is actually a very refreshing thing." AllThingsD reaches a similar conclusion, while praising BB10's UI. BGR is less enthusiastic. "If you want to try BlackBerry’s latest hardware and software ... go with the Z10." BlackBerry says the Q10 will arrive in the U.S. in late May, after launching in Canada on May 1. (U.K. launch)
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  • DIgitalMediaView
    , contributor
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    The headlines of TC and ATD Q10 reviews say it all: "The BlackBerry Q10 Is A QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone Comeback Worth Waiting For" and "The BlackBerry of BlackBerry Users’ Dreams." The apps issue is what it is and will change over time but I just can't imagine a Q10 purchaser missing the Netflix app...As the ATD review enthusiastically closes, "for those of us who love physical keyboards and want a keyboard paired with the full functionality of a serious smartphone, the Q10 delivers."
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  • GRojasHruska
    , contributor
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    You can use the browser to go on Netflix, it's faster than iPhone etcetera, not worth caring about an app.
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  • kherman
    , contributor
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    No, you can't. Netflix uses silver light for drm. But netflix is moving to html 5 once drm is figured out so it will be there in the future.
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  • Kurt Windibank
    , contributor
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    The Q10 has millions of buyers. It's a segment BlackBerry will what's the downside of that??


    They will have hardware in every niche soon.


    24 Apr 2013, 09:53 AM Reply Like
  • Crispin_in_Waterloo
    , contributor
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    I found a single picture on the BB OS site of an R10 which looks like a less expensive Q10 - more plastic, same size and layout. No doubt the texting set will after that version as well. Personally I await the Playbook update. There is something afoot on the PB front.
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  • jjlaudi
    , contributor
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    Can't wait ....
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  • kuzzik
    , contributor
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    What is netflix?
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  • seymour2
    , contributor
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    A place where, if you are a subscriber every month, you can go to watch b and c grade movies and reruns of rintintin (that's the best part). This thing will prove to be the biggest stock implosion in a long while, far surpassing the losses of appl, who at least offers a worthwhile experience of making your own movie.
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  • allstar0088
    , contributor
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    SKPYE will be available for the Q10.

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  • slcUTAH
    , contributor
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    Here's a very thorough review about the Q10 on CrackBerry. The phone is loaded with awesomeness! I like what BB did to save battery life:


    The Q10 is to be priced at $249.00 with a 2 year contract in the U.S. Is the pricing a little high? Here's the link:


    A Q10 slider coming??


    24 Apr 2013, 11:09 AM Reply Like
  • alext1379
    , contributor
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    Netflix? What's Netflix? Oh yeah, it's the stock with a 500 to one p/e.
    After the initial headfirst $42 jump in share price on 2e cents earnings, the stock moves about 50cents. No wonder Netflix is shorted so much.
    24 Apr 2013, 11:54 AM Reply Like
  • LYogi
    , contributor
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    It is clear that BBRY has the goods and is set to deliver on many fronts.


    You know it, I know it, anyone with intuition knows it.


    So don't worry about the share price and its dynamics in the short--term.


    Hold your horses and get ready for that moment when the barn door is flung wide open and they have the freedom to run.
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  • Tonyenglishman
    , contributor
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    I am convinced that not only is Q10 the phone for me, but that those many others who lead non-trivial lives are happy to reward BB for courageous development and design, and will rejoice in using the device.
    Thank you Blackberry!
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  • Italiangirl
    , contributor
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    I believe the q10 will be a huge hit! And what's up with this infatuation for apps? Blackberry is the best smartphone out on the market! I do think once everyone sees what the new platform of blackberry is like they will convert! The iphone was so over hyped and personally I don't think the phone has any special features besides the 700,000 apps which are duplicated over and over again! I think all those iphone users will switch to blackberry! Cheers! Good luck to blackberry!
    24 Apr 2013, 12:30 PM Reply Like
  • jbde
    , contributor
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    The question of apps falls into 3 categories:
    1 - games, farts and other time wasters
    2 - useful - like conversion calculators, level, etc.
    3 - front ends to websites - like weather, local tv, brokers, etc.


    While the third can usually be accomplished by going direct to the website, there is something nice about data custom tailored to the device you are using. Panning and zooming is no fun.
    And whatever happened to mobile apps that were customized to the device - seemingly. I have them turned off on my Win7 and just pan and zoom - no problem.


    I do not work for a company that requires security, but if I did, I would certainly require BB's for corporate use.
    24 Apr 2013, 01:12 PM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    OK, I have to say this. The analysts covering Blackberry are mostly either corrupt ( supporting their increasingly ill-advised short recommendations ) or otherwise ill-informed. Blackberry is currently trading below book value, being priced by the market as out of business. Standard and Poors rating on the stock is currently 2 out of 5 stars. After rising for three consecutive days, the stock is currently trading at $14.91 per share. The book value, rated at TD Waterhouse, is $18.83. Who in their right mind would value Blackberry below book value? And this benchmark valuation is in itself ridiculous. Would you value a top-rated law firm on the basis of their desk furniture and office computers? MADNESS. Blackberry has the best operating system on the planet and is about to release the Q10 physical keyboard model - next month they will release fully baked BES 10 totally secure IT software which also manages Android and iOS which gives them a modicum of security (as much as possible with their inferior OS). U.S. Department of Defense likely to announce adoption of Blackberry BES 10 imminently. I could go on...
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  • customize
    , contributor
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    Go on ahead and set the record straight, I would like very much to hear much more.
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  • LYogi
    , contributor
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    Have a look at this while you are at it:

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