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Dispute an article

Seeking Alpha's editorial approach is to interfere as little as possible with contributors' articles. Editors do, however, (a) provide light copy-editing to improve clarity, consistent with the author's intentions, and (b) do their best to assess and if necessary correct material inaccuracies brought to their attention.

If you have concerns regarding the accuracy of an article published on Seeking Alpha, or believe an article otherwise violates our terms of use, please take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the article
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the article. Beneath the article, there is a module called About this article
  3. Locate the following text, "Problem with this article? Please tell us."
  4. Click on the "Please tell us" link and report the problem

Article Dispute Process

If editors determine that an article contains a material factual error, they will either correct or remove the article, depending on the circumstances.

If the dispute hinges on an interpretation of facts or is beyond the scope of its capacity to research, editors may take the following steps:

  1. Attempt to contact the author for response/correction to the disputant's claim.
  2. If the author does not respond promptly, or if the article appears to contain a material factual error that we cannot immediately correct, temporarily remove the article and indicate the reason for its removal on the article page. Editors will then request a correction by the author, or a statement that he sees no need for a correction.

In all cases the disputant may respond to the disputed article by publishing his own article. We welcome responses from publicly-traded corporations to articles regarding their stock.

If the disputant chooses to respond, we will add a link to the disputant's article at the top of the original article. If the disputant chooses not to respond, we may at our discretion include a statement at the top of the original article indicating that its accuracy has been disputed.

Instablogs, StockTalk and Comments

The above policy refers only to Articles submitted to and accepted by our editors. As per our Terms of Use, Instablogs, StockTalks and Comments will be removed only if the content violates one of the following conditions, as determined by Seeking Alpha, at our discretion:

  • No incitement to hatred. Material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity will be removed.
  • No pornography or pedophelia
  • No direct or implied threats of violence
  • No copyright violations
  • No publication of private information without the permission of its owner
  • No illegal use of your account for dangerous or illegal purposes.
  • No spam or 'link spamming'

We do not adjudicate or moderate disputes of fact on Instablogs, StockTalks and Comments.

Hyperlink Policy

I. Landing pages for hyperlinks

a) Landing pages must be pertinent to topics addressed in the article - either (1) as a citation, or (2) to add relevant context to the article.

b) Landing pages may not contain racist or defamatory material, where 'racist' and 'defamatory' are defined by legal precedent.

II. Anchor text for hyperlinks

To maintain high editorial standards and prevent use of Seeking Alpha for 'keyword squatting,' anchor text for hyperlinks must have clear relevance to the landing page and the landing page must add significant meaning to the sentence which contains the link. Authors do, however, have the discretion to use anchor text in a creative manner to add an additional layer of meaning to the writing.

Copyright or Trademark protection for a term or company name do not constitute grounds for limiting its use in anchor text that points to landing pages other than that of the holder of the Copyright or Trademark.

Revised 22/5/13