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Samsung Electronics (SSNLF.PK) says its Q1 profit rose 42% to a record high on strong smartphone...

Samsung Electronics (SSNLF.PK) says its Q1 profit rose 42% to a record high on strong smartphone sales. Net profit rose to a record KRW7.15T ($6.4B), up from KRW5.05T a year earlier. Operating profit rose 54% to KRW8.8T from KRW5.7T. Sales rose 16.8% to KRW52.9T from KRW45.3T, coming in in line with the company's guidance of KRW51T to KRW53T. The results stand in stark contrast those of Apple (AAPL), which earlier this week reported its first profit drop in a decade and forecast margins to decline in the current quarter ending in June.
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  • Ruthless f word copy cats..... Whatever......I really don't care any more
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  • itunes copied napster
    ipod copied Sony
    iPad copied Toshiba tablet


    Check your facts, it's not who gets to market first,
    it's who gets to market best. Apple was great at releasing the best product under Steve Jobs.


    Tim Cook does not have the same eye for detail, nor does he demand the impossible perfection Jobs got out of his engineers. Samsung is doing everything right, including the large screen pbone, even if they did indeed get some ideas from Apple.


    As for iTV? Samsung already released a smarTv and I love mine.
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  • How come Samsung is still on pink sheet?
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  • They make fake 'apple' phones and are now making fake apple stores in china!

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  • Because they don't want to subject themselves to strict regulations of being listed elsewhere (nasdaq) regarding financial reporting standards.
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  • Consumers More Likely To Buy An iPhone The Next Time Around
    BY BRYAN M. WOLFE on Fri April 26th, 2013


    If you have an iPhone in your pocket, the odds are you’ll have one there for years to come. A new Yankee Group survey shows that 91 percent of iPhone owners plan on buying a new one. This compares to 76 percent for Android handset owners. The report surveyed 16,000 consumers in the U.S. over the past 12 months.


    By 2015, the number of iPhone owners could exceed those who own an Android-based device. Of those surveyed, 50 percent now own an Android handset, while 30 percent use an iPhone.


    Of those who plan on buying a new handset in the next six months, 42 percent will choose Apple’s iPhone, while an equal number will choose one with Google’s Android installed.
    Of the 24 percent of Android handset users who expect to switch brands the next go around, 18 percent plan on buying an iPhone. Just 6 percent of iPhone owners say that they plan to switch to Android.
    According to Yankee Group Vice President Carl Howe:


    Think of the Apple and Android ecosystems as two buckets of water. New smartphone buyers — mostly upgrading feature phone owners — fall like rain into the two big buckets about equally, with a smaller number falling into Windows Phone and BlackBerry buckets. However, the Android bucket leaks badly, losing about one in five of all the owners put into it. The Apple bucket leaks only about 7 percent of its contents, so it retains more of the customers that fall into it. The Apple bucket will fill up faster and higher than the Android one, regardless of the fact that the Apple bucket may have had fewer owners in it to begin with.
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  • Itunes copied Napster? Nonsense. Napster was an illegal bootleg music file sharing service. The iPod was the first integrated hardware/software MP3 player solution utilizing a micro harddrive. Sony had no such product. Toshiba tablet? I must have missed that. Are you sure you aren't referring to a "rectangular shaped lcd picture viewer" that's about 2" thick and plugs into a wall outlet?
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  • There were ton's of MP3 players before iPod like the Creative NOMAD Jukebox - it utilized 6GBs of flash storage.


    When will you Apple nuts learn that Apple is not the grand daddy of all things electronic.
    The Archos Jukebox 6000 was one of Archos' very first players. Containing a 6 GB 2.5" hard drive, this was one of the first of its kind which was released in 2000. A year later Apple released its iPod.
    It seems Archos was always a step ahead of Apple as far as portable media devices go. They released a color LCD media player before Apple did as well. In 2002, Archos released the first "portable media player" (PMP), the Archos Jukebox Multimedia with a little 1.5" color screen.. You can Thank Jony Ive for making Apple what it is today. As far as doing things first, Apple is not that company.
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  • Neither the Creative NOMAD nor the Archos Jukebox are "integrated hardware/software mp3 player solution utilizing a micro hardrive." The Archos used a 2.5" drive not the 1.8" micro HD and weighed in at over 12oz compared to the iPod's 6.5oz. Hardly a solution. Yes there were MP3 players before the iPod, but nothing that compared to the iPod and certainly not anything comparable from Sony.
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  • Apple's Share Of The U.S. Smartphone Market Approaches 40 Percent
    BY JOE WHITE on Sat May 04th, 2013 smartphone market share


    While Apple stock has indeed decreased over the last few months, the company’s share of the U.S. smartphone market has rather grown, and is now an impressive 39 percent according to data from comScore.


