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More on Sirius XM Radio (SIRI): The company says its total paid subscriber base increased 9% Y/Y...

More on Sirius XM Radio (SIRI): The company says its total paid subscriber base increased 9% Y/Y to reach 24.4M as the resurgence of the U.S. automobile industry helps bring in first-time subscribers. Subscriber acquisition costs per gross addition declined during the period. At the end of the quarter, free cash flow stood at $142M. Guidance for 2013 is for total net subscriber adds of 1.4M and revenue of over $3.7B. SIRI +1.0% premarket. (PR)
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  • I am holding my position on SIRI. I bought it years ago at 8 bucks after SIRI and XM got together. Not my greatest move to say the least, but my position was a very small part of my overall portfolio of some great BC stocks.


    I then bought an equal amount of shares to my first purchase at .80 cents a share. At $3 bucks now I did improve my overall position.


    In the long run I hope to at least break even with this stock, maybe even make a few bucks if they get their act together; which I think they will. Good Luck! MSD
    30 Apr 2013, 09:11 AM Reply Like
  • It's time to take some profits from your stock portfolio. The market has made great gains so I am selling off some of my positions in T, MO, PM, and PFE. I intend to buy them back a little at a time in the near future. I want to lock in some very good recent gains. Also I sold half my position in HNZ. You can't beat the gain it's made since the Buffet deal. I will also be buying back HNZ in the future, but again, it's time to lock in some gains. If you have made some good gains lately, don't be afraid to take some profits now. If you like your stocks like I do, then you can buy them back with "the houses" money you made on your gains. Just make sure you buy them back a little at a time to let the dollar cost averaging work for you. Good Luck! MSD
    30 Apr 2013, 09:13 AM Reply Like
  • How will you buy back into HNZ? I believe the deal is to close in June if I'm not mistaken?


    I'm just holding till it's over since I don't really need anymore cash. I already set aside a small chunk for if/when the correction happens.
    31 May 2013, 10:04 AM Reply Like
  • On the surface, (SIRI) looks cheap (trailing PE of 6), but at $21 billion market cap, how large can it grow. If I were (SIRI), I would start paying out a dividend.
    30 Apr 2013, 11:59 AM Reply Like
  • I would love a div; SIRI is only 1 of two stocks in my entire portfolio without one. Obviously getting in at 8 cents im really excited about the future and it's pretty much a win win div or not.


    Also to note LMCA doesn't pay a dividend, so odds don't seem to favor SIRI having one.
    31 May 2013, 10:07 AM Reply Like
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