The Boeing (BA) 787 Dreamliner officially returns to the skies. Ethiopian Airlines flight 801...

The Boeing (BA) 787 Dreamliner officially returns to the skies. Ethiopian Airlines flight 801 left Addis Ababa at 11 a.m. (local time) this morning and safely landed in Nairobi, Kenya at 12:38.
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  • combie
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    One hour and thirty eight minute flight, oh boy!
    And that was worth reporting??
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  • davidbdc
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    Kind of appropriate route. Years ago I flew some very interesting planes in Northern Africa and the former USSR.


    I remember the first time flying in the former USSR many years ago - when we landed the passengers erupted in applause - I didn't realize that that was the norm. Any landing was a good landing!
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  • thomas85225
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    The 787 battery fires and The Never Ending Story of the World Best Milking Machine
    Possible Solutions for the Battery Problem on the Boeing 787
    It took the Boston Airport Fire Department 90 min and 50 Fire Flightier and Fire Trucks to put out the fire and that was on the ground
    Boeing is now saying the battery never got fire,! The smoke must have been from all the Hot Air from Chicago!
    If there No Fire Damage to the aircrafts then Power UP the aircrafts in
    (Boston and in Japan) and taxi test the 787 around the airport!
    And start running run the check listed and all the ground checks and return the aircraft to service by flight testing the aircraft over Boeing HQ in Chicago or at the next NASCAR race! or on The 4 of July
    Boeing should hire Evergreen 747 Fire Fighting Super Tanker 747 or Dc-10 alone with Air Force retired KC-135E, and Installed In-Flight- Refueling Receptacle in the top of the cockpit cabin of each 787 and the fire department stand pipe plumping to each of two battery location to dump 20,000 gallons of fire retardant to meet the 330 min ETOPs requirement
    Since Halon 1301 is inefficient in fighting Lithium-Ion-Battery fires aboard aircrafts
    And Flashover normally occurs at 500°C (930°F) or 1,100°F for ordinary combustibles, and an incident heat flux at floor level of 1.8 Btu/ft²*s (20 kW/m²).
    What inside Lithium-Ion-Battery
    The energy provided by the cell is equal to the voltage times the charge. Each gram of lithium represents Faraday's constant/6.941 or 13 901 coulombs. For a voltage of 3 V, this gives 41.7 kJ per gram of lithium, or 11.6 kWh per kg.
    This is a bit more than the heat of combustion of gasoline, but does not take into account all the other materials that go into a lithium battery and which make lithium batteries many times heavier per unit of energy.
    UPS 747-400 crash of Flight 6
    FAA Reaction In October 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Safety Alert for Operators highlighting the fact that the cargo on board Flight 6 contained a large quantity of lithium-ion batteries and that Halon 1301 was inefficient in fighting fires involving them. The FAA issued a restriction on the carrying of lithium batteries in bulk on passenger flights.
    (As of 2011, lithium-ion batteries account for 66% of all portable secondary (i.e., rechargeable) battery sales in Japan)
    The explosive force in this test was likely high enough to cause physical damage to an aircraft’s Class C cargo compartment.
    container specially designed to ship lithium metal batteries would need to demonstrate that it can withstand this explosive condition. There are currently no approved and tested containers that can sufficiently contain the known effects of accidental lithium metal battery ignition. Common metal shipping containers, pails and drums, are not designed to withstand a LITHIUM METAL CELL FIRE.
    The forward battery is located under the flight deck in main electrical bay next to all the other LRU's that control the aircrafts in flight , the wiring is NOT fire proof
    This is another 787 advancement how the battery can keep the pilot seats, coffee cup holder warn, alone with the cockpit floor warn on an cold morning
    The other APU is located is aft electric bay where the APU fuels line is route between the wing and APU in the tail of the aircrafts next to cargo department with all Flammability cargo located at ! And Halon 1301 is inefficient in fighting fires involving lithium-ion batteries.
    At what tempter does aircraft Wiring Burn?
    FAR 25 comprise clauses mandating aircraft design safety rules. However, there are no specific clauses within FAR 25 pertaining to the flammability, toxicity or smoke visibility criteria of electrical wire insulation. That said, FAR Section 601 mandates a general statement that;
    FAR 25-601: "The airplane may not have design features or details that experience has shown to be hazardous or unreliable. The suitability of each questionable design detail and part must be established by tests."
    The never ending story of the $1600 battery and 200 millions 787 and BOEING’S reputation on the line (it’s this about same allowing a 16 old son to have the key to the new car)
    American regulators followed the lead of Japanese airlines by grounding the Boeing 787 Dreamliner on Wednesday night, saying a recent series of safety incidents meant urgent action was needed.
    The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it would require airlines to demonstrate that the plane's cutting-edge batteries were safe before allowing further flights. It has notified regulators in other countries of its action.
    Is The Faa Up To The Job? -- A Question Of Safety Do Airplane Makers Dominate Regulators?
    By Terry Mcdermott Sunday, June 4, 1995
    Boeing should contact the Ford Motor Company and obtain the plan for the Engine hand-crank for the Ford model T to started the jet engine with alone with hand crank generators to be power by passengers
    The 787 was grounded after a long list of problems and workmanship issues in Everett , with missing O-ring from engines lines and loc –wire , mis wire main power panels and APU, Deflected mother broad from the supplier, under design wing box, fasteners problems, lines rate not meet to name a few.


