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  • enderone | Send Message 25 May

    $ADTM - Wow, I almost bought this as a merger arbitrage play months ago. I can't believe what's happened since.
      • CrankThemStocks | Send Message 25 May

        $ADTM - On the plus side, they're only $6,999,300 short from paying AdSupply for that merger. Kickstarter campaign?
          • CrankThemStocks | Send Message 25 May

            $ADTM - I'm sure they hoped to get the stock manipulation done before they had to release this. Now, no chance to cash out on fake merger.
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            • L1234 | Send Message 25 May
              : $ADTM I know penny stocks are risky but isn't this illegal, to totally misrepresent things seems fraudulent?
            • CrankThemStocks | Send Message 26 May
              : Yes it's illegal, but typically SEC cares when someone actually makes money off the scam. Their failure probably saved them jail.
              • jkumor | Send Message 25 May

                $ADTM - Suggest investors read the latest 10-Q filing on the on Yahoo Finance - unfortunately it is not pretty.
                  • jkumor | Send Message 25 May

                    $ADTM - latest financials: *Cash - $7 HUNDRED *Current Assets - $994 thousand *Current Liabilities - $5.3 MILLION *Net loss - $5.4 million
                      • DIPENTIMA9 | Send Message 24 May

                        Anyone know what is going on at $ADTM to cause this decline at this volume?
                          • wilkinson99 | Send Message 19 Apr

                            Top % Gainers: $FELP 36%, $TBIO 29%, $ADTM 25%, $LPTN 18%, $MARA 20%, $RPRX $BMI $USLV $JNUG $TTS $UGAZ $GIGA $NUGT
                              • DIPENTIMA9 | Send Message 25 Mar

                                $ADTM Hey Kris, I guess I may be that sucker. Let's hope not. We'll see what Monday's investor conference brings.
                                  • CrankThemStocks | Send Message 25 Mar

                                    Warning.. this appears to be a very simple minded stock manipulation scheme by $ADTM and AdSupply. Beware.
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                                    • CrankThemStocks | Send Message 6 Apr
                                      : Just to summarize in case anyone is keeping score. AdSupply claims they're a $45M / year company and offers $35m in cash they dont have...
                                    • CrankThemStocks | Send Message 6 Apr
                                      : then, after the stock goes from .07 to over .70 on that speculation, 2 months later $ADTM offers $8m they don't have for 48% of $18m co? huh
                                      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 2 Feb

                                        There's a sucker born every minute: Recent $1.50/share cash offer for $ADTM--real or not?
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                                        • Noreika | Send Message 27 May
                                          : Wow, this was a bad one. Was watching it for a while. Good call Doc.