Feihe International, Inc. (ADY) - NYSE
ADY is defunct.
  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 11 May 2012

    So everybody loves Feihe International (ADY) now, or is this a fraud. Note the lawsuit against Muddy Waters. http://on.wsj.com/IHgu6c
      • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 10 May 2012

        Earnings b4 market open: $ACCO $ALT $AG, $ADY $MT $ATPAQ $BIOD $CSIQ $DYN $GNVC $INO, $NHI $PDCE $RGDX $SOMX $VITC $SNE $SLF $TGX $VITC $WIN
          • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 7 May 2012

            http://stks.co/3i7d Earnings before market open: ADY, AKRX, BR, CHTR, FOSL, HL, HSBC, PCXCQ.OB, SLCA, THC, RST, KWK, PES, STO, HK
              • Jack Kreuz | Send Message 17 Jan 2012

                What happened to Alfred Little? Have the bullies at SVM, PUDA.OB, ADY, SCEI.OB threatened him? kidnapped him? killed him?
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                • cn_habs | Send Message 15 Feb 2012
                  : who's long SVM?
                • syl6969 | Send Message 21 Feb 2013
                  : Big time @ 3.68$
                  • Jack Kreuz | Send Message 20 Jun 2011

                    ADY is not a leading producer.
                      • chinadebunker | Send Message 8 Apr 2011

                        ADY in same league as DGWIY.PK, take a look.
                          • chinadebunker | Send Message 8 Apr 2011

                            Never a fan of NYG's work, DEER.OB no exception, these guys are known as scammsters in China PE community. Take a look at latest on ADY.
                              • chinadebunker | Send Message 8 Apr 2011

                                Take a look at my instablog on ADY. Think CHBT.PK has fleas? A customer recently found maggots in ADY's infant formula product!
                                  • Alex B. Gray | Send Message 13 Oct 2010

                                    American Dairy, Inc. $ADY shareholders approve to change corporate name to Feihe International, Inc. to better reflect their brand.
                                      • Hedgephone | Send Message 29 Sep 2010

                                        at 1980 lol.... you think those chinese squeeze plays still work? sold 1/3 of SBAY and holding ADY...I here you.. SA rules unbiased as can b
                                          Company Description
                                          Feihe International Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of milk powder, soybean milk powder, and related dairy products in the People’s Republic of China, or the PRC. Using proprietary processing techniques, we make products that are specially formulated for particular ages, dietary... More
                                          Industry: Dairy Products
                                          Country: China