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SA PRO is a subscription-only platform geared to professional investors that gives subscribers exclusive early access to the best long and short ideas on Seeking Alpha, as well as the best single-stock research on Seeking Alpha.

Every day, SA editors comb through Premium article submissions hunting for the single-stock articles that present the strongest quantifiable opportunities that can help investors make money. These Top ideas will be published on SA PRO. Additionally, the editors review all exclusive articles for inclusion in our top research category for SA PRO.

Top Ideas

  • Description: A convincing long/short idea with asymmetric risk/reward.
    Specifically, we will be looking for the following characteristics:
    • Scope: How big is the opportunity? How large is the downside risk?
    • Context: Why does this opportunity exist? Why is the stock under/overpriced?
    • Catalyst: What will drive a change in investor perception and share price?
    • Timeframe: Is this a multi-year play, or a short-term opportunity?
  • Incentive: $500 minimum guaranteed payment or $10/CPM, whichever is greater. One month of free SA PRO access.
  • Embargo: 24 hours from publication.
  • Examples: Williams Companies: Playing The Gas Infrastructure Super Cycle and Gray Television: Another Shade Of Gray

After the embargo period, during which they're only visible to subscribers, Top ideas will go live to our entire audience for 30 days (including third-party syndication). After that, they're only available to SA PRO subscribers.

Besides earning free SA PRO access and more money, Top Ideas are also presented uniquely on the website, including a special unit on the home-page, a special PRO home-page, and article sidebar modules throughout the website. We want to position SA PRO contributors as the thought-leaders they are.

Our top research articles, meanwhile, feature high-quality coverage on undercovered stocks of all sizes as well as all must-read single-stock analysis.

While SA PRO is not explicitly biased toward less-covered stocks, we do focus on under-covered companies in our review processes.

You can find more details about SA PRO in our FAQ for contributors.

We've put together an absolutely awesome team of editors to continue to oversee SA PRO:

A word to the wise: Our editors are very discerning. We want SA PRO subscribers - buy-side investors and financial professionals who manage a lot of money - to be thrilled with the end product. Not every contributor is a professional investor, or capable of producing analysis at that level. But if you are one of those who can, we hope you'll be excited to join us in taking SA to new heights!

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