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Contributor Benefits

Seeking Alpha provides its authors with the ultimate Web 2.0 platform to maximize their exposure. We provide our authors access to a premium audience of more than 6.5 million unique readers, and through our distribution network, our authors' articles have a reach of over 50 million unique readers.

Seeking Alpha authors are eligible for a wide array of free benefits and professional tools. We believe that to truly be market-moving, our authors should have access to the best tools and opportunities available. To that end, we empower our authors with a number of value-added and traffic-driving benefits such as:

  • Premium Partnership Program: Authors can now monetize their exposure on Seeking Alpha by earning income every time their articles are read on Seeking Alpha. Far above the industry standard, we pay $10 per thousand page views for exclusive articles that are selected for publication. Learn about how to join the Premium Partnership Program here.
  • Free Networking Events: We offer our authors opportunities to network with some of the greatest minds in the financial industry. Our most recent event was on June 20th in New York City.
  • Access to Journalists/Media: Seeking Alpha coordinates interviews for our authors with major media outlets. Our authors have been featured on TV, radio, print media; at conferences; and in documentaries.
  • Seeking Alpha Certification: All authors are eligible to apply for Seeking Alpha Certification. When approved, authors are provided with a Seeking Alpha gold certified badge that may be posted on their individual websites assuring readers of their quality and credibility. A Seeking Alpha badge on a stock market website is a mark of excellence and voluntary adherence to objective compliance standards and differentiates it from the majority of unreliable sites in the blogsphere.
  • Protection against 'linkrot:' Seeking Alpha is committed to retaining all published articles in our archives with no expiration. Thus you can be assured that any links you use to SA articles will not be broken, and that other authors can link to your SA articles with confidence that the links will be maintained.

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