    This situates Apple ahead of Samsung, with the South Korean company currently holding 21.7 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, following a small increase of 0.7 percent between December 2012 and March 2013. Apple, on the other hand, saw a more impressive point change of 2.7 percent between the two quarters, which was no doubt powered by continuing interest in the company’s iPhone 5 handset.
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  • It was the bigger screens. AAPL thinks they know better
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  • The Note has a 5.5"screen so why would anyone who was buying solely for the larger screen buy a GS4 with a 5" screen instead. Latest study shows Apple taking over Samsung see above.
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  • If that's true then it's due to Samsung's poor hardware quality and not the features and specs of the phone. I have preached this before, but my SG2 was the bees knees until it started not working...good. I know the large screens were the reason I never went back to Apple phones (and no mem expansion slot).
    The reason someone might not go to the Note II is that thing is TOO big...GS4 might just be the right size.
    Just think how juicy an Apple phone with a 5" screen would look? I'd consider switching back....consider.
    You also have to consider all the old-timers and their bad eyes. I think Apple strongly needs to consider a bigger screen for these individuals.
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  • AAPL needs a 5" screen fast. Long APPL.
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  • They could jump competition with 8" screen
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  • Yes - a larger screen 5 incher & a typing mechanism like Blackberry that autocorrects your typing easily - BB's much better than iPhone. Apple should be snapping up engineers from the competition and continually releasing better iphones. Nothning significantly new from Apple since 2010. What does that say about Cook? At this rate, expect more innovation and revenue growth from Google, Amazon and Samsung. They have caught and passed Apple in alot of areas - and that means margin and profit erosion. The buyback helps the stock price, because it offsets the lower earnings that will follow per Cooks guidance on the conference call.
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  • The wraparound screen on both sides sounds dynamite, but fall 2014 is too far away. Stock will trade down to $200 by then easily. Be patient. They are risking everything by being too slow. Use the money and cash to accelerate product release, not buy back stock and increase dividend. Competition does not worry about that....Google and Amazon that is.
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  • Timmy told us that he knew better than we did and that he thinks 5 inch screens are like "silly sideshows".
    The stock has been "cooked".
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  • You need to be fast in this market. I'm sure that's how Samsung came up with the feature of taking a picture of yourself taking a picture. That way you can see your own expression side by side with the picture of what you took a picture of. If that isn't a "I gotta have that feature", I don't know what is.
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  • Blackberry told us they would have an e-mail service that worked.
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  • Amazon also doesn't worry about profits. Would you suggest Tim Cook announce the new Apple under Tim Cook will no longer care about profits?
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  • Top dog today..but what about next year? I'm sure Nokia, Motorola, and others who in their day had top selling phones. When you tie your fate on a chipset and software you don't own. At the end of the day what do really have? A nice display,camera and processor is responsive. That is whole Samsung story... you have some nice gadgets and it is fairly priced. What happens if people's taste come to expect hands free and mobile assistant like Siri. You are guaranteed one thing nothing is static in mobile phone business.
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  • " What happens if people's taste come to expect hands free and mobile assistant like Siri."..........Err, I have had hands free on phones for the last 15 years, long before the iphone came out and there is Google Now which is just like SIRI, so not sure what you are on about here?......Samsung are also bringing out their own operating system as well and they also make chips, so maybe doing a bit of research before posting comments on here might be a good idea!
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  • The flip side of this is that Apple uses pizazz to sell overpriced hardware, and its balance sheet to lock suppliers into grinding deals. That's how they've achieved such incredible margins... in the past. Those must eventually shrink because providing such a lack of value is analogous to friction; it wears down both their suppliers and customers financially, and opens opportunities for competitors.


