Abtech Holdings, Inc. (ABHD) - OTCQB
  • dogboy99 | Send Message 1 Jul

    $ABHD spiked up on 6/30 with volume, any news?
      • Farshighted1 | Send Message 25 Mar

        $ABHD So, where are the quarterly earnings? No SEC filing, No press release and only 4 business days left in this month.
          • dogboy99 | Send Message 25 Jun 2015

            $ABHD No news is bad news. What a fail this is. F'n NY politico F'U' for sure. Song goes " I Hate NY!"
              • dogboy99 | Send Message 21 May 2015

                $ABHD 1 year chart looks like it fell off a cliff
                  • dogboy99 | Send Message 20 May 2015

                    $ABHD Looks like the only hope is if they get bought out by a competitor. 7 cents /share today. !!!
                      • dogboy99 | Send Message 19 May 2015

                        $ABHD It looks like the NY investigation destroyed my investment. Typical NY BS. Glad I moved out. I hate NY & will never go back.
                          • Farshighted1 | Send Message 19 May 2015

                            $ABHD There are no close to revenue opportunities. The CEO needs to be replaced for there ever to be even a chance at a recovery.
                              • dogboy99 | Send Message 7 May 2015
                                  • dogboy99 | Send Message 5 May 2015

                                    $ABHD WTF going bankrupt here or what? Looks like a total loss
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                                    • Farshighted1 | Send Message 5 May 2015
                                      : $ABHD and not a peep from the company. This is really bad especially as they withheld some materially important information from investors
                                      • dogboy99 | Send Message 4 May 2015

                                        $ABHD Okay I see Skelos & son were arrested on bribe Charges. This explains the big dump. Hope stock can recoup. Hope contract is still good
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                                        • Farshighted1 | Send Message 5 May 2015
                                          : $ABHD Explains the delay in the Nassau project - they were working with the Fed's to gather evidence. Next CC should be interesting
                                        • Farshighted1 | Send Message 5 May 2015
                                          : $ABHD Sure need the truth about where all of the opportunities really stand
                                          Company Description
                                          AbTech is an environmental technology firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to communities, industry and governments addressing issues of water pollution and contamination. Its products are based on polymer technologies capable of removing hydrocarbons, sediment and other foreign... More
                                          Industry: Waste Management
                                          Country: United States