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Seeking Alpha PRO- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SA PRO?
  • SA PRO is a subscription-only platform for professional investors providing exclusive early access to the best long and short ideas on Seeking Alpha, as well as a growing library of independent small- and mid-cap stock research.
  • What do I get in my SA PRO subscription?
  • Seeking Alpha PRO unlocks the world’s investing insight with exclusive early access to top long and short ideas, independent research from industry professionals and contributors, and extensive coverage of micro, small, and mid-cap stocks.


    • Top long and short ideas - powerful analysis on underfollowed equities, special situations, and stocks with value-enhancing catalysts which provide asymmetric risk/reward – and top research on small and mid caps

    • Exclusive access to the SA PRO research library, with coverage of thousands of small-cap tickers and the full catalog of our Top Ideas

    • The ability to contact both research authors and commenters to gain additional insight into their opinions and analysis.

    • Only subscribers can track hundreds of tickers in real-time with SA PRO's expanded portfolios and watchlists.


    • Broad coverage of stocks, including more than 3,000 small- and mid-caps covered in the past year

    • Houses the largest research library of independent research from fund managers, analysts and industry experts

    • Draws from more than 8,000 contributing authors and 225,000 commenters

  • How will I be able to access my SA PRO subscription?
  • You must first log in to Seeing Alpha as a PRO subscriber; this may require you to log out as a regular user and then log in again with the same credentials.

    When logged in as an SA PRO subscriber you will see the Seeking Alpha website with a number of additional benefits only for PRO subscribers:

    • Your homepage will become the PRO website homepage showing new research ideas.

    • You will have access to PRO articles in the Seeking Alpha iPhone app and mobile website.

    • SA PRO articles will be available for you at all times when they are not available to non-SA PRO users (i.e. the embargo and archive periods), and will be visible in all areas of the website including the dashboards, quote pages and your portfolio page.

    In addition, you will be alerted about all SA PRO articles prior to general release through:

    • An email each morning listing the our new Top Ideas.

    • Real-time email alerts will be generated, notifying you as soon as a Top Idea is published.

  • What is the cost of SA PRO and what subscription options are available?
  • Seeking Alpha PRO clients have several different price points to account for individual or multiple user seat licenses, in addition to enterprise-wide pricing for firms.

    For additional questions around pricing and user seat access, please contact directly or provide us with some more information about your firm and needs on our PRO home page.

  • How are articles selected for SA PRO?
  • All exclusive, single-stock articles are eligible for potential Top Idea publication or top small/mid-cap research on Seeking Alpha PRO. A dedicated team of editors reviews submissions and selects Top Ideas - high-conviction long/short ideas with asymmetric risk/reward – based on compelling investment theses, including:

    • Context: Why does this opportunity exist? Why is the stock under/overpriced?

    • Scope: How big is the opportunity? How big is the downside risk?

    • Catalyst: What might drive the change in investor perception/share price?

    • Timeframe: Is this a multi-year play, or a short-term opportunity?

    For top small/mid-cap research, editors look for articles that provide professional-level insight on underfollowed stocks with market caps under $5B.

  • I am a research author and would like to write for SA PRO?  How can I?
  • All exclusive, single-stock articles are eligible for potential PRO publication. A dedicated team of SA PRO editors will be reviewing article submissions and selecting articles for PRO where appropriate.

    Potential contributors can read more about SA PRO here and should contact with any questions.

  • How do I sign up for SA PRO?
  • To become a PRO subscriber, go to our sign-up page here, fill in your contact information, and someone will be in touch with you quickly to get you on-board. Once you become a PRO client, you will be introduced to your account manager who will ensure that you are set up for access, can answer any technical or support questions, and can provide additional training. Seeking Alpha can invoice any broker on a client’s behalf, as well as accepting both wire transfers and checks directly from a user or firm.
  • Do you have any group or corporate subscription plans?
  • We offer discounted prices for bulk purchases for a firm. Please contact us at
  • Will my subscription automatically renew?
  • Annual subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled, as per the terms of service.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • PRO clients may cancel their subscription at any point during their time of access; however, Seeking Alpha does not provide refunds for any unused time. Subscription terms are on an annual basis and clients who wish to cancel their subscription after the first year must notify Seeking Alpha in advance.
  • How do I access my SA PRO account settings and manage my subscription?
  • Your SA PRO account settings can be accessed by clicking on the ‘PRO’ Button in the top left hand corner of your screen. You’ll then see a button that says ‘PRO Account Settings’. You can also access your PRO account settings from the settings menu of your SA user account.
  • How do I change my email address associated with my subscription?
  • The email address associated with your subscription is the same email address you associated to your Seeking Alpha user account. You can change this email address at any point by logging in to your Seeking Alpha account and adjusting your settings or through your PRO settings dashboard.
  • How do I modify my payment information?
  • Please contact us at:
  • Why is Seeking Alpha starting to charge sales tax?
  • Many states and local governments require companies to collect sales tax on certain products and services for a variety of reasons, such as use of local sales agents or consultants. As we continue to grow and start participating in these activities state and local tax laws may cover our service. When this happens we will start adding sales tax to payments. For credit card paying customers this change will be made automatically, so all you need to do to accept this change is to carry on using Seeking Alpha PRO.


    To see the new amount you'll be charged, check your subscription status in your account settings.


    If you've moved since you signed up for Seeking Alpha PRO, head to your payment details page to change your billing zip code.
  • Can I put my subscription on hold?
  • Seeking Alpha PRO content is available anywhere there's an internet connection, so there's no need for vacation suspensions.
  • Can I share my subscription across more than one email address/user?
  • No. Subscriptions are allocated to specific email addresses and cannot be shared with other users or across other email addresses. Any abuse of a subscription, such as unauthorized sharing of a single account among multiple users, may result in the blocking of your access to SA PRO.
  • Can I access my PRO subscription on more than one computer?
  • Yes. You can access your subscription and read its content on any computer or device by logging into your account..