    Lord knows there is lots not to like about Samsung, but don't knock them for providing value hardware and pushing the limits of unreasonable American intellectual property law. Furthermore, both Android and Tizen, the OS which Samsung is bringing to market, are not walled gardens, like iOS. This openness may be messier at any given step, but it allows for better evolution and customization, at lower cost, than the paradigm where the supplier insists on controlling everything.


    I'm not an Apple hater, btw; I see a lot to like there. I'm only commenting here because I'm looking for a decent entry point and I don't think we're quite there yet.
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  • From a stock standpoint - hard to pick the winner. I went into Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung equally. Throw in some blackberry and nokia in smaller amounts. Not clear who the winner will be. Bezos is the closest genius to Jobs, so it could be Amazon in the long run. But don't count the others out.
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  • I love it when people claim that Apple hardware is "overpriced." That's like saying that "Mercedes is overpriced so I am going to buy a Volkswagen." You're entitled to your opinion, but that's all it is.


    It will be REAL interesting to see how Tizen goes, if it ever comes to market. Others with more experience than Samsung have tried (PalmOS, Symbian, etc) and failed.
    26 Apr 2013, 12:46 PM Reply Like
  • How is that working out? When their was a head to head survey between google and apple voice assistant. Apple won. Reason...Most likely underlying Dragon Mobile Engine. Google is building theirs from what Microsoft gave them plus open domain. Obviously, google has some work to do...but why should they help Samsung? Oh yea, they now own Motorola ... That must be an interesting business relationship. People are expecting phones to do everything...besides phone player, personal assistant (calendar, email, reminder etc), wallet/money, point of sale register/ process credit cards, geolocation, universal remote, etc plus needs to be highly secure so if you are not up the creek without a paddle if stolen. Samsung is king for today. Tomorrow that could change.
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  • wow that is very sobering as an AAPL long. Ouch. Stark contrast is right. we indeed have a new smartphone champion. Apple has been outmarketed globally.
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  • Bigger, better and cheaper. If you can't admit the competition is taking market share, you have a problem. Same thing happened to BlackBerry. Never ignore your customers, prospects and competition, or you will be doomed.
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  • What would they do without Apple to copy the UI and Google to foot the OS development costs? There are also rumors that they hire people to post derogatory and fake comments regarding Apple, i.e. how they switched from iPhone to Samsung and now their IQ doubled and they are getting younger every day since they switched. Thanks but I'd prefer authentic US innovation vs polished carbon copy.
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  • Yawn...
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  • It is not a rumor. Authorities in Taiwan investigated the allegations of Samsung paying blogs to make positive comments on Glalaxies and bad comments of HTC, iPhone etc. The Korean company announced stoping that practice that is corrupted and dishonest.
    Comments on new Galaxy are not so good, not ready for prime time. There are things that 5 billion dólares in publicity that Samsung expends can't buy. Medioum term Samsumg is a short
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  • As an analyst - I get to play with all the phones. Samsung has the best screen for netflix, youtube, and skype right now.Bigger is indeed better as my wife knows. Nokia Windows phone is awesome and the best integrated phone, but no customers yet. It's tough to get people to change what they already use. Samsung is outselling everyone right now - best screen and best price, and they have the cheaper version for the emerging markets. Apple needs a larger screen phone for the US market, and the cheaper iphone for the emerging market. They will do well with ipads, but again watch out for the nexus 7 and amazon kindle fire - price matters.
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  • Samsung may sell plenty of copies, but the stock is dangerous.


    With a megalomaniac military dictator next door, I wouldn't pay 5 cents for their future.
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  • Costco is selling the Samsung Galaxy III w 4G, for $50. How can Apple compete w that?
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  • "Samsung Galaxy III w 4G, for $50."


    With an over 2k 2 year contract!
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  • Better question: AT&T is selling that same Galaxy III w 4G, for $199. How is AT&T going to compete with Costco?


    I actually bought my wife a Galaxy III, after I played with it for a weekend, I took it back, paid the restocking fee and bought her an iPhone 5.


