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Barron's is out with its list of the 500 financially strongest companies as ranked after a...

Barron's is out with its list of the 500 financially strongest companies as ranked after a rigorous cash and sales analysis. A quick filter on the list shows a good chunk of the names trade with a single-digit price to earnings ratio including Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT). Despite all the buzz about booming auto sales in the U.S. and China, concerns about growth for Goodyear's products in other regions of the globe have lowered expectations. But with auto sale estimates for full-year being taken higher, Goodyear could see enough consistent revenue growth to justify a higher trading multiple. (Top 25: AAPL, WCC, WDC, DVA, CHRW, QCOM, JOY, V, STX, MRC, MA, CVI, COF, SYMC, MCK, WCG, ETN, BRCM, TMO, CI, CBI, NOV, WNR, HFC, DK)
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  • I will not be surprised to find this list on the bottom of Tweety's cage in a few months. Many named in the Top 25 have already begun to cave.
    5 May 2013, 01:07 PM Reply Like
  • Waaaaah!
    5 May 2013, 01:30 PM Reply Like
  • Buy them all, I've got your back.
    -B.S. Bernanke, Ph.D.
    5 May 2013, 02:11 PM Reply Like
  • Barron's suks
    5 May 2013, 03:21 PM Reply Like
  • After reading your forty negative comments fscot Stoney , guess you have a black cloud following you around.....
    5 May 2013, 04:01 PM Reply Like
  • Is it just me or they have sent this same update via email four times?
    5 May 2013, 03:50 PM Reply Like
  • Yes, got it four time too.
    5 May 2013, 03:52 PM Reply Like
  • Yup, number 4 here too.
    5 May 2013, 03:56 PM Reply Like
  • It allows four times the negative comments about Apple coming is as the strongest company in America, financially speaking.
    5 May 2013, 04:18 PM Reply Like
  • I just got my 6th
    5 May 2013, 08:45 PM Reply Like
  • 4 here also.
    6 May 2013, 12:32 AM Reply Like
  • 9 times.. 491 to go!
    6 May 2013, 02:24 AM Reply Like
  • And we're officially at 11... For how long are we supposed to get it in the mail? 1 week?
    Was it at least incredibly insightful...
    6 May 2013, 05:19 AM Reply Like
  • Four times for me, too. Such a waste of pixels.
    5 May 2013, 04:28 PM Reply Like
  • I'm up to five. Let's start a lottery! How many til it ends? I'll bet on ten total.
    5 May 2013, 04:59 PM Reply Like
  • Five and counting...........Put me down for nine.
    5 May 2013, 05:38 PM Reply Like
  • Six as of 6:46 pm EST.
    5 May 2013, 07:48 PM Reply Like
  • I think we get one email per each stock you have in your portfolio list.
    5 May 2013, 09:24 PM Reply Like
  • I'm up to 11 times. Put me down for 15.
    6 May 2013, 04:04 AM Reply Like
  • I like GT. think I'll buy some.
    5 May 2013, 07:35 PM Reply Like
  • The top 25 list is somewhat telling: mobile computing system design houses, hard disk manufacturers, refiners, certain industrials (tooling, supplies, supply chain), select healthcare...note the HD vendors have a perpetual windfall from the engineered obsolescence.
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  • 4 times
    5 May 2013, 08:09 PM Reply Like
  • When you are on top of Barron's list and at the bottom of the S&P performing stocks, that means buy. I said it at 395, I will say it again at $450, smart money at a market peak will be rotating into single digit P/E, dividend paying stocks with growth. $AAPL is a prime suspect.
    5 May 2013, 08:35 PM Reply Like
  • Agree. (AAPL), (STX), and (WDC) look good buys.
    6 May 2013, 04:33 PM Reply Like
  • I needed 7 email alerts for this? SA may find themselves on the other side of my spam filter.
    5 May 2013, 09:00 PM Reply Like
  • Just got it again
    5 May 2013, 09:23 PM Reply Like
  • I've been waiting joy to make a serious move maybe this will help!
    5 May 2013, 09:23 PM Reply Like
  • No thank you
    5 May 2013, 09:24 PM Reply Like
  • I read it the first five times. I think I get it.


    Barron's is out with its list of 500 financially strongest companies.


    Yep. Got it.
    5 May 2013, 11:03 PM Reply Like
  • What, are we sending this out once for each of the Top 25?


    Barron's released a list of the 500 companies with the strongest financials. Message received.
    6 May 2013, 12:31 AM Reply Like
  • Sorry I missed that can you resend it?


    6 May 2013, 12:46 AM Reply Like
  • Number 9
    6 May 2013, 01:05 AM Reply Like
  • really guys, 7 alerts is enough, America needs more Lerts!!!
    6 May 2013, 01:54 AM Reply Like
  • Number 10 received
    6 May 2013, 01:56 AM Reply Like
  • yeah, I got my 10th one too, but I have only alerts on 4 stocks from this note so it doesn't make any sense
    6 May 2013, 04:09 AM Reply Like
  • just got 11th one :)
    6 May 2013, 05:04 AM Reply Like
  • Yeah... email alerts on this are broke. Please fix it, asap.
    6 May 2013, 02:12 AM Reply Like
  • Stop the bubble machine.
    6 May 2013, 07:28 AM Reply Like
  • Yes I see that
    6 May 2013, 08:20 AM Reply Like
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