    Boeing's Dreamliner 787 glitches - timeline
    The estimated battery-system modifications will cost United almost $465,000 per airplane, though Boeing will likely cover that tab. 208 Million For the aircrafts, R&D, late delivery fees to the airlines making the 787 the first Billions dollars aircrafts that sold for 208 millions
    How many more Millions is Boeing ( the Boeing stockholder and tax payer of Washington and S, Caroline ( going to spent on the 787 ! the beak even point was 1100 787 and that before the grounding, Boeing would need to sell more than 1100 to make up for the lose the new orders for 787, those orders would come from the 747, 777, 767 !
    Boeing should allow the airline to upgrade their existing 787 (costing 208 millions) orders for 777 (US$315) million for the same price
    The 787 battery repair
    The High price of the repair is due to all the left over F-22, B-2 parts which are invisible to the untrained eye
    Boeing could have installed the battery inside one of the onboard GE refrigerators with the flight crews keeping an eye on it’s each time the refrigerators door is open! And save the $465,000
    The 787-8 program started 3-28-2003
    Special Conditions: Boeing Model 787-8 Airplane; Systems and Data ... March 28 , 2003, Boeing applied for an FAA type certificate for its new Boeing Model 787–8 ... Type Certification Basis Under provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations
    May be someday Boeing and the FAA will read it own reported from 2003. 2007,2010 and 2012 !
    With all the money Boeing has spent on salary, bounces and FAA fine, May be Boeing could hire an outside company to inspects the 787 aircrafts before its make the news again, .........................


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  • thomas85225
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    ANA will conduct about 230 test flights for pilots with the upgraded 787s, said Hiroyuki Ito, a senior executive vice president.
    (Get to get the flight crews back up to speed ANA has 17 787 )
    ANA should take a wait and see approach to the battery problems and just watch the other airlines
    ANA said additional battery monitoring systems will also be installed on all 787’s to check in-flight performance and all batteries will be removed and inspected at designated intervals.
    This would be a good job for Boeing CEO James McNerney
    Boeing needs to take a Flight Data Recorders and instrumentation the battery with electrical load sensors and heat sensor ect and Closed-circuit television camera
    This would be a good job for Boeing CEO James McNerney to watch the Closed-circuit television camera


    The 787 battery repair
    The High price of the repair is due to all the left over Boeing F-35, F-22, B-2 parts which are invisible to the untrained eye


    Boeing should have installed the battery inside one of the onboard GE refrigerators with the flight crews keeping an eye on its each time the refrigerators door is open! or install a transparent door and save the $465,000


    To reassure the public that the plane is safe, Apple will offer and I phone that will monitor the battery performance that will allow the Boeing stock holder to sell their Boeing stock if the fix does work out .


    UPS 747-400 flight 6
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  • SasidharP
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    BA is not pushing on all the cylinders in full force. Given the low capex financing and funding costs, is it not time to diversify into consumer and corporate leasing services? For example, BA should have a charter services division that can take advantage of the potential growth in the space exploration services or take over the corporate charter services. The password is diversify.
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  • thomas85225
    , contributor
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    Boeing should move thire chicago HQ there and make its a one way trip since the managements is lost in space
    29 Apr 2013, 03:04 PM Reply Like
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