    To your question, maybe you should write the Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung and ask him .....


    "Samsung exec praises Apple’s ecosystem, admits he uses their products at home"



    Let's move up a Samsung notch. What good is a Galaxy IV going to do me with my Apple TV?
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  • exactly ! they can't (yet) Bezos priced his kindle fire to go directly after the ipad maket. So Amazon is going after Apples's ipad biz, and Samsung is going after their phone biz.
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  • Told you so $AAPL $BBRY cultists ought to know their place
    25 Apr 2013, 09:28 PM Reply Like
  • Superior products, superior management, superior sales.
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  • It's amazing how many Americans hate AAPL but love Samsung which is massively propped up by the South Korean government.
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  • So?


    I love South Korea.


    Gangnam Style!
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  • Lots of American don't like Gangnam Style. After Oscar ceremony, the host had a short video showing the Gangnam Style guy got devoured by the Bengal tiger in "Life of Pi" because it is so "annoying".
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  • It has nothing to do with where the company resides or where the parts are made. Its about who makes a better phone. Consumers think the s3 is better than the iPhone.
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  • I love Apple. Changing plugs, chargers and Bose compatability is bad business. You always need to be backward compatible.


    also - as for itunes downloads - you get the same with amazon + the CD. That is - you get a free download as well as the physical CD. Not that limited to 5 device crap. That drives people nuts. We all have more than 5 apple products per family.
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  • I prefer the Mitt Romney style parody on youtube. Classic
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  • And who props up the South Korean Government,,,,The good old USA...


    And the US Armed Forces who get their money from US sales of Apple products (which Samsung copied from stolen Apple patents).
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  • So are you saying we should let all the South Koreans get slaughtered so that Apple can win the smartphone wars?
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  • It is time to make the well healed South Koreans defend THEMSELVES. Why does the USA have to defend South Korea while South Korean companies try to put our businesses out of commission? Hyundai and Samsung would not even be around if it weren't for the US military putting their rear ends on the line to protect them. Bring the troops home, not only from North Korea, but from Germany and Japan too. World War II and the Korean wars ended many decades ago.
    26 Apr 2013, 08:59 AM Reply Like
  • "Why does the USA have to defend South Korea while South Korean companies try to put our businesses who utilize child labor in China out of commission?"


    I fixed it for you.
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  • It has a lot to do with whether its an American company or a Korean company to most Americans. Buy Apple....we dont get a cent from Samsung so why buy a cheap plastic knock off phone subject to malware and bugs like the GS 4?
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  • Justaminute


    Not at all. I'm a Korean War veteran.


    But, as one who has had his patents ripped off, I agree that it's not nice to do that. No wonder Steve Jobs was furious.


    I buy some Samsung products and favor other South Korean products, but I am worried about North Korea's stance.


    If the Chinese don't put a lid on North Korea, I'm against any US military action, especially bombing.


    That leaves South Korea without allies.


    So, I'm not investing.
    28 Apr 2013, 02:52 AM Reply Like
  • @ coolbluelake : coming from the low-lands of Europe and been 2 x run-over by " the hun " , we are forever grateful for what the British, Americans, Canadians and the other allies did to set us free, but to think that US has not gone to war to protect or promote US INC, is somewhat naive, even we as a small nation had during the 17th century world power because of our colonies and so had the Portuguese and Spanish before us and the British and the French.
    world dominance has always come at a price and the rewards have been enormous for the conqueror and thankfully we are likely not going at arms again, but economically this is war, just look at how the BRIC countries, Japan and yourselves are keeping yr currency low to stay competitive on Global level, where we with an over-valued currency at 30% above the USD are doomed, we can only export amongst ourselves and have to subsidize that from North to South at a level, which even makes the Marshall plan after WWO2 look like mere pennies.
    the US has always promoted free trade and free competition, unless one comes to yr shores then yr "free-trade-philosophy" becomes quite protective and to be fair there is no country in the world who has as often threatened with protectionism as yours, that does not take away that we appreciate yr world wide police work to keep this world a safer place with enormous gratitude.
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  • Samsung copies, it doesn't innovate. AAPL will always lead the way in Quality and Innovation. Sadly not everyone can afford the best. Funny, even Samsung's refrigerators look like Kenmore's! Do they have NO pride?
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  • Like they did with those user replaceable batteries.
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  • Wow. Sorry to say it but all these insecure Apple comments suggest lower prices ahead. No position, I have this vague desire to own Apple, but every time I look at the defensiveness of what people are saying I decide to hold off.
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  • Buying now is Foolish. Hedge Funds are impatient. The stock will get a whole lot cheaper after June and another miss.


