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  American Capital Agency Corp. - NASDAQ

10/31/2014, 1:00 AM ET
  • piggysun | Send Message 18 Sep 2012

    AGNC what is the reason of the sell-off today for? high volume followed by the AH price-drop. Anybody knows?
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    • piggysun | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
      : Now I believe it is prefit-taking selloff. I don't think there will be secondary. AGNC is in good shape now --- thanks to the manage team
    • Joseph P. Porter | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
      : Always a risk of a secondary, esp. with QE3. All mREITs need to build up capitalization, reduce short-term debt.
      AGNC vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      American Capital Agency Corp is a real estate investment trust that invests exclusively in residential mortgage pass-through securities and collateralized mortgage obligations on a leveraged basis.
      Sector: Financial
      Country: United States