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The battle for grocery sales in Florida heats up as Wal-Mart (WMT -0.7%) steps up its growth...

The battle for grocery sales in Florida heats up as Wal-Mart (WMT -0.7%) steps up its growth drive in the state with a multitude of stores within a block or two of Publix stores. In the southern part of the state, Wal-Mart has cut into Publix's dominant market share (52.8% vs. 14.7%) as the retailer's smaller-store format draws appeal. What to watch: Wal-Mart's approach to pick off grocery rivals one at a time could help limit the costs of a larger rollout of Neighborhood Market stores in areas it may not win.
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  • I hope the Walmarts in Florida will be/are better stocked than the ones in the northeast US; empty shelves may be accounted by less employees and don't expect to find the retirees being greeters - the Walmart greeters are gone. Looks like Walmart might be backing off on quality and quantity; if another chain pops up with innovation, Walmart may be going the way of K-Mart. It is no longer the 'one stop shopping place'; I have to go to the local K-Mart to get the products I can no longer find at Walmart.
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  • Walmart is well oiled machine but like any other company there is always room for improvement. Retail link is an incredible tool provided by Walmart to its vendors to help drive and manage sales. Non grocery and grocery inventory turns are a great indicator of how Walmart manages its cash flow. A competitor such as Publix has to drive service over pricing from a marketing perspective to hold onto its ACV (All Commodity Volume) or market share. In looking at Walmart I always say "They are a great logistics company that knows how to deliver a product from the manufacturer to the consumer more efficiently then any other operator."
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  • But not as efficiently as a year or even two years ago; they are starting to lag in customer service and product management - why produce more stores when the ones they have are not being efficiently run. Sounds as though they are starting to overextend themselves. Granted they have the customers; it's just frustrating as a customer to no longer have the quality service they once provided.
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  • You are correct they have room for improvement at the end of the day it all boils down to store management and retail execution.


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  • Shop BOTH of are great .... tough competition is good for us CONSMERS....let the war continue..others are squeezed out
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