    By the way - the important # was 10.07 per share, down from $12.30 per share for the same qtr one year ago. Not the 10.07 beat the too conservative analysts estimate of 10.00


    First Apple miss in 10 years - primarily b/c of Samsung.
    Cook better have that large screen phone in the hopper NOW
    26 Apr 2013, 01:58 AM Reply Like
  • New article out showing a huge jump in comments on boards like this that were anti Apple and pro Samsung at 2:30 A M which is when Korean students let out. Looks like Samsung who admitted doing this to HTC is now doing it to Apple hiring students as shills for Samsung.

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  • similar to the blackberry shills, day of bb10 rollout a hundred new SA posters hit the boards...then vanished days later
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  • I have a hard time believing Samsung doesn't somehow cook the books...
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  • Exactly. With past corruption in the company how can we know for sure. One thing is obvious. Samsung isn't afraid to get involved in questionable activity.
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  • You are not alone in your thinking...
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  • Yup. Their numbers will be more reliable when they get listed on an American stock exchange with the required financial disclosures, audited financial statements, SEC filings, etc.
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  • Good for Samsung, but people here seem to get lost in translation…


    I mean, if Samsung makes a record profit of 6.4 Billion, it is all good, congratulations for it. But we got to be careful to call AAPL’s demise when AAPL reported 13.08 in net profits. (In an already conservatively adjusted quarter)


    Moreover, if it is a given that Samsung simply ships MORE smartphones than AAPL (in all shapes and sizes and price points), does it not AAPL’s higher profit show that indeed AAPL is actually better at making money (which as I was told in the past, what business are supposed to do).


    I got curious and looked at other links about Samsung’s numbers and even they admit that numbers might suffer (a bit) due to stiffer completion…..But stiffer competition on mid to lower end markets. BUT the thing is that AAPL does not even compete in those markets; so it is NOT AAPL who competes with Samsung (at least not yet) but OTHER device makers.


    Anyhow, don’t mean to piss on Samsung’s parade, but just wanted to point out that one can’t simply take numbers and massage them to fit one’s own preconceptions.
    25 Apr 2013, 11:02 PM Reply Like
  • First Apple miss in 10 years - 10.07 vs 12.30 a yr ago / same qtr.
    Profits way down. They beat watered down analyst numbers. The guidance given by Cook is a real short term concern for stock. Long term, they will be fine, but expect a much cheaper stock soon, even with the buybacks. Too many hedge funds in the mix.
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  • Just a few things to note. Please drop the "why does everyone buy Samsung, they're not American" whining. We're in a highly globalized economy in which businesses compete with each other; often, by mimicking each others' products.


    It's true that Samsung has piggy backed off Apple, but complaining about it is fruitless. As an investor, look at the cash flow prospects of an investment and its ability to generate consistent returns. I'm long Aapl, but I also believe Samsung is a great investment as well. They've been able to capture markets Apple had missed (with the phablets) and continue to take Apple's market share due to management's stubbornnes to extend their iPhone product line.
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  • As if America didn't piggyback on the Brits way back in the 19th/20th century.


    I think this is just how things work. Let's say Samsung pulls ahead with innovation, does not mean that Apple will not take what Samsung has and come up with something better.
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  • Exactly.


    My money in the bank earns me a little over 1%.


