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10/20/2014, 2:31 PM ET
  • bear2bull2bear | Send Message 10 Oct 2012

    AA~YUM going in different directions is telling alot.China's landing will be hard outside.But,their domestics will buffer inside.Not outside
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    • bear2bull2bear | Send Message 10 Oct 2012
      : This year will be a giant birth year.Soon there will be a big migration to the empty cities. Their new 5 year plan grows when Wen steps down
    • bear2bull2bear | Send Message 10 Oct 2012
      : Could be ! Seems millions of Chinese bogus airbags are installed in tons of US cars. Sneeky way to fight a war
      AA vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Alcoa Inc manufactures and engineers lightweight metals. It products include aluminum, titanium, and nickel, which are used in aircraft, automobiles, commercial transportation, packaging, oil and gas, defense and industrial applications, among others.
      Industry: Aluminum
      Country: United States