Seeking Alpha PRO- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Seeking Alpha PRO?
  • Seeking Alpha PRO is an equity research platform that provides fundamental investors with high quality ideas and the ability to research a broad range of stocks in a time efficient manner by showing you the most important SA articles to read on any given stock. PRO sifts through the noise of the general site and delivers Seeking Alpha’s best, most actionable content.
  • What do I get in my SA PRO subscription?
  • • Idea Generation - Rapidly evaluate our best long and short ideas with bullet point summaries

    • Research a Stock - Read articles and comments that raise important issues that you might not be aware of and often aren’t covered by sell side research. Get coverage that is far broader than the sell side, including thousands of small caps with no sell side coverage.

    • First Look - Get ahead of the game with 24 hour advance look on key long and short articles articles

    • On-demand research - Request coverage on specific tickers

    • Emails the way you want them - exclusive email features including sector alerts, PRO email alerts, contributor and author performance, usage and data points, etc...

    Once you become a PRO subscriber, you will also have direct access to a customer success specialist who is available to answer any technical or support questions, and can provide additional training.

  • How are articles selected for SA PRO?
  • Every day, a dedicated team of editors comb through Premium article submissions hunting for the single-stock articles that present the strongest quantifiable opportunities that can help investors make money. To be published as PRO, our editors looks for a convincing long/short idea with asymmetric risk/reward. They look at the scope of the opportunity, context and timeframe as well as the track record of the author. 80% of our contributors are full-time buyside investors.

  • How do I sign up for SA PRO?
  • To become a PRO subscriber, go to our sign-up page.
  • Do you have any group or corporate subscription plans?
  • Yes. Please contact us at
  • Will my subscription automatically renew?
  • Yes. PRO memberships are set to auto-renew as PRO members rely on their continuous access to their service. If, for any reason you'd like not to renew your PRO membership, please notify us before your next scheduled billing date.
  • How do I cancel my subscription? Can I get a refund?
  • Seeking Alpha PRO members receive a no-questions-asked refund for annual memberships on months paid and not used, up to a maximum of 6 months refund. Monthly memberships are not refundable.

    To request a refund, the PRO member must notify Seeking Alpha PRO via email ( on the day the you want to initiate cancellation. We will issue your subscription refund within 5 business days at which time your access to the service will also be cancelled.

  • I’m an Individual Investor, is this product right for me?
  • A large percentage of our PRO users subscribe for personal use. If you are active in the market or hold large positions where extra insight could make the difference than PRO is right for you.
  • Have more questions?
  • Contact us at if you have any questions.