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NEWTON, Mass., June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  TripAdvisor (TRIP) ®, the world's largest travel site*, today announced the results of its tipping survey of more than 25,000 respondents, including 3,700 from the U.S. The survey revealed that 60 percent of U.S. respondents always tip for service on vacation, compared to the 27 percent average of seven other countries included in the pollBrazil, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the U.K.

Americans are Top Tippers
Here's a look at respondents who said they "always" tip for service while on vacation:

Americans 60%
Germans 49%
Brazilians 33%
Spanish 30%
Russians 28%
British 26%
French 15%
Italians 11%

Tipping Influences for U.S. Travelers
Nearly one quarter (23 percent) of U.S. respondents tend to feel guilty if they don't tip, and 34 percent have left a tip despite poor service because they felt obligated. Other reasons Americans leave something extra:

  • 56% think tipping is expected
  • 54% tip when staff meet basic expectations
  • 53% tip if staff go the extra mile

Of the 40 percent of U.S. respondents who don't always leave a tip on vacation, the main reasons for not tipping include: service didn't meet their expectations (55 percent), while 20 percent think the tip is included in the bill.

Services Travelers Typically Tip
When it comes to tipping, here's a look at the staff and services that U.S. survey respondents most often compensate:

Hotel staff U.S. travelers tip:

Service U.S. travelers tip:

Bellman / porter 79%

Restaurant staff 97%

Room service 73%

Taxi driver 81%

Bartender 71%

Tour operator / guide 73%

Housekeeping 69%

Spa staff 54%

Valet 48%

Café barista 22%

Hotel staff travelers are least likely to tip: gym staff (2%), pool staff (9%), concierge (26%).

Travelers' Top Service Qualities
Helpfulness, friendliness, and politeness of service were the three most important qualities for travelers whether staying at a hotel or dining at a restaurant. Helpful service ranked as the most important factor for travelers at hotels, while friendliness was the service priority at restaurants. 

International Tipping Customs
When it comes to tipping abroad, more than one quarter (26 percent) of U.S. respondents said they rarely know what's expected and they adjust their approach to tipping:

  • 45% vary the tip amount based on expectations in the country
  • 17% said the amount of tip is dependent on the level of service
  • 13% generally tip 20% of the total bill
  • 11% generally tip 15% of the total bill
  • 5% generally tip 10% of the total bill

Tipping Tidbits

  • 33% think it would be better if tips were included in the bill
  • 19% report that a tipping situation has ruined their experience
  • 19% said a member of staff has asked them to give a tip

"The TripAdvisor survey shows the majority of U.S. travelers tip on vacation, regardless of the quality of service," said Brooke Ferencsik, director of communications for TripAdvisor. "While friendliness and helpfulness are the most important qualities that influence tipping behavior, cultural norms are also a significant factor."

About TripAdvisor
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*Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, Q1 2014

**Source: Google Analytics, average monthly unique users, Q1 2014; does not include traffic to

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