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Premium Partnership Program Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these Terms you understand that:
  • By indicating 'Premium' when you submit an article you agree to receive payment for that article should it be published under the Seeking Alpha Premium Partnership Program (the "Program") and that these articles and related payments are subject to the terms herein.
  • Seeking Alpha, at its sole discretion, can select certain Premium articles to be published as Top Ideas or to receive an Article Reward designation as defined and subject to the terms below.
  • Premium articles will accrue earnings based on the number of times an article is read on the Seeking Alpha site ("Pageviews"); Premium articles published as Top Ideas or selected to receive an Article Reward designation will earn a guaranteed minimum payout ("Guaranteed Earnings") and/or a payout additive to all other earnings. Mobile pageviews and pageviews resulting from contributors viewing their own articles are not eligible for earnings.
  • For every PRO Top Idea published you will be provided with limited-term free access to the Seeking Alpha PRO platform (“Free Access”) so that you can monitor comments on your articles and experience the SA PRO platform. The Free Access is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed and is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Seeking Alpha website as a “Subscription”.
  • PRO Top Ideas will be made available exclusively to SA PRO subscribers for the first 24 hours after publication (“Embargo Period”) following which they will automatically be made accessible to all Seeking Alpha users for 30 days. Following general availability SA PRO articles will be archived for exclusive availability to SA PRO subscribers.
  • Premium articles selected as PRO articles will be made available exclusively to SA PRO subscribers for the first 24 hours after publication (“Embargo Period”) following which they will automatically be made accessible to all Seeking Alpha users for 30 days. Following general availability SA PRO articles will be archived for exclusive availability to SA PRO subscribers.
  • SA PRO articles and articles selected to receive an Article Reward designation may also be published by Seeking Alpha on select partner platforms in order to generate more publicity for the articles and the SA PRO program.
  • Currently applicable rates for payment per Pageviews and Guaranteed Earnings, as well as details of the Embargo Periods and Free Access periods, are detailed in the Payments section below. We reserve the right to adjust these rates and periods at any time and at our sole discretion. We will of course notify you of any such changes.
  • You agree that the above payments are the total compensation you are entitled to for Premium articles. You must notify us of any disputed or missing payment within thirty (30) days of the date that payment is or should have been received.
  • By indicating an article is Premium when you submit it to the Program, you agree to make Seeking Alpha Ltd. your exclusive publisher for that article should it be accepted for publication under the Program, and grant a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, fully-paid up (subject to required payments hereunder), exclusive license to make any use of the articles and the derivative works of the article, for free use on a website. You therefore agree that you have not published it or made it available, and will not publish it or make it available (or any article substantially similar) for free use on any other website including any blog or in any other media, technology or method. You may publish a headline and/or brief summary/snippet of the article elsewhere (up to 250 words but no more than 1/3 of the total article) and link to the full article on Seeking Alpha. The brief summary or snippet may not include charts or images.
  • Although Seeking Alpha takes reasonable commercial measures to prevent Premium articles from being republished by other websites or via other technologies, Seeking Alpha is not liable for any actions of third parties, including publication of Premium articles without Seeking Alpha's consent.
  • We may and can withhold all payment for a Premium article under any of the following circumstances: i) if we believe that inappropriate methods (i.e. page-views generated from non-genuine article readership or fraudulent acts such as click spam, automated robots, macro programs and internet agents) have been employed to increase traffic, ii) if your article (or any article substantially similar) is published on other sites with or without your permission, and is therefore not exclusive to Seeking Alpha, iii) if your article is removed from the site and/or article feeds and lists for any reason by Seeking Alpha.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the banking details and/or other payment information you provide to Seeking Alpha are current at all times. Seeking Alpha will not be responsible for paying any banking fees, other charges or interest, including without limitation fees or charges resulting from your failure to comply with these terms, such as those incurred for not being able to pay you, or restoring payments to you that were paid into the wrong account if your payment information is not up to date.
  • Also, we reserve the right to charge you, or offset against future payments, if you provide incorrect account information, for charges imposed on us by the payment services you choose, or for amounts paid for articles submitted by you that we later learn are not owned by you. In addition, if we are unable to make payment to you, amounts owed may be subject to state escheat or unclaimed property laws.
  • If you are a U.S. person (as defined under U.S. tax law), you agree to provide us with your U.S. tax identification number and a fully-completed Form W-9. We may require submission of other forms for individuals outside the U.S. You are responsible for paying all taxes on the amounts we pay you. Both parties agree that you are an independent contractor for Seeking Alpha, and not an employee.
  • Seeking Alpha's aggregate liability to you under the Program for all claims of any sort will be as follows: (i) for claims relating to a specific article, the amount that it has paid you for that article; and (ii) for all other claims, the amount that it has paid you for your exclusive articles under this program during the 6-month period prior to your bringing your claim.
  • Articles submitted under the Program are subject to the Terms of Use of the Seeking Alpha website as a “User Submission”.
  • Seeking Alpha or its payment processing provider may send you notification emails updating you as to the status of your articles and payments, and related to your registration, banking and tax details.
  • We may terminate or change the Program at any time. You may terminate your participation in the Program by not submitting any additional Premium articles. Termination of the Program or of your participation in the Program shall not terminate any license rights to Seeking Alpha for previously submitted articles.
Payment Details:
  • You may choose any of the payment options that appear in the Payment Details section of the Contributor Center. Please note that payments can only be made into an account in your name or bearing an email address identical to that which we have on record. Payments will not be made to third parties.
  • If you are unable to receive payments or prefer to donate payments to a charity please feel free to join our earnings donation program. Please contact us at for additional information.
  • Payments will be made quarterly according to the payment details you provide to Seeking Alpha.
  • Payments will be made within 30 business days from the end of each quarter.
  • Payments will only be made if there is a minimum of $100 due on your account. Accrued earnings of less than $100 will be rolled over to the next quarterly payment.
  • The Pageview earnings rate ("PV Rate") is set at the start of each quarter and is quoted in $ per 1,000 Pageviews (pro-rated for under or over 1,000 Pageviews). Pageviews of your articles during each period will accrue earnings for you based on the PV Rate published for that period. Details of the amounts accrued for each of your articles and payments made will be published on your Author Board.
Applicable rates:
Article Type Base Payment PV Rate Guaranteed Earnings Embargo Period Free Access Period Archived
Premium $35 $10 - - - -
PRO Top Idea
- $10 $500 24 hours 1 month 30 days after publication
- $10 $150 24 hours - 30 days after publication

Last Updated: December 29, 2013