    When I buy aapl I get 3.06%


    And the possibility of 100% capital gain profit.
    26 Apr 2013, 02:36 AM Reply Like
  • But your principal is not gauranteed with AAPL. MSFT and INTC give you 3% with no chance of a 20% decline. 10% loss on your stock is 3X the dividend on APPLE. Apple is down close to 30% yr to date, so the 1% return on your savings account was the better investment. Unless you timed the bottom and knew when to jump out and back in like Fidelity did. VZ doubled in stock price over the past yr, and had a 7% yld, now down to 3% simply because it doubled in price. It's math, be carefull. My point - AAPL has stiff competition, and guidance by Cook indicates slowdowns to come. His buyback is a way to increase EPS even with slowing revenue. Hedge funds will move into fast growers and out of AAPL. Samsung is growing its market share in oth arease much faster than APPL. Value Investors will come in, but not enough to absorb that much AAPL, meaning more sellers than buyers, and price deterioration in AAPL. Could be in the 270-350 range this summer. Scary. I will buy when it gets down there, but right now you have Fools chasing the Dividend, which by the way should have been increased to $4, not $3.05
    27 Apr 2013, 04:40 PM Reply Like
  • Good appraisal of the situation, WAYSJ.
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  • The only real thing that matters in the long run is how samsung customer loyalty compares to apple's customer loyalty. Every survey to date, has always shown about twice as high or more percentage of andoid owners planning to switch to apple, than the other way around.


    Of course in the grand scheme of things, iPhones still crush samsung phones in terms of marketshare in the US.


    There are two international aspects though that must be considered. The first of course, is that Apple is still not compatible with China Mobile, who's "4" network is not complete enough to support iPhones that don't support their older scheme. The current, recent rumor is that apple will have a "china mobile phone (maybe a high and low end) toward the end of the year.
    The other thing is 3rd world, where android truly dominates, because too small a percentage can afford any iPhone, and that samsung offers phones at all price points.
    But from a dollar standpoint reflect on after market spend of iPad users vs. kindle fire users. I believe the spend difference was more than $10 spent by consumers supporting their iPad, for every $1 spent aftermarket on Kindle Fire. Which is too bad for amazon since they supposedly sell every Kindle Fire at a loss.


    So, apple has a choice, re the 3rd world, where cell phones are critical btw, since they have no land line infrastructure at all. They can enter those markets with an entry level phone? (Maybe?), or not worry about selling a phone to everyone on earth, instead worry only about selling a phone to 1/3 of the earthlings, but making 90% of the profit in the industry.


    Note Samsung's "great earnings" They sell phones computers, refrigerators, stereos, and of course are massive in LCDTV's yet their "great" earnings generated barely more than half of what apple generated last quarter, and Apple did it on less total revenues. It's not hard to grow your earnings 56% when you are only earning 4% and get it up to 6% (not the actual numbers, but you should get my point).
    Where does Samsung stock go, if the next HTC phone - perhaps "the Two" is reviewed to be 5 times better than the S4, and costs less. There's no reason for any loyalty to Samsung, since they have no real uniqueness. BTW Samsung did $47.6 billion in the last quarter to earn that $6 Billion. Apple did slightly less total business with $43 billion and change, but rang the profit bell at $9.5 billion.
    If next year Samsung increases their profit margin by another 50% (good luck with that), they still will generate less profit than Apple per dollar of revenue.


    Hey those are the numbers. None of which mean much when it comes to which stock will move up the highest percentage next year.
    25 Apr 2013, 11:40 PM Reply Like
  • Apple an Samsung, both have their market shares, and each is a good company in the way they survive and make money. It does not have to be one or the other. I personally believe AAPL has better- made products though.......
    besides, with this huge negative sentiment surrounding AAPL for the last 7 months, and seeing the great numbers of Samsung, it is quite impressive to see the numbers that AAPL reported few days ago, even with slightly lower margins.....for now !
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  • Enough market for more than 2 players to prosper through growth.
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  • indeed, no one can pick the winner. diversify
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  • Last I read, Samsung was 18 percent margins, to AAPL 38. That is not close. Samsung has been unmasked not only as an adjudicated infringer of AAPL IP in US court, but the 'innovation' tag rings incredibly hollow judged against that historical fact. Last week's simultaneous revelations by journalists in Sweden, UK, Taiwan and elsewhere that Samsung has paid for social media fraudulent PR is almost as embarrassing as Samsung's surreal infantile -- not to mention out of touch and sexist -- S4 launch in NY. Samsung doesn't even have a phone as well received as the HTC One, by a company which has licensed AAPL IP after suffering the worst beating of its business life. Really????
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  • Windows was a copy of the Mac. What happened to that lawsuit? Bottom line - alot of Anti Apple sentiment could mean they lose these lawsuits. If they win too many, they will be deemed a monopoly. Cook is an idiot next to Bezos. Both fall short of Jobs. RIP Steve.
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  • Trix are for kids, idiotic move by samsung. But they have the 5 inch screen, and that's what the kids want for skype, nextflix, facebook, youtube etc etc etc... 100 Billion in cash can get that done in a week if they had half a brain. Go straight for the 5.5 and start marketing hard again. 6 page ad in the Wall Street Journal for Galaxy Gorgeous ! and very Steve Jobs like in spirit
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  • We know AAPL shipped 37.4 iPhones in Q1, Samsung does NOT provide such numbers but ANAL-ists guestimate they shipped about 68 to 70 million; and yet is is AAPL who scores 13.08 billion in net profits vs. 6.4 billion from Samsung.


