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John Petersen
John Petersen

My work as a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha has been one of the most worthwhile endeavors in my professional career. Within a couple of months of first posting on Seeking Alpha, I was approached by Tom Konrad about publishing on Altenergystocks and then by Infocast about being a speaker for their Storage Week Conference. Since then I've been invited to be a speaker and panelist at numerous prestigious events. My interactions with intelligent and perceptive readers have taught me the difference between writing well and communicating well. As a working securities lawyer who specializes in entrepreneurial companies, the life's blood of my practice is a regular flow of potential new clients. Sharing my experience with investors who are interested in the sectors I write about has put my name and capabilities squarely in front of the next generation of entrepreneurs who want to better understand the needs of potential investors. As a result I've seen better and higher-quality deal flow over the last two years than I saw in the preceding decade. Thanks for giving me a platform to share my experience with investors while showcasing my abilities at the same time.

Keith Schaefer
Keith Schaefer

Seeking Alpha has increased my exposure in the market a lot, especially once I started using their StockTalk feature as my main Twitter account. My articles were followed by 600 people after one year of posting my energy articles on the site, and then it grew to 12,000 in just two months. Seeking Alpha has been a great way for my newsletter subscription service to grow organically. And with such a sophisticated audience, they keep me sharp.

Brett Owens
Brett Owens

Seeking Alpha greatly helped me launch, publicize, and get traction for my new website Contrary Investing. Just one month after turning the site live, we're already getting a few hundred unique visitors per day, in addition to at least ten email subscribers daily -- and Seeking Alpha is a huge reason. According to my website analytics, SA is one of our top 3 traffic sources!

Hedgephone picture
Nicholas Southwick Levis (Hedgephone)

The Seeking Alpha Premium Program has allowed me to focus on blogging and building a web business part time this year when I am not trading the markets. The Premium Program's pay structure is highly rewarding for me and helps make online commerce a possibility for many financial professionals who are building a web presence or marketing their products. The Internet is changing the investment management business and adding transparency. I am grateful for the Premium Program at Seeking Alpha as we contributors learn many lessons from one and others' investment mistakes, successes, and experiences.

I advise for a small group of clients and run a small fund but after 2008 growth has been difficult. I have found Seeking Alpha to be an invaluable resource for me in many different regards and it helps that your firm provides income for publishing well researched investment ideas. In these tough times, many knowledgeable market enthusiasts could use an extra source of income and anyone can join and publish an article on this site and start earning real money.

Providing a forum for uncensored discussion on Seeking Alpha is making the financial media a more transparent place. Seeking Alpha is a tremendous resource for investment managers and individual investors alike, and I highly recommend becoming a contributor to this site.

SA's help and patience in editing my posts is without a doubt a key to making this program workable for me as I am not a writer by profession.

Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly

Seeking Alpha is not only an integral part of my business plan, it is a great resource for investors. I would highly recommend SA to investors looking for an in-depth investment resource and those looking to gain exposure for their business. I started with a single article and within a year I have over 16,000 followers and regular appearances on CNBC.

Glen Bradford
Glen Bradford

Seeking Alpha was the first place to publish my ideas back when I was still in school getting an MBA. Jim Cramer from CNBC's Mad Money and, Inc. found my articles on Seeking Alpha and recruited me to write for him as well. The people who have come across my ideas on your site have enabled me to do things that I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to do.

Dian L. Chu (EconMatters)
Dian L. Chu (EconMatters)

SA has given me tremendous exposure and expanded my network. Two of my articles were recently picked up by Reuters and USA Today! I'm currently collaborating with Mr. T. Boone Pickens' team on future articles and I owe it all to SA.


Cullen Roche

In less than two years I've accumulated more than 50,000 followers on Seeking Alpha and grown my website to over 1,000,000 page views. I never could have expected to reach so many people and achieve such rapid growth, but Seeking Alpha has played an enormous role in helping me accomplish just that.

Jim Van Meerten

After 40 years in the professional world as an accountant, attorney, financial advisor, and business school professor, I retired and began instablogging on Seeking Alpha. Within nine months of becoming a contributor, I reached over 65,000 followers. I began to write daily postings on's Stock Portfolio Blogs and I've been a featured blogger on MSN's Money Central Top Stocks, Motley Fool and I have been awarded the 100 rating on, which is the top 100 of the 100,000 investors posting portfolios on their site, and my investment ideas are used in their money management company, Marketocracy Capital Management. Everyone at Seeking Alpha has made my posting efforts on the website a great experience. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Seeking Alpha and know that my links from Seeking Alpha to my blogs at Barchart Portfolio Blogs will get a lot of traffic.

Lee Eugene Munson

When I started Portfolio Asset Management, Seeking Alpha was the first place I published my research. It was easy for people to search and I got noticed. In the end, it led to appearances on CNBC, financial magazines, radio, and speaking engagements. While it helps to be above average and a good writer, Seeking Alpha can give you the extra push you need to get noticed. Keep writing!

Roger Nusbaum

My blog posts have been syndicated by Seeking Alpha for five and a half years. This has opened several doors for me and my colleagues at our Investment Advisory practice including new clients, speaking at conferences and other media inquiries all of which have contributed to growing our practice. Seeking Alpha has gained a lot of traction in the last few years in terms of visibility which I believe also helps the authors' visibility.

John Nyaradi (Wall Street Sector Selector)

I started publishing on Seeking Alpha in February 2009, and since then have benefited greatly from your forum. I read many of your articles on a regular basis and always pick up valuable information that isn't available in the general financial press. As a newsletter publisher, Seeking Alpha allows me to publish my views and introduce my newsletter to readers who can become subscribers, friends, and associates through the advanced Web 2.0 features of your site.

Claus Vistesen

There are countless financial commentary aggregation sites on the web today and as a blogger and independent writer you have to ask yourself which one gives you most quality exposure. Seeking Alpha is the easy and obvious answer to that question. With its dedicated editors, its high-quality userface and its devotion to its authors, it remains the unrivaled leader in the world of financial commentary aggregation.

Cliff Wachtel

The 'secrets' to success are all there in front of you on the Seeking Alpha site. Although I was writing quality content on my own little site, I never attained a following until I started using Seeking Alpha's platform. The difference was comparable to singing on a street corner versus getting an appearance on American Idol. That is, SA gives you a potentially huge ready-made audience and makes it easy for that audience to quickly identify new talent. Seeking Alpha helps draw attention to quality writers and allows them to literally leap into prominence in a matter of weeks. Once you have a decent ranking and solid comments, your credibility is established and you stand out. You’re ready to get hired as an advisor, writer, asset manager, consultant, whatever.

David White

Seeking Alpha provides a truly unique framework for the exchange of investment ideas that I've found invaluable. The feedback I receive from Seeking Alpha readers who specialize in the fields I write about has pushed me to a much greater depth of understanding and has provided me with a more "worldwide" view of the markets, which is essential to trading well these days. I have learned more than I can say here, not only about investing, but about world economics and world views. I cannot say enough.



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