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  Adobe Systems Incorporated - NASDAQ

9/21/2014, 9:31 PM ET
  • 1980XLS | Send Message 12 Oct 2011

    ADBE keepin' the streak goin, LOL Up every day since the demise if Steve Jobs.
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    • 1980XLS | Send Message 12 Oct 2011
      : Who knows. My wife's firm just bought Samsung Galaxies in lieu of I-Pads due to the flash thing. That's all I know.
    • Brandon Gibbs | Send Message 12 Oct 2011
      : theres a browser app for ipad that allows you to watch flash videos
      ADBE vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Adobe Systems Inc offers a line of software and services used by creative professionals, marketers, developers, enterprises and consumers for creating, managing, delivering, measuring, optimizing and engaging with compelling operating systems.
      Sector: Technology
      Country: United States