    So at the end, who is really doing better?
    26 Apr 2013, 02:23 AM Reply Like
  • the Roman Centurions were still winning battles in Germania , while Rome was in flames burning down to ashes


    - one company is a roll, the other is on a down -
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  • there is a good chance Samsung will have more profit than apple in the july to sept quarter,
    please come back then and post your position
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  • If you go and look at all the comments from the Apple fan boys from September to December 2012 they sound the same as today. also when BB went from over $100 to $7 their fan boy also make similar comments.
    I would not buy any apple stocks until it can show at least no more year to year profit drops and that would be no earlier than the Oct to Dec quarter.
    They just want to have a blind eye looking at the facts.
    Next quarter Apple project earnings of about 20% reduction year to year. So it will be 2 quarters of about 20% reduction in profit. If Samsung increase its profit next quarter by 20% year to year the 2 company will have about the same profit. The nlast time I look it is increase in revenue and total earnings that count the most.


    The following from todays news:-
    Demand for Samsung’s smartphones, including the flagship Galaxy S4 set for release today, and cheaper mobile phones targeted at emerging markets are stoking sales in the $358 billion market for handsets. Shipments that may be double those of Apple Inc. (’s iPhone are pushing growth in telecommunications, Samsung’s biggest profit driver, as the Korean company warns of stiffer competition this year.


    “Samsung will deliver even stronger earnings in coming quarters, which makes me believe profit for the year will exceed that of Apple,” Heo Pil Seok, chief executive officer at Midas International Asset Management Ltd


    Samsung’s first-quarter smartphone shipments surged 56 percent to 69.4 million units, accounting for one-third the global market of 210 million, Strategy Analytics said in an e- mailed statement today. Apple’s iPhone sales rose 7 percent to 37.4 million, its slowest growth ever, the researcher said


    The current trend is bad for Apple. Actually if you look at Exxon's earning it is very similar to apple and their valuation is also similar. The only difference is Exxon has very low beta and Apple has very high beta
    26 Apr 2013, 02:42 AM Reply Like
  • Ok, Samsung=Yugo, Apple= Mercedes.....
    26 Apr 2013, 03:00 AM Reply Like
  • Hate to rain on your parade, but the perception outside of the USA is that Samsung and Android are amazing. Just visited S.E. Asia and there is a Samsung 4 inch Android phone for about US$200.00. The local market loves it and finds it more user friendly than an IPhone. An IPhone is closer to US$600 outside the USA. The problem is the user experience is about the same. The kids can play their games on the Android phone. From a cultural point of view, Korean soap operas are popular, KPop is all over SE Asia and South Koreans are travelling throughout Asia with their Android based devices. South Korean gear is not perceived as a Yugo at all. It is considered cool. IPhones are expensive American stuff for the few that have money.
    26 Apr 2013, 05:09 AM Reply Like
  • "closer to US$600 outside the USA."


    the cheaper destination of HK IPhone 5 is HK$5588 = 719.76 US Dollar at Apple Store HK


    and in Cn 5288 Chinese Yuan equals 857.76 US Dollar
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  • @ Chris221 - that's how VW ended up owning, Bentley -
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  • In speaking with Chinese friends here in Seattle regarding the I Phone prospects vs. Samsung prospects in the Chinese cellphone market, it turns out that there is considerable cultural enmity between the Chinese and the Koreans. I had no idea, rather, I thought that they were connected at the hip, a-la-the Korean War. "No so!"--I am told--the Chinese aspirational customer greatly prefers the Apple product, and views the Korean product as a "cultural sell-out, and wouldn't be caught dead with one"! My Chinese friends were very strident in their position.


    Seems as though China's relationship with Korea is only politically pragmatic, but they are scared of the "human wave" methods of Korea, and this manifests as a sort of defacto discrimination/racism in the marketplace. This also explains why the Chinese have a fiercely-defended border with Korea--they are very much afraid of being overwhelmed on many levels. Apparently Samsung products are viewed with a jaundiced eye, and the Chinese feel very much better purchasing anything but Korean products at the lower end--at which there are plentiful Chinese cellphone options. However, they very much aspire to an Apple product, and will work very hard until they can afford one.
    26 Apr 2013, 03:16 AM Reply Like
  • I would agree with your comments about Chinese reactions to Korean merchandise, and the same is true in Korea regarding Chinese products. The biggest challenge Apple will have in China is with the Chinese no name brands that are so much cheaper. Google gizchina and you will be bombarded with reviews that an expat is providing concerning made in China products.


    Currently, IPhone 5 is over $700 in Shanghai. There are no data plans to defray the cost. That is a very noticeable outlay, even for a Chinese professional, never mind students and the rest of the mass market.
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  • Marketing maven.....Excellent points.
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  • It's obvious that you guy's at Seeking Alpha make more money on getting reactions from people when you slate Apple, therefore I think people should realise that the web site is only here to stir up people's feelings to get a reaction and therefore the sites perceived popularity, why else would I get 10 Emails a day about Apple that amount to nothing more than negative innuendo and hearsay......! Stay away from this site people until they are capable of giving out timely and useful info about Apple.
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  • Hey guys, I found the dude that bought at $700!
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  • Unfortunately, any one that has "invested" in Apple, has gotten crushed in the last 8 months or best case, given back a huge percentage of profits.
    In this case, "investing" in Apple has been deadly and a fools game.
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  • I don't think I've seen anything but iPhone in the field..whose buying the other stuff?
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  • The issue is not Samsung vs.Apple but rather Apple vs. Google. Samsung would agonize trying to sell TV sets without Android. The iOS is yet a far better system than Android. And Apple could easely come out with a next generation of iOS that makes Galaxy IV a brick thought it's so long admired large screen.
    26 Apr 2013, 07:42 AM Reply Like
  • As I had commented many times previously, Apple needed to take the following actions urgently in order to regain the confident of the market.
    1. Good p/r -- I applaud the " Coffee with Tim Cook", proceed go to charity announcement. Since then, . there seems to be lot less negative feeling toward Apple.
    2. As the writer pointed out, ,Samsung Electronics' net profit rose 45% from last year, that is a stark contrast to Apple which reported its first profit drop in decade
    Hahaha 48 commented, next quarter, Apple project earning of about 20% reduction year to year, yet, he thinks that Samsung will deliver a strong earning in coming quarter.
    It is very vital that Apple should implemented a more efficient marketing strategy, to increase the sales and not just let Samsung charging with all cylinders.
    3. Apple should use the cash pile to make major acquisitions, spend more on research and developments to create new products that's what the market is looking for. Going into debt to finance the share buy back is really stupid and risky.When the innovative new product(s) is/are launched, (not the mere up grade of the existing old products),the stock price would rocket, that is truly beneficial to the investors.
    Mr. Tim Cook,it is urgently that you implement the above 3 suggestions,so that market can regain the confident in your management team
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  • Perhaps the samsung / android fans should consider just how bad android apps can be when trying to promote samsung hardware - skype for android for example. Skype ought to be a must-have app, works fine on apple but is awful on android. When I replace my cheap android handset it's likely to be an ex-contract iphone4 - no viruses or problems with "insufficient memory to install app" errors when theres an 8gb memory card.
    27 Apr 2013, 08:49 AM